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when you drink water backwards do you get rid of hiccups?

becuase of the water?
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Mr Wrong
Whats the cure for hiccups?
Hick,Hick,Hick, Help me.

Music Junkie
They are a spasm of your chest muscle breath trough a paper bag so your breathing more carbon dioxide.

Take 25 sips of water. If you hiccup between sips, start over. It works every time!!

It'll go away within time, if you can manage it.

But for an instant cure..A lot of tips for cures are generally placebo or only work for that person, your mileage could vary.

Try googling out some tips if you feel you've gotta get it away right now. Here's some results

Brad G
Peanut Butter :)

drink water from the opposite side of the glass, drink backwards

works every time :D

Bre =]
i've heard sugar ?

dave p
drink some vineger nasty but works a charm

Matt M
drink water

edward iz awesome
just breathe steadily you only have hiccups because you breathed too fast or you gulped in too much air while you were eatting drinking or whatever

i dont think there really is a cure other then drinking some water slowly.....

[ - ]
--^ )
[ - ]

¡ ziv !
-plug your ears and drink water through a straw.
-drink water while looking at your feet.

kathy n
u know the typical! Water, hold your breathe, and get scared!

Hold your breath for 10 seconds without letting any air in and it should take away the hiccups, if you let air in than it won't work. Everytime somebody gets hiccups i tell them to do that and it works.

Michael K
try drink water or holding your breath and count to 20

betty s/nikoly
take 10 sips of water without breathing! works for me!

i hold my breath as long as i can then wen i cant i get quik air and do it agin usually by 2nd time its gone.

if not ur head mite explode and ul loose brain cells

the only real way to get rid of hiccups is to grab your tongue with your fingers and pull it out as far as you can and continue to breath for about a minute.

get scared, gargle warm salt water...uhmmmmmmmmmmmmm the typical stuff.

Gargle water.

hold your breathe for 10 seconds

works for me

if this doesnt work try it upside down

○ Drink water upside down
○ Hold your breath as long as you can
○ Get a scare
○ Brown paper bag over your head

Umm, bumping my baby on my knee helps her but don't know if it works for adults....

teaspoon of sugar.

princess Scarlett
hold breath count to ten

Hold a glass of water infront of u...

just normally now bend ur head over a drink from the side where your fingers are.. the further side away from u...

its a bit difficult but it will cure hiccups!

Kymme A
Depends on the cause.
If its a simple tick of the diaphragm nerves time or distraction therapy.
It is a side effect of advanced liver cancer, no remedy.
Babies in the womb and tadpoles get hiccups developing the muscles to breath air.

Aaron N

Drink a soda with sugar, and let it go down your throat really slow, or as slow as you can , this will make the hiccups go bye bye, you can also use any drink with sugar.

Scare yourself
Drink Water
Hold your Breath
Stand upside down
Kind of hard but when you sense a hiccup coming try to "swallow it"

c i a r a X r a d
Have someone plug your ears & CHUG WATER! it works every time.

Nutella lover
bl0w j0b


hold breath
deep breath
scare (hard to do lol)
spoon full of sugar
spoon full of honey

very deep breaths work best
good luck lol
hope this helps xoxo

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