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 What can go wrong if you "drink" bottled water through your anus?
i know this is a silly and somewhat wrong question but my friend told me people who can't drink water via their throat have to drink water through they're anus from a bottle. i know that...

Portgas D Ace luver
What does going under general anesthesia feel like?
I have to go under anesthesia within the next month and i was wondering what it felt like. Does it feel like you are asleep? Or are you taking the medicine one minute, and then recovering the next? Also, how do you take the medicine to go under anesthesia? Do you drink it? Is it through a tube?

They will prime you with an injection through your IV, then in the OR they will have you breathe in the actual anesthetic. It does feel like you're breathing it one second and waking up the next.

the doctor told me to count to ten when he put the mask over my face. I got to three and then I was waking up. waking up was weird, it felt like i was rising out of a black pit and light kept getting brighter until i forced my eyes open. i couldnt focus for a minute or two, but it passed.

it's different for some people, it also depends what you are having done. for me it was through a tube and I was being given the medicine and recovering the next... don't recall anything but those two events.

Indiana Jones
its not the most pleasant experience.
you will get an IV in your arm or hand (they stick you with a needle and place a small tube for meds to go in)
you will most likely get the anesthesia through the IV. sometimes at first they have you breath in a gas that smells like nail polish remover. (that smell isn't too bad when you are using it on your nails but omg its overpowering when its concentrated into your mouth and nose. you may feel like you are suffocating when you breath it in) but they will also be putting meds into your IV to keep you asleep.
when the anesthesia goes in you might feel a burning sensation throughout your body.
then you may start to feel dizzy and sick. but it works very quickly and in less than a minute you are out like a light.
it is extremely rare for someone to dream while under anesthesia. it doesn't feel like sleep at all. it feels like they are telling you to close your eyes one second and then the next second they keep telling you to open your eyes. its actually quite annoying.
after you wake up you will feel extremely tired and you may start to feel sick and dizzy and may even throw up or faint.
just be sure to go home and head right for bed to sleep off the drugs.

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