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Todd G
When your sick with something, why does your body feel like it's freezing cold?

loss of body heat.

Mango Salsa Pie Cake
Because it is Todd......it is.

lack of body heat

You may be right
it can, you can feel hot and cold at the same time

crush33 aka J.B
cuz ur body is tring to leave ur soul, and have the mook fight off the virus

Ready for the real answer?

It is all relative: We gauge hot and cold by the difference in temperature of our body heat and the heat of our surroundings.

If our body is hotter then usual, then the room temperature will feel cooler.

sure does

The White Guinea Pig
Because ure blood (which carries all the heat hence the term warm blooded animals) is diverted to the site of sickness (stomach spleen etc.) to combat the infection and away from the skin surface - the skin surface is the place which measures atmospheric temperature.. So it FEELS like ure cold to you but when someone touches ure forehead ure "burning up".

your immune system is busy trying to fight off the sickness, so it uses most of your body's heat up and theres not as much left over to warm your body.

I hate when that happens to me, it's like I'm sick and I go to bed but then i lay there the whole time shivering because it's freezing cold. XD

Ms. Moonbeam
Your body's immune system is fighting off the illness and /and or the disease. It is also a way to let you know you are sick and need to see a doctor. It is one of the first lines of defense to warn us we are not well. Now take an aspirin and call me in the morning!

Ok, here's the deal. When you are sick, you ususally get a fever. Bacteria and other things grow very well at the human body temperature. In order to combat these bacteria, your body heats up, making the environment too hot for the bacteria to survive. Shivering is one of the mechanisms that the body uses to heat itself up. This is why when you go out into the cold at anytime, sick or well, you shiver. Your body is making an attempt to stay warm. The same applies with a fever... even though you feel warm to the touch, your body keeps shivering in order to reach a high enough temperature to kill off whatever is causing your infection. That being said, a fever should not be treated with any acetaminophen or ibuprofen until it reaches about 102.1 F. This will allow your body to work on killing off the pathogen naturally, if possible.

Ha! Ha! That's what you think, Jack! Try a Streptococcus infection . . .

I think its something to do with increased amount of activity within the body by the immune system. idk. i really have no clue.

the mook belongs to bill cosby which is frazzle snazzle bleeble blabble

Your body is trying to produce a fever in order to kill the virus or bacteria. So when you are at normal body temperature (98.6) you feel cold as your body works to increase your temperature.

jersey girl in exile
It's from the rise in body temperature, a fever. Your body temp raises in an attempt to kill the virus or bacteria in your system.

Drink lots of water! Chicken soup is a good option too!

Soccer Player WoOt!!!!
loss of body-heat because your body is releasing heat when your body is infected.


It is the fever, your body temperature is higher so the air around you feels cooler just a few degrees makes a big difference.

the body cannot maintain its internal temperature after demonic possession...you aren't sick; you are infested with devil.

i'll pray for you

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