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What is the best way of clearing ear wax?
My daughter has become deaf in one ear. She has been to the doctor and was given antibiotic ear drops but they haven't helped at all. There is no pain but alot of discomfort and has been deaf for over a week. The doctor says if the drops don't work he will give her oral anibiotics but I cant see how this will help. Any one had this problem and can help. Thanks.

Chi Bears #1
ear candles, they can be bought at most health stores for about $2 candle

Kimberly G
An ENT doc has special tools to get it out.

david d
my grandchildren have all had similar problems. we cured the problems resulting by letting the child lay with an ear up so warm olive oil could be dropped in. after a few minutes the wax liquified and came out with the oil.
david d

Have never had this problem however my children do not let me clean their ears.. So I use candling its very easy and if your not comfortable doing it most massage parlors offer this service.. It just a hollow candle that you put 1 part in their ear and then light the other part the smoke will pull all of the wax up through the candle.. However, make sure to wash her hair before because you are not to let water get in the ear for 2 days.. Most natural health stores sell this product.. Good luck

First of all, some ENTs use hard & sharp metal tools to
remove excess ear wax. If your doctor suggests this, do
NOT let her/him continue!!

What you can use at home is an over-the counter kit that
uses an ear wax softener (drops), and a small inflatable bulb.
That bulb can be used as a syringe. You put the drops in the
ear and wait about 5 mins. or so. The drops have a form of
peroxide that dissolves the ear wax. Then, take the bulb and
fill it with water. Tilt your head so that the mixture evacuates,
then squirt the water in the ear to get the rest of it. You might
have to do it more than once...

The other person who said that you should not stick swabs inside the ear canal got it right.

As for ear candles, I only heard about them one time, & have
no idea as to their effectiveness. The thing is, I rarely have a
day when setting my head on fire sounds like a good idea.
Maybe that's just me...

i usually have trouble with my left ear, i get the problem dealt with by warming some olive oil in a glass and putting a couple of drops in my ear , massage the ear and place a bit of cottonwool in. it usually takes 2 or 3 times over a couple of days but it works.

i have had a problem with ear wax for years and was told by the nhs drop in centre to use olive oil in the ear for a week and then go back to have the ear syringed if your daughter is quite young best to check it out 1st phone NHS direct,

Ear wax candles is one way. Warm olive oil is another. But I still end up at the surgery to see the practice nurse, who syringes both my ears. People have told me that the more you have this done, the more the problem will occur, but somebody else told me that this is just an old wife's tale. I am 57, male, and have my ears syringed twice a year. I feel very sorry for your daughter, as this can be very miserable, but there are other ways of relieving it. Please give her my best wishes.

Big Momma Carnivore
It doesn't sound like her problem is ear wax. The doctor should clear that in his/her own office. It's better not to do it at home, but you can do with warm soapy water or one of the solutions mentioned by others.

An ear specialist once told me never to put any unprescribed treatment or object into the ears, cotton buds, ear candles, home medication etc. - it's too dangerous.

Go and see your GP again.

I would seriously recommend against ear candling. I'm not against alternative therapies in general, but it has been shown that the "wax" you see left in the candle is not from the ear, but residue from the candle itself (pictures here: http://altmed.creighton.edu/ear/experiment.htm), and lighting candles around ears could be dangerous and lead to painful burns.

Now, my mum has had impacted ear wax in the past, and still suffers from it. Hydrogen peroxide solutions can dissolve wax, and you can buy ear drops from the chemist for this purpose. I would definitely say ask your doctor before getting them though, because there may be situations in which they are not suitable, or even dangerous.

Another, more home-brewed remedy is warm baby oil: pour a few drops into the ear at bedtime, which should help soften the wax. However I think this is only useful to stave off a build-up, and probably can't break it down once it's happened.

In the end, the solution for her was to have her ears syringed - a nurse will squeeze a jet of warm water along the ear canal, which dislodges the wax. This is something that should be performed by a professional, and not often, because often the ear responds by.. producing more wax!

If your doctor has mentioned antibiotics, then perhaps the build-up is the consequence of an ear infection, in which case antibiotics may fix it.

I'd say overall your best course of action is to ask your doctor these questions! Don't be shy, it's what he's there for, and hopefully he will be able to give you some straight answers :)

Are you sure it is ear wax that is her problem? You can easily remove ear wax with ear wax candles. Just go to the health food store and ask for them and how to use them. We did this once and was discusted by the junk that can come out of an ear. Everyone should do this anyway.

.Eventing.Fell Ponies.
I use Flixonase. It is a nasal spray that unblocks ears and dissolves wax in the ear so you dont get a sticky liquid pouring form your ear. Dont shove cooton buds down your ears. They only push the wax in further

Mike W
ear candles buy them at nutritional or healing shops. i swear by them they work but use caution because you need to light them

If u use ear candles please use two - one for each ear - as the ears are part of the bodies balance system and using only one can be detrimental.
even if the other ear is fine the candle wont hurt it or make it produce more wax or anything.

i would personally wait to see what the antibiotics do before using the candles.
good luck. xx

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