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When does a heavy drinker become an alcoholic- where is the line drawn?

Personally, i think the line is drawn by time. What time do they start drinking, and do they do it every day? If said person is drinking before noon, and is drunk before 2, they're probably an alcoholic.

well , don't you know, when you have had enough ,
i was married to an alcholic, and i can tell you , do you get cravings
1st thing in the morning as soon as you , wake up.

how early do you have your 1st drink?

go and see your dr , and he will put you on anti-drink tablets ,
or he may send you to hospital for detox.

i was on the end of a man's fists and feet due to alchol,
for 7 years ,

and i was beaten , strangled, sufficated,kicked,punched , and he also shoved me down the stairs ,
threatend to kill me, with a lee enfield , and then he smacked me
across the head , with a baseball bat, the last thing he did,

was -smack me across the head with a crowbar,

all due to being an alcholic,
cider, vodka, bicardi breezers ,scotch, all on an empty stomach.

think about what you ,are doing before you start.

booze is the root of all EVIL,
my message to all is ;

think before you drink, YOU COULD END UP WITH


John Silver
By definition:

al·co·hol·ism [ álkə haw lìzzəm ]

addiction to alcohol: dependence on alcohol consumption to an extent that adversely affects social and work-related functioning and produces withdrawal symptoms when intake is stopped or greatly reduced.

Dr Frank
There are many different definitions of an alcoholic. The simplest is just based on consumption. Anyone who regularly consumes more than the safe levels of alcohol, 14 units/ week for a female and 21 for a male, could be considered an alcoholic.

pop and fun
I ask myself this question every day....

Dunno. I thought I was an alcoholic because I loved a drink, but when I got pregnant, I stopped drinking immediatly and didn't start again until I had finished breastfeeding.

However, I am now back at a point where I drink every night.... Not so that I am drunk, but I have a bottle of wine to myself at least. It relaxes me after a lot of hours with a baby. You tell me, am I an alcoholic??? My husband doesn't drink and he doesn't think I am an alcoholic....

I'd like to say that "control" is key. I feel as if I am in control, so NO, I am not an alcoholic....

I can't wait for all the sobers to slate me....


I personally would say that your an alcoholic when you drink just to get drunk when you dint really care if it tastes good. say if you have a bottle of vodka and a bottle of miller and you chose the vodka just because it'll get you drunk faster then id say your an alcoholic

Helen W.
There is no "line". Think about this rationally: drinking, like all human behavior, occurs along a continuum, and there is no point on that continuum where you magically transform into an alcoholic.

There is, however, a point, varying in severity of course, where you can be said to have a drinking problem. If you are at such a point, then you don't have to wait for things to get worse before you address the issue. Quit or cut down. If you can't, get help, preferably not from AA simply because the group is so cultish and unhealthy. I quit drinking many years ago (I definitely had a problem!) and found individual therapy to be much more helpful than AA. There are some alternative programs these days as well, such as Smart Recovery.

If you can go without drinking for period you are not alcoholic .But if you need a drink to start your day then I think your alcoholic.

Vicky B
I had a neighbour who is an alcoholic believe me if you saw here you would know! waking up and the first thing she did was drink,never ate.she is now in sheltered accommodation It is a fast process once you are an alcoholic.Her brain is fried

dave t
the line is very blurred.
But try not drinking for 7 days.
If you can do it, chances are you're not an alcoholic.
Alcohol is harder to get off than heroin if you're an addict.
After 7 days you would be climbing the walls ( and probably been doing it for a couple of days.)
If you're drinking heavily whilst alone that's no longer heavy social drinking it's something quite different and a lot more dangerous.

A heavy drinker is one who usually has large amounts of alcohol on a regular basis while an alcoholic dose that but they feel they need the alcohol and don't understand how much it is really effecting them.

I think you become an alcoholic the moment you NEED a drink.

If you don't necessarily need a drink, but drink way too much, you may have a problem with drinking, but that wouldn't make you an alcoholic.

For most people drinking a drink or two a day after work or with pleasure is not a problem,these people pretty much don't ever get drunk and know when they have had enough. For the heavy drinker they will drink till they cant drink any more then most pass out and they are done for till next time they want to drink again. Now the a alcoholic, aka alcohol dependence have become compulsive in there use of alcohol at times , but most often unable to stop once they start. As their tolerance increases they need more to either get that high or get drunk and some will pass out and when wake up do this again. they may also become physically dependent. So its will power you can either be a social drinker, or a drunk or a alcoholic. By your own hands.

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