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aimee .
What is this lump on the side of my head?! - Worried!?
Last tuesday i discovered a lump on the right side of my head, its just above my ear. At first the lump would move (the only way i can think of describing it is like when you can move your knee cap left and right when you push it) since then the lump has hardened but i am still able to move it, just not as easily as before, this lump is only on one side of my head and is index finger tip sized so im very worried...

does anyone know what this could be? a cyst or something? i don't think its in the right place to be a gland as its above my ear? It doesn't hurt and im not experiencing any painful headaches, and my general health is fine....

Please help?!?

I too agree with Dr. Phil

nothing to worry about its probably just a brain tumor.

pop along to your doctors for them to have a look. It's probably just a cyst so don't worry but do get it looked at. A Doctor will be able to put your mind at rest in minutes!

I don't want to say tumor becuase I'm no Doctor... or that type of doctor atleast :)

You might want to visit your nearest E.R. though


At World's End
It's nothing, chuck it.

tim t
ummm this is Very delicate because it could be many things but lets not think the worst my doctor told me that if it was the size of a bean its cool but it its like small tomato then you should go see a doctor stress could cause that =0

Tristin S
I say it's nothing more than a swollen lymph node, but you should still get it checked out.

Ashley Yelhsa
i don't know, but from what i've heard, it could just be a goose bump or a leakage of fluid from the head which could have hardened. in the worst case it could turn into a tumor. Get it checked out. just in case. but honestly i wouldn't worry about it, don't fret your self over it:)

True Man
Oh thats called Twin-stillborn-fetus-myslexia, . Dont worrie. You should be ok.

if you're worried, it couldn't hurt to ask your doctor, but it probably is just a cyst.

Go see a Doctor to be safe.

Gordon H
Probably get that checked, the earlier the better

Teri S
You should call your physician or a hospital and ask what it might be. They are professionals and they are best qualified to determine what -- if any -- action should be taken. It might be nothing to be concerned about; it might be something easily cured; or it might be serious. You owe it to yourself to find out so you can stop worrying.

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