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 How can I get rid of hiccups?
Any advice? I haven't stopped for about half an hour.
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Wow. I tried pinching my earlobes and it Freaky! Thanks to everyone. I love Y.A!...

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 How do you stop a 2 yr old from talking???
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how do I do that? lol

If she dosn't, will she get better? She on antibiotics......

Thnaks ...

 Am I dying of a brain tumour?
I have started having seizures aged 21/22, for no reason and I'm depressed about it. Will i die so young?
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CT scan was clear
EEG not clear "...

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 Should I go to the ER? I feel so sick!?
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I am going back to bed because all the lights seem so bright while awake....

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 numbness in the legs?
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does it kill the grass?
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 What is the cure for ocd?
i have it for sure. i have to touch my right side when i touch my left and everything has to be an odd number.

please help!...

 I'm thirsty and I can't drink anything! What should I do?
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 Is it harmful to take medicines empty stomach?

 Can an alcoholic ever do controlled drinking?
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 how long will it take for cocaine to get out of my saliva?

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 Whats wrong with me?
i woke up with a normal cold and as the day has gone on, i have swollen glands, pain in my spine and neck and my stomach has swollen up, just now i have vomited and i feel ok at the minute. i have ...

What is this? Someone please tell me how someone would get this so I can make sure I don't!?

That's a bit disturbing.
Looks like they cut or sawed the pad part of the tip of their finger off.
I've never seen anything like this so doubt it would happen to you.

OMG, is that real?

forgot the name
ewwwwwwwww honey i think you would have to dig through sewage and eat it your whole life in order for that to happen!

music heals my pain
what the **** is that!!! ouch that just gave me chills and idk but damn i need to find out.

omg i was not expecting that... wow that scared me.
i dont know...
is that even real?

That was creepy. I'll have nightmares. But, to get to the point, I'm gonna say it's fake. I'm not looking a second time to make sure, but it looked like there were teeth/scale thingies where a fingernail would be. If that thing is real, I'm advising to not take off your fingernails, or tape them on.

Lizzy K
That's a fake photograph

eeeeeeeew what is that!!?!? what if that happens to one of us. im scared. ewew.e.w.ew.

a good computer generated graphic.

thats not real, its the mouth or a hook worm super imposed on fingers.

I think that's the grosses thing i have ever seen next to bugs that's disgusting eww!!! ughhh!!! and i think you have to like not wash your hand for the rest of your life or touch some really diseased things

if someone was to cut open ur finger thats what it would look like next time mention kinna wierd so I dont see dinner twice

im sure its photoshoped but if it isnt then it looks like a very bad burn.

Stephanie J
where did that photo come from. It looks fake but disgusting none the less. If its real I hope this person is going to the doc

Nana G
dude thats real my sister has one

that doesnt look real

I have NO idea!! Looks pretty scary to me. I've lived long enough and seen enough to know, however, that this is NOT a very common thing: i wouldn't lose a minute's worth of sleep worrying that you might fall victim to anything similar!!!

Looks like a fleshing eating disease, or some type of acid burn. Actually I hope this is fake. It could be someone got their fingers caught in something, and they had their nails removed. It looks like their nails will grow back. An extreme version could be Meningococcal. Prevention: Vaccines are effective for the control of epidemics and are currently recommended for college students and military recruits, as well as travelers to certain parts of the world

Tommy G
Holy Christ that is honestly the scariest thing I've every seen. I mean I've seen a hell of a lot of crap, being a medical student, but that stuff is scary, omg.... But to answer the question it looks like some kind of decomposing disease. Similar to necrotising fascitis....

Sue C
That honestly doesn't look like any kind of a disease. I think it's something some weirdo came up with. It's not even the worst case of nail fungus! It's too even looking in nature, that's why I truly believe it's something someone made up. There's no nail bed, nothing about it looks real.

The picture is fake
HOWEVER, THERE ARE DERMOID CYSTS OR TUMORS, OR TERATOMAS that are usually found in the ovary & can contain teeth, hair, & skin.

Google: tumors with teeth
Look at Diggs pics & teratoma pics & hypersisters.

It's thought that they come from a destroyed or preformed fetus that starts with germ cells. About 20% of ovarian cysts are dermoid, but can be removed & discarded.

It looks like a necrotic ulceration of some kind. Perhaps poorly cared for cuts that got some lovely flesh eating bacteria. What ever it is, it looks nasty as hell and i dont' want it either

kiran light
don't drill through your fingers.

Holly B
haha, this is a photoshop manipulated picture. It's very unlikely anything like this will EVER happen

wow I have no idea

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