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myself p.g. holder in alternative medicine with specialisation in ...

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 did i have a mini seizure/stroke last night?
I'm 14, female, and i suffer from anorexia
I havent eaten since last friday (i dont need to hear it) and ive been feeling pretty bad because of the starving.

at 4 am this morning ...

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 why is there so little support available for males with anorexia nervosa or other eating disorders?

 I have this weird lump on my neck and idk what it is!!! Help Me!!!?
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Mommy of 3
Whats with bulimics?... i dont get it!?
What in the hell is your logic? If you wanna be skinny, why dont you just eat healthy and exercise? Lazy much? Please tell me!!! I'm so curious! Really! If you have a real, logical reason!
Additional Details
Like i said...A LOGICAL REASON! None of you defending the "sickness" gave a LOGICAL reason! Thanks tho!

Anorexia nervosa is a serious, often chronic, and life-threatening eating disorder defined by a refusal to maintain minimal body weight within 15 percent of an individual's normal weight. Other essential features of this disorder include an intense fear of gaining weight, a distorted body image, and amenorrhea (absence of at least three consecutive menstrual cycles when they are otherwise expected to occur). In addition to the classic pattern of restrictive eating, some people will also engage in recurrent binge eating and purging episodes. Starvation, weight loss, and related medical complications are quite serious and can result in death. People who have an ongoing preoccupation with food and weight even when they are thin would benefit from exploring their thoughts and relationships with a therapist. The term anorexia literally means loss of appetite, but this is a misnomer. In fact, people with anorexia nervosa ignore hunger and thus control their desire to eat. This desire is frequently sublimated through cooking for others or hiding food that they will not eat in their personal space. Obsessive exercise may accompany the starving behavior and cause others to assume the person must be healthy.

Like all eating disorders, anorexia nervosa tends to occur in pre- or post-puberty, but can develop at any major life change. Anorexia nervosa predominately affects adolescent girls and young adult women, although it also occurs in men and older women. One reason younger women are particularly vulnerable to eating disorders is their tendency to go on strict diets to achieve an "ideal" figure. This obsessive dieting behavior reflects today's societal pressure to be thin, which is seen in advertising and the media. Others especially at risk for eating disorders include athletes, actors, dancers, models, and TV personalities for whom thinness has become a professional requirement. For the person with anorexia nervosa, the satisfaction of control achieved over weight and food becomes very important if the rest of their life is chaotic and emotionally painful.

Conservative estimates suggest that one-half to one percent of females in the U.S. develop anorexia nervosa. Because more than 90 percent of all those who are affected are adolescent and young women, the disorder has been been characterized as primarily a woman's illness. It should be noted, however, that males and children as young as seven years old have been diagnosed; and women 50, 60, 70, and even 80 years of age have fit the diagnosis.

People with anorexia nervosa usually lose weight by reducing their total food intake and exercising excessively. Many persons with this disorder restrict their intake to fewer than 1,000 calories per day. Most avoid fattening, high-calorie foods and eliminate meats. The diet of persons with anorexia nervosa may consist almost completely of low-calorie vegetables like lettuce and carrots, or popcorn.

Bulimia nervosa is a serious eating disorder marked by a destructive pattern of binge-eating and recurrent inappropriate behavior to control one's weight. It can occur together with other psychiatric disorders such as depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, substance dependence, or self-injurious behavior. Binge eating is defined as the consumption of excessively large amounts of food within a short period of time. The food is often sweet, high in calories, and has a texture that makes it easy to eat fast. "Inappropriate compensatory behavior" to control one's weight may include purging behaviors (such as self-induced vomiting, abuse of laxatives, diuretics, or enemas) or non-purging behaviors (such as fasting or excessive exercise). For those who binge eat, sometimes any amount of food, even a salad or half an apple, is perceived as a binge and is vomited.

People with bulimia nervosa often feel a lack of control during their eating binges. Their food is usually eaten secretly and gobbled down rapidly with little chewing. A binge is usually ended by abdominal discomfort. When the binge is over, the person with bulimia feels guilty and purges to rid his or her body of the excess calories. To be diagnosed with bulimia, a person must have had, on average, a minimum of two binge-eating episodes a week for at least three months. The first problem with any eating disorder is constant concern with food and weight to the exclusion of almost all other personal concerns.

