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 How do I tell her to get rid of her head lice?
My cousin has pretty much ALWAYS had head lice and it doesn't even seem to phase her. I'm sure she HAS to know! It's terrible-I can see them from a mile away! How on earth do I ...

 Can't sleep?
This summer I started a really bad sleeping habit. I would sometimes stay up till 6-7 am, talking on the phone or going on the computer, sometimes just watching tv. Now I stay up as late as 4-5 am. ...

 What do I do if he has a seizure?
My boyfriend has a mild case of Cerebral Palsy. He takes medicine to prevent him from having seizures and hasn't had one since 2001. I am wondering what I should do if he does happen to have one ...

 When people receive blood transfusions, can they receive blood from any race?

 What does a doctor do when you check in for being constipated?
If you're constipated and go to see a doctor about it, what kind of procedures will the doctor do to check you out? Do they have to stick anything up your rectum?...

 My Thumb is Swelling up, its itchy and there is like a red mark going down my hand, what is it?
it itches so bad, its red and it hurts when i move my thumb up. This is raised red mark near the place where i bend my ...

 My daughter's stomach really hurts. Someone tell me if it's appendix or not?
If it is I will take her to the ER right ...

 Facial nerve twitch...How long does it take before it goes away on its own?
Was it something I ate? It's been over and hour and the facial nerve just right below my bottom lip won't stop twitching.

I know it isn't anything to worry much about, but ...

 Weed and Panic Attacks!! Helpp =]?
Just recently when iv smoked iv got the sensation that a bus was hitting me on my right side just over and over.. it caused a panic attack and i felt like my heart was gonna explode and i tried to ...

 I've got Multiple Sclerosis...?
although you would never be able to tell. How and when do I break it to a guy i might start seeing? Do it quick and fast or when it starts getting serious? I dont want to be "trapping" them,...

 I can't stop vomiting... how cool is that eh?

 What is a seizure??????????????
My best friend and a few others (not me) were trying to pass out and all of a sudden she fell to the ground and randomly shook all over then jumped up again and claimed she never remembered. Do you ...

 Does smoking affect your kindey?

 I just donated blood, and i feel a bit dizzy..should i lay down or take pills?
hey i found out i wasn't diabetic *yay*. i thought i was too.
but they took like 2 pounds of blood and both of my friends passed out. Im feeling real dizzy...should i call it a night or ...

 father and son bump into a pole and go to diffrent hospt's when the doctor came they said this is my son?

 Cure for chronic bad breath?
I have had bad breath for a long time, and it really affects my quality of life. I am always worrying about it, and am afraid to get close when talking to people. I think its made worse because I ...

 Do you have sympathy for Drug Addicts?
Some believe that addiction is a disease, and if a pour soul starts messing with a drug, that its not their fault for addiction. Others believe people bring it on themselves and regard them as ...

 I am afriad of getting my ears pierced. Please could you tell me what its like and any advice.?
1. what is it like?
2. do your ears get infected easily?
3. how long until the pain stops

Thanks (:
Additional Details
I am getting them done tommorow.

 Odd swelling on my daughters finger. Should we see a doctor? (pics included)?
The swelled finger is on the left and the normal one is on the right:


 Any ideas of what this headchace, light sensitivity thing is?
Everything about it - -

It happens usually once a month or so
I get blurred and/or flashing vision
Usually results with a headache
Light seems to make it worse

princess secret
Whats the cure for depression?
I have suffered with it for 20 years & counting

Get an allotment!

sunflowers and rainbows

suck sess
try nicotine.

Being tickled by a huge friendly clown called Fred?

A jolly good walk as my mum would say!!!

No, I don't know what the cure is, or if there is one. However, I do sometimes wonder if it's a Western disease. You can't imagine a woman from an African village struggling to make ends meet suffering from depression can you? Dunno, maybe they do.

I do think a good pinch to stop feeling sorry for yourself and some exercise may help. Take up dancing? After all, life the best gift you're ever going to have. You're a long time dead as my mum also says!!!

you should see a psychologist!!!

pamela d
there is no cure for depression unfortunately. you just have to live with lt or see lf you can find a job and this will help you to keep your mind off things that are happening in your life

when on a downer
1: be positive
3:look in the mirror????
4:if you look bad now, think how you affect other people.
5 they want you as the happy person
7Waken up and smell the roses!!!!!!
8 love you
9 if you dont noone wants you
10 give yourself a pat on the back youve moved on well done

There isn't a cure just ways of making it livable with. There are meds and therapies but I'm sure you already know that. You just have to fight the battle however hard it gets. Keeping active and in contact with professionals regularly is one of the ways to make it easier. No cure though I really really wish there was.

Having a laugh

Watch a comedy it always cheers me up

x x x

Unfortunately there is no proven cure.

I personally believe an active lifestyle, a good diet and ridding yourself of anything and anyone that causes you distress.

If you have had it for 20 years - you should see a shrink. Have you tried Sun Therapy? The sun releases certain chemicals that will make you happy ( I know it sounds corny) but that's what my shrink told me.... I had post partum depression and the drugs and sessions didn't do crap for me. I basically had to lift myself up and get over this on my own and make my life better - because if I didn't - who else would? Best of Luck to you - hope your Happy soon!

i too suffer from depression and was hostipalized for it. first go seek pro help. then get a perscription. i hope this helps. stay strong.there is only meds to help. there is sadly no cure.

It is clinical. It is not something I would admit to normally but I have suffered from depression for a similar amount of time. I have learnt to live with it. I have realised that I will live with it for the rest of my life. It kinda makes things easier. How bad or good a day I have I can never predict which I find is the worse thing about depression. If I have arranged to do things on a particular day & I am on a bad downer that that day is screwed. I n the past that would of meant letting people down. But I have lived with someone for 12 years who understands it & is suportive. The real troublr for you & me is that people that have not had it can not comprehend what it is like.

getting a job you enjoy a hobby a close friend and a better self image of yourself, i know that sounds a lot to do with such a heavy weight already on your shoulders but it worked for me,

Im not glouting either just stating the facts. if you surround yourself with things you enjoy and forget those that make you sad you will be surprised.

Stewart A
Exercise is supposed to help and a new pastime that might make you meet new friends, good diet, also have heard a total spring clean etc of your surroundings like change things around a bit can make you feel more positive so you don't feel in the same old routine. Basically change a few things at a time, you probably know of some things (people) that trigger it off and deep inside you will know what to do, be strong, best of luck...

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