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What damage will this amount of cigarettes have done to me?
Over the course of the last 4-5 weeks I've smoked approximately 20 cigarettes. I wouldn't be worried, but I've got a reoccurring cough that won't go away, and I'm wondering if the two are linked in any way. Will that amount have damaged my lungs or body at all? I plan to cut down. I'm 16 if that makes a difference.
Additional Details
Yes, I relize it isn't the smartest thing to do, but that's not the question, is it? I asked what damedge it will have done to me, not whether or not I should quit!

should not have damage unless you live at a place that the air isn't good, body cleans itself out, if you do keep on smoking, 20 or so years later you'll want to quit and the habit will be hard to break

LOLLLL, fail at life more

It isn't great obviously you will have no serious harm. Just stop then again I smoke so who am I too say.

Stop you will be much happier!

by coughing your cleaning your lungs, its flem and other gross stuff

wow. ur really stupid for smoking at all at ur age. sorry if that sounds mean, but its true. stop now if living past 50 is in ur plans.

Stop smoking!!!!

Cigarettes are the only legal substance that if used as directed WILL KILL YOU!!

With all that we know, there is no reason for people in this day and age to be smoking anything.

Instead of cutting down, why not just quit smoking. I know it's hard to stop cold turkey, but you're my age so you have no business smoking anyway.

Please take all that I've said into consideration.

Blue Crayon
Stop smoking because it's easier to quit now.

Don't be worried about the past just worry about stopping so you can cut off problems in the future.

Harry Reid
why would anyone smoke?

Check this out 'cause I think you will find it fun:

Bob Newhart-Tobacco


No, that is the question. Smoking is not only harmful but it shows a lack of good judgment on your part . To answer YOUR question yes you have caused damage to your lungs.At the age of 16 if you stop smoking now you stand a good chance of recovery.If you want to take up a habit become a nun(:

Cigerattes aren't cool id be woried unless you want to die earlier stop smoking now those around you will respect you and think more highley of you.

Don't just CUT DOWN! STOP! Smoking is for people that want to die.

ღκαmmy ñicolε™ღ
Of course your going to get a cough. Doesn't matter the age, doesn't matter how many or how long you've smoked, You've done it, and now you have to pay the consequinces.

Good luck, is all i have to say...

You should really stop smoking now. You're way too young. By the time you're 30, you'll be probably very unhealthy. And the coughs are probably coming from the cigarettes.

You might not feel it right away, but you'll regret it in the future.

every cigarette you smoke takes 1 day off of your life. i say completely STOP now!

. .bamzooki :D
20 ciggarettes will not have made any difference to your lungs, it will only affect you lungs in the long run.

you are probably coughing because you have just started smoking and your body is not used to it.

but please stop justnow, nobody likes smoking, wither it be guys women etc. waste of money, bad breath etc. live a healthy life by not smoking.

u have a good attitude.

hope i helped :D

Well it will do some damage even if you smoke only one...so stop immediately.

Miss D
20 cigs in 4-5 weeks, I would just say WHY are you smoking, its too expensive and silly. I doubt you have done any damage but you should quit while you are ahead at over $6 per pack, who can afford it?

Of course that amount will cause damage! Even one cigarette leaves tar in your lungs. Gee who would have thought smoking would make you cough?

Twenty cigarettes shouldn't do you any serious damage. I'd cut down, if I were you, and see if the cough goes away or not. If it doesn't, then stop completely and then see if the cough goes away or not.

If you have asthma, the smoke could be aggravating your lungs, and it would be best to stop, or cut it down much much more.

dont smoke

Lola B
duh of course it will not to mention your teeth will be ruined....and people around are affected due to second hand smoking

either way you'll stiil have health effects stop

the recurring cough is due to your cilia cells (specialised cells in your lungs designed to clean your lungs) have been shocked and everytime they are shocked you cough so quit now while you still can and are not addicted

Stella S
If you have smoked 20 cigarettes over the last 4 weeks, 28 days, the chances are the damage would be very minor. There may have been another problem that the smoking triggered. If you rethink how many you have smoked in that time, then certainly you could have done some damage. If you plan to cut down from less than one a day, chances are you are smoking more than you think you are.
If you think you are worried now, you haven't seen nothing yet.

Now is the best time for you to cut down or quit altogether. As time goes by, the tar from the cigarettes collects in your lungs and effectively shuts down the air sacs (alveoli) making it difficult to get air in and carbon dioxide out.

Your smoking could and probably is related to your cough. Granted, while you're not smoking much, cigarettes contain a number of chemicals and carcinogens that attack your pulmonary tissue and the effects can last for several weeks to months. If you have an underlying pulmonary condition, the effects may last a lifetime.

Best bet if you're concerned, is to see your primary care physician and have him or her check your lungs. Without an examination, there's really no way to tell what's going on and what it will take to correct it.

Good luck and if you can, stop smoking now while you're young and before it can have a lifetime of consequences for you.

You could have bronchitis, which can be caused by smoking or being around cigarette smoke. It's not something to lose sleep over, but you should see a doctor as soon as possible.

Oh that's just repulsive! Just stop now and live the better life tomorrow no **** that the cough is related

Only Mama Knows
If you cut back down and try to quit, I think there is still a chance you can reverse the effects of smoking. It depends on how long you've been smoking and how much you smoked. The recurring cough though could be linked. You should talk to your doctor about it and see what he says.

Giving up smoking isn't easy so don't give up if you're thinking about quitting. How long have you been smoking all together? You're still young so if you stop now maybe you can get your health back to normal.

Make Money RichKits.com
1 cigarette can give you lung cancer. Of course smoking more can increase your chances, but all it takes is 1. You dont have lung cancer, but yes it can irritate the lungs immediately too, just 1.

The only people who should be able to smoke are people in the movies like John Mcclain in Die Hard because hes getting shot at all day long by terrorists so his chances of dying from lung cancer are like nothing compared to that. Unless you are Chuck Norris or a suicide bomber, I think you should stop smoking. I quit 3 years ago at 23 and smoked about a pack and a half a day, best thing I ever did. It took the death of my mom to lung cancer (who quit smoking before I was born) to make me quit. Imagine a person gasping for air and in horrible pain for 2 weeks, waiting to die..that what its like to die from lung cancer. You dont just "go to sleep".

Yes, it is linked, You are more sensitive to it and the cough will worsen and irritate the lining. You just need to see a picture of the lungs vs. smoking even if not heavily. It significantly heals when you quit. Don't plan to cut down, quit cold turkey! It's the only way to save your lungs! I use to smoke too, and I had the same thing happen to me. I tried quiting 3 times and the only way I could quit was cold turkey. I know it's hard but you have to change your routine and have a mind set. I am so glad that I quit. I can't believe how much it has ruined my family. My FIL had lung cancer and had to have a lung removed. He died a year later. My dad died from smoking. It affects your heart too and he had a heart attack. My best friend and her brother died within a week of each other due to lung cancer. My old boss had lung cancer. My mother has emphasema and has to wear an oxygen tank. My husband and my sister in law both had to have their carotid arteries cleaned out on both sides