Bulimia nervosa typically begins in adolescence or early adulthood. Like anorexia nervosa, bulimia mainly affects females. Only ten percent to 15 percent of affected individuals are male. An estimated two percent to three percent of young women develop bulimia, compared with the one-half to one percent that is estimated to suffer from anorexia. Studies indicate that about 50 percent of those who begin an eating disorder with anorexia nervosa later become bulimic.

It is believed that more than five million individuals experience an eating disorder (b

Lol. Im with u girl X]

im not 1 but bulimics are people who just want to eat anything and everything that they want like a fat person but they just throw it up. they stil enjoy food but can still stay stickthin

I dunno, they are just killing themselves. My friend was bulimic. She was pretty pissed when I told her mom, but now she thanks me because she understands how horrible it is.

Andrea H
It's a mental condition. You can't possibly understand unless you are or ever have suffered from it. Like I don't get smokers. I've never smoked in my life, it disgusts me to watch people poison themselves, thinking they look cool or something. I think why? But I know it is an addiction, even though I don't understand it. Or alcoholism or drug use.
Maybe you should be a little more tolerant of other people.

Honestly they starve them self. But they get so hungry that they will eat. Well then they feel bad that they eat so the throw it up. They feel like it is making them skinny, which it probably is but it is also making you Very sick!

Anabelle G
An eating disorder isn't just about being thin. I'm anorexic and have just gotten over my bulimic tendencies. Bulimia is extremely complex and the way you think it works is extremely wrong. A bulimic, yes does have a poor view on their body, like others with eating disorders. But bulimia is a constant binge purge episodes. Purging is done in many different ways, vomitting, exercise, Laxatives. Binging is a form of comfort, followed by purging which gives a feeling of release. Purging is done right after binging so your body doesn't have time to absorb the calories from the food that had been binged on. Please durther educate yourself on eating disorders, theybare very misunderstood. It is what I wish for, for people to understand them and not incorrectly judge them. Please.

I believe that throwing up is punishing themselves for eating fattening bad food that they enjoy. It is a masochistic behavior similar to those people that cut themselves. Bulimics are usually not skinny unless they are anorexic too. They usually go up and down in weight because of their neurotic personalities. I believe Mariah Carey is bulimic.

Six Paths Of Pein
The logic....lol....I laugh at you. I'm overweight and I have tried for years to lose weight and all I do is gain no matter if I eat 1000 calories, 1200 calories or 2000. Nothing works. I was walking for 6 hours a day and still gained. I have been contemplating for years to become anorexic. I have been depressed for years and you just don't understand how much I hate my life and people. I can understand why people go to extreme measures to become happy. Society focuses so much on looks that it sickens me. I can understand these people. I guess when someone like you might not have to worry about appearance then you think it is lazy and stupid but you have to be in their shoes to understand.

I gave you a logical reason. Happiness. All they want is happiness. I think that is a very logical reason. It beats being depressed/suicidal. You just fail to understand. If you were put in their situation, you would see the logic but you are just naive to see it.

First of all, I hope you know what a pompous brat you sound like right now.

Now, I used to be bulimic. It wasn't because I was desperate to be skinny, but because even when I ate just a little, it made me feel extremely sick; and I mean beyond your imagination.

It's not just some 'fad', it's a disease, if you'd call it that.

Some bulimics have the idea in their minds that they are too fat but really aren't. They do that to themselves because they are at an unhealthy state of mind. They are insecure. Once they start its hard to stop, so it becomes this endless cycle that they no longer can control. You should pay attention in your health class.

Ray is a G
It's really not a question of being lazy. These women actually have a disorder that needs medical attention.

some people go through this because they arent happy with the way they look. and i dont think its fair for people to talk **** about them when they have a problem.

its not so much a disease but more of something addicting.
people should give them some slack for thier insecuretyy.

Near as I can figure out, they like the taste of vomit.

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