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Ronnie M
When am I gonna look normal again???? I have Bell's Palsy?
I just had a pretty girl walk by me and smile....and I gave her my creepy Bell's Palsy smile...ughh...

When am I gonna be normal again??? I can eat pretty well and taste food, but my smile is still crooked...I can close my eye voluntarily, but not all the way..finally, I can kinda move my eyebrow up, a tiny bit...

how much more???? Ă­( it's almost been three complete weeks

When i had bells palsy it took about 4 months to be mostly back to normal, it did effect my left eye in my vision and when i wake up in the morning i have puffiness under my left eye but besides that it was gone. Don't worry it won't last forever, it is just temporary but they did tell me that it is possible to return.

carmen d
You have to work at getting the muscles to work correctly. Practice winking your weak eye, squeeze one of those stress toys and smile till your face hurts. I know it is hard but if you want to appear as before you got Bells Palsy it will take a little time. It has been 18 year since I had it. I had it so bad that I limped and my whole right side was weakened. There will always be things that I can't do like puff up my cheeks holding air in them, it still leaks out, and my eye doesn't close completely when I go to sleep without concentration. As for the limp it is gone. So lift your spirits it could always be worse than it is, take heart and know that you have the power to fix this small stumble in life that happen. I wish you luck and a full recovery.

What is "normal", there is no such thing. Embrace who you are, both on the outside and inside.

Not enough information..are U from a cold country?? how old are U?? and still are u taking any medications regularly?
If u r sure of the diagnosis as Bell's, it's totally a benign self resolving condition, just needs time, corticosteroids z( in case it's inflammatory condition) and vitamin B6 and B12..
don't hurry yr healing process-recovery is already showing- and b4 u know it u will enjoy yr smile again..good luck..

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