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$3 point shooter$
Whats wrong with my eyes?
Last night I waking up and I couldn't open eyes. It felt like they were stuck together. I know it's gross but there was a bunch of eye googies around my eyes and on my eyelashes. Not to mention my eyes not completely red but red enough to get worried. My eyes irritating me so much. Please help me and give an idea of it is.

Jodi L
if you have contacts and you left them in it could be that, or you could have over active tear ducts which could have casue the gooy stuff.

It's called pink eye don't touch anything because it's really contagious, go buy eye drops.

pink eye

I know i know, you had duct tape on them, tee hee.........

you have conjunctivitis (an eye infection) go see your doctor

Riisss ♥
Maybe it's allergies? Or you got makeup in your eye, did you share any makeup? Touch your eyes lately? I don't mean your eye, eye, I don't think you did but, I would go to my eye doctor, to be safe, or just anyone in general. I hope you're okay. :)

That happened to me before. I ask a person and they sad if you can't open your eyes put a hot towel on them. Sometime it happens from crying the night before.

It's Pink eye. I got that ALL the time when I was younger. It's not a big deal. Just go to the doctor and he will give you some eye drops. It's just a little virus, nothing to worry about. Hope this helped!

Love that dog
You might have Pink eye. The same things happened to me right before I got pink eye. You might want to try Taking a Shower and Rinsing your eyes out because if you have pink eye it can make areal bad odor if not washed, when you are done put eye drops in your eyes and hold a napkin on it for at least 5 or 10 minutes. Pink eye is real contagious so You might want to stay in bed or stay at home away from people and use clorox wipes and soap when you touch stuff.
Just be careful kiddo. I hope I helped :) Feel better hun.

You could be getting pink eye... thats what it sounds like anyway. :(

Chris B
Sounds like you have conjunctivitis. I had it once as a child, anti-biotics and eye drops cleared it up... look here


Good Grief! You should never seek diagnosis online, especially for something as important as your eyes. Visit an ophthalmologist...your eyesight is nothing to mess around with.

Do you have allergies? This happens to everyone at some time or other, eyes were irritated before bedtime, dirt blew into eyes, some slight infection started.

But for those with allergies it could happen more often. A good idea to use eye drops before bed in this instance. If problem worsens, the doctor will give you opthalmic ointment or drops.

Your eyes are already at work correcting the problem.


IS THERE a HEATING VENT in the ceiling OR floor close to where the head of your bed is located?

IF SO, put an allergen filter on it, even if you do not have allergies. Change your FURNACE FILTER to a CLEAN, NEW ONE that traps more dust particles.

Keep your fingers OUT of your eyes when hands are dirty or after petting dog or cat.

That vent, if it exists, will mess up your pillow too. Change the bedding and go to CLEAN pillowcase after fixing the vent.

That about covers it, man. Perfume free detergent for washing bedding helps those with allergies.

Shut off fans that blow dust around. Vacuum the floor.

Wear eye goggles when doing paint sprayer work, visting some work areas.... Think about what you were doing before this incident.

Sounds like pink eye. Wash your hands. Take a cottonball and wet it with warm water, squeeze out the water and flatten the cottonball. Close your eyes and wipe them one at a time (new cottonball each time), starting at the corner of the eye, to the outer eve. Be gentle. Use each cottonball only once, then toss it in trash. Wash your hands between cleansing each eye.
This will clean the crusts and 'googies' out and off your eyes. Wash your hands between cleansing each eye. Pink eye is conjunctivitis. It's cause can be bacterial, viral or or allergic. Depending on which kind, it can be highly contagious. Keep your hands away from your eyes. Watch hands often. When you wash your face, be careful to avoid your eyes. Change your pillow cases every day. It is a very common condition and can go away in 7-10 days without medical assistance. Itching is also common. If your eyes are extremely irritated, go see your doctor. The doctor will most likely prescribe anti-bacterial eye drops.

You most likely have pink eye.

If your concerned you should see your doctor.

Where do you live?? This occurs when you have pollen allergies, which usually starts around march

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