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The D Spot
What is REM (Rapid Eye Movement)?
I read about what it is but I don't totally understand it. Like it said a normal night sleep goes through about 4-5 periods of REM each night. Why, and what does it have to do with someone sleeping? Can you please give me, like, a detailed description if you can? Please and thank you.

Mr. Bitter
A crappy band from Atlanta.


could it be rapid eye movement????

REM is when you fall into a deep sleep and that is when you have you dreams at night.

The Sunglasses Viking
Wikepedia on REM.


It's when you're in a deep deep sleep and it usually starts after an hour and a half of sleeping. At this point you may be dreaming.

Marry K
it is the deepest part of sleep and most important. durring this period in the sleep cycle you eyes move rapidly.

REM is a period in your sleep cycle that occupies about 20-30 per cent of your entire body of sleep if you get the recommended amount of sleep. REM is associated with deep sleep and usually the most vivid dreams

Cassie B
its when your eyes move back and forth very quickly when you're sleeping. it happens only when you're dreaming. if you watch someone sleep you can actually see the eyes moving under the eyelid. its pretty trippy. hope i helped.

Im not sure, but I think its when you close your eyes and your eyes move rapidly, which makes your eyelid to move a bit too. It happens to me all the time, ive heard from everyone that I do that when I sleep.

Lick it Up
its when your eyes move really fast back and forth and its like your mind is going over everything that happened in the day, or everything you though about, and it collects some of them and you get a dream...or nightmare. lol



read it?

rem sleep is like wean you fall into a really deep sleep and you dream its basically wean you dream it wean you are getting real rest

I guess after a while when sleeping in a deep sleep your eyes will start to move rapidly. I don't know why it does that. I would be dizzy by the time I wake up.

Okay I don't know much about REM but I'll tell you what I know. REM is basically a process of which a person's eyes are constantly moving during their sleep. It often happens to people who are always high.

i cant give details but it happens when you dream

All I know from it is little bits. But I think it is when you dream heavily and your eyes are moving in your sockets real fast and....well...rapidly. I'm sorry I cant say more, I was never interested in studying it

It is a stage of sleep. You're most likely to dream during REM stage.

Devan S
Yours eyes go back and forth,back and forth,back and forth constantly when you sleep at night

REM is the sleep where your dreams. Your eyes move because your look around in your dream. It comes between deeper stages of sleep. REM periods start out short, like 10 minutes, and get longer as the night progresses.

Invalid Username
it means u r in the 5th stage of ur sleep and where more likely dreams r 2 occur lol

paradoxical sleep: a recurring sleep state during which dreaming occurs; a state of rapidly shifting eye movements during sleep

(: hi there...
when ur eyes rapidly movie..

Hi Daniel,

REM is Rapid Eye Movement. REM occurs when a person is dreaming.

Let's suppose that John is going to sleep. After laying in bed for a while, he falls asleep. This is Stage 1 of sleep. At this point, you could lightly tap John and he would wake up.

After a hour or so, John goes into Stage 2. This is slightly deeper sleep. You can still wake John up, but it's a but harder.

Another hour or so later, John goes into Stage 3. He'll be staying here most of the night. He is sleeping quite deeply now, and he's very still, although he might change positions to get more comfortable.

About 90 minutes later, John goes into Stage 4. This is the deepest stage. It's quite difficult to wake John up. At this point, John will begin to dream, and he'll have Rapid Eye Movement (REM). REM is simply something that occurs while dreaming. Other than REM, John is completely still and won't move at all.

30-90 minutes later, John goes back into Stage 3. He alternates between Stages 3 and 4 for most of the night, then he goes into Stage 2, then Stage 1, then he wakes up.

So there you have it. I hope that helps you, Daniel!

Its rapid eye movement, its one of the stages of sleep that you go through, i forget the rest of them, but i think its like deep sleep, and its the period that you have dreams. so while you sleep, you have about 4-5 dreams, although you may not remember them.

its basically a part of your sleep where your eyes move really fast and it is also called the dream stage because in this stage of your sleep you dream

and also its the part of sleep where you get recharged the most so the more REM you get a night the less tired you will be in the morning

It's where your in a really deep state of sleep.

☆ chellie ☆
Let's say that you have a dream. In this dream, you are looking around for something you lost. Even though you are dreaming, your brain still tells your eyes to move. It thinks you need to look for whatever you lost. But your eyes are closed because you are sleeping. Basically, your body does not know that your eyes are closed and you do not need to see. This is why when you are dreaming, your eyes move back and forth. This is also how you tell if someone is truly in a deep sleep. Their eyes will be moving back and forth.

I actually learned this in elementary school. If the information is wrong, then I apologize. But this is basically what my teacher said back then. (She could have been wrong, though.)

REM is Rapid Eye Movement, a defined period during sleep.

While our body sleeps, many processes are still occuring. One of those processes has to do with the subconsciuos mind. As we sleep, our subconscious mind is very active. This is when our dreams occur.

It has been clinically proven that REM sleep is that period of sleep when we dream. It is called REM because during this period, our eyes are moving very rapidly.

The reason for this is because we are dreaming. As we dream, our eyes move along with the action we see in our dreams.

A healthy adult that sleeps for 8 hours will experience about 4-6 periods of REM sleep. It usually takes place about every 45-100 minutes, and lasts for about 15 minutes or so.

People who suffer insomnia (a lack of proper sleep) typically do not experience REM sleep because they do not stay asleep long enough. Those who experience this deficit can also experience many other problems associated with lack of sleep, including illness and disease.

All mammals experience REM, so we know that all mammals dream.

Rapid Eye Movement means we are dreaming. To remain healthy, we should get 8 hours of sleep each night, including 4-6 episodes of REM. You can sleep off and on and not experience REM, and you will awaken tired and unrefreshed.

So REM is very important to us in order to stay healthy.

I hope that helps answer your question.

Darryl S
It's when your brain is processing stuff while your sleep.

Feroz R
It is the deepest part of sleep - DETAILED
Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep is a normal stage of sleep characterized by rapid movements of the eyes. REM sleep is classified into two categories: tonic and phasic.[1] It was identified and defined by Kleitman and Aserinsky in the early 1950s.
Criteria for REM sleep include not only rapid eye movements, but also low muscle tone and a rapid, low voltage EEG -- these features are easily discernible in a polysomnogram, the sleep study typically done for patients with suspected sleep disorders.
REM sleep in adult humans typically occupies 20-25% of total sleep, about 90-120 minutes of a night's sleep. During a normal night of sleep, humans usually experience about 4 or 5 periods of REM sleep; they are quite short at the beginning of the night and longer toward the end. Many animals and some people tend to wake, or experience a period of very light sleep, for a short time immediately after a bout of REM. The relative amount of REM sleep varies considerably with age. A newborn baby spends more than 80% of total sleep time in REM.[citation needed] During REM, the activity of the brain's neurons is quite similar to that during waking hours; for this reason, the sleep stage may be called paradoxical sleep. This means that there are no dominating brain waves during REM sleep.
REM sleep is physiologically different from the other phases of sleep, which are collectively referred to as non-REM sleep (NREM). Vividly recalled dreams mostly occur during REM sleep.

Bloodsong -TechToCall.com
When you sleep you go through several phases, first your body needs to relax, then you slowly enter a deeper restful sleep that will allow for assistance/aid in healing and regeneration of cells.

REM is linked to that time during sleep that you have increased brain activity. During REM sleep your body is transferring short term memory to long term, trying to make sense of the lessons of the day. This is also normally what causes dreams.

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