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 what is the name of the disease that makes you can't remember what you just did?
example: I placed a book on the shelf and no matter how many times I look the book I don't remember seeing it ...

 What are the first signs of being anaemic ?
Thanks for your answers :)...

 Have you ever heard of this?
I was just diagnosed with Sever Anemia... Can anyone explain to me what that is??
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And to "fleetofworlds" it just so shows how ignorant you are.. If you don�...

 Whats wrong with my eyes?
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 do i have an eating disorder? ?
everytime i eat anything, i make myself "poop" or pee after every meal. i dont know why, i think it helps me loose wait.
am i considered like having an eating disorder? i feel fat and ...

 I'm no longer afraid of dying....at all. Should I be?
Since I have been diagnosed with 1 of only 2 known conditions which can mean, I can die at anytime, with no warning or health issue. Simply here one moment, and gone the next.

Should I be ...

 Do you know if anyone has dies from taking cocaine before?

Additional Details
rockingdeadhead - a speedball is cocaine mixed with heroin and injected I understand.
I am just refering to cocaine on it's own or with alcohol...

 My right nostral is very stuffed. It has been stuffed for while. Morning. afternoon, evening. It is insane.?
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 Anyone know if there is anything you can take to stop you from feeling agitated and shaky please?
Not feeling good. What does diabetis make you feel like
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Is there anything I can get from the ...

 Abdominal Pain. Is it appedencitis, or gall bladder disease?! It's giving me a lot of toruble!?
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 how do u cure the hiccups?

 My heart is crushed..I'm losing someone I love and I feel like dying..HELP!!?
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 Can you only be colorblind if your born with it? ?

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 here are my symptoms. what is my illness?
headache, anger, frustration, lethargy, quick change of mood, then back again. get thinkin peeps!!!
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right.. well i aint got pmt.. for obvious reasons.. i married, so ...

 I have to pee really bad. My toilet is clogged. WHAT SHOULD I DO????? HELP!!!!
the **** clogged the toilet. stinks really bad here. i need to go buy some lyson here.
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my bathtub is clogged because i was cutting meat in it n some of the guts got ...

 Would not a Stroke affect someone even when they are sitting down?
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When I phoned NHS direct the questioning was pointing towards me having a stroke but wouldn't I ...

 How do you wake a person?
I want to know bcoz th person i am tryin to wake is a heavy sleeper nd i've try'd th water thng. doesnt ...

 My stool has a lot of blood on it? (Preferably educated ppl, not ignorant ppl, please answer)?
I have always had blood when i got to the bathroom. But lately, I have been having A LOT of blood on my stool. Usually there would only be a drop or 2 of blood, but now its a lot more than i have ...

Tinkerbell R
What happens if your friend has H.I.V. and you used that persons lip gloss? PLLLZZZZZZZ HELP!!?
Ok look my friend has H.I.V. i didnt know she had H.I.V. until today. i always shared lip gloss with her because she was my best friend since i was three so am i going to get H.I.V?? ALSO WILL I GET H.I.V. IF SHE had like a cut on a little below her nose, and by ACCIDENT i touched it but i dont have a cut. im am going to get it. Please answer question one and two. THANK YOU
Additional Details
umm yea i am scared and i didnt have a cut. she had a cut because she used ROUGH paper to clean her nose. she has DRY blood and i touched it by accident will i get it. by the way how old do you have to be to get tested??? i found out she had HIV TODAY

you die

Anna A
youl only get h.i.v if she had a cut on her lip and u used her lip glos or salayva.so im thinkin u should get cheked fast!

Ryan T
this question id probably suited for a doctor but i think you might be fine

If you didn't have a cut...most likely not.
I don't blame you for freaking out...I would too. She should have told you sooner. She also shouldn't have been sharing with you knowing she has it.
Get a HIV test done...you will feel better.

You could possibly get a minor case. You would just develop an occasional cold sore. Nothing that big. You can get that in church.
Basically it's spread by exchange of body fluids.

You won't get HIV by touching a cut from a friend with HIV if you don't have a cut yourself, so you should be fine there.

Lip gloss should also be fine as long as you don't have really large cuts on your lips and she doesn't have cuts on her lips. HIV is actually really hard to spread to other people, so you should be fine; it can't survive outside the human body, so any HIV that gets onto the lip gloss stick will die pretty quickly. And it can't get to the lip gloss unless blood does. Frankly I'd be more grossed out by bloody lip gloss than by the chance of getting HIV from it because HIV is so hard to spread.

You should be fine. Wish your friend luck for me.

the chances of catching it by those ways is very unlikely i wouldn't be to worried but u can always have a test to be sure

only if her lipgloss had blood on it.
and no, it has to be IN your skin, and her blood was simply on ur skin, not in it.

Mad Viking
Nope, you're fine.

No you cant get it by sharing lip gloss and you could maybe get it if you touched her blood and you had a cut.

no and no.

you would have to touch fresh blood of hers and it would have to get into a open fresh [no scabs] wound on your body for you to get HIV. sharing lip gloss is ok because saliva is NOT a fluid that contains the disease. i would stop sharing lip gloss because if she has a open cut on her lip that is bleeding and blood gets on the applicator and into your open wound you can be at risk. even if your new cut is clotted [stopped bleeding] if it is uncovered you are at risk. and the size of the cut does not matter and it doesn't matter how deep into the flesh your cut is, if you have a fresh wound and her FRESH [deep & rich red colored] blood gets into your cut you are at risk but doesn't mean you have HIV for sure. get a test immediately since it could take up to 6 mos for results depending on where you go.some clinics can give you results in as little as twenty minutes so its good to always look around at different places in your neighborhood. if i were you i would be careful but i wouldn't worry about this. one thing to be aware of is when your cuticles crack and bleed that you are at risk even then. watch out for her cuticles and cover your cuticles if they are cut, pain or no pain. use a band-aid not some spray.

IF you come in contact with her fresh blood signs of HIV could be lots of common colds. your immune system would begin to fail and you would notice you are a lot more sick than usual. remember AIDS is only when the HIV virus causes your white blood cell count to go below 200. AIDS will kill you but HIV won't. so don't worry and continue to live your life but be cautious about open cuts on you as well as her [no matter how deep, scrapes and all], and any other strangers out there. cover those cracked cuticles and open wounds like i said pain or not and to prevent cuticles from cracking use vaseline at night. i seen people with HIV from the cracked cuticles so that's why im stressing it so much.

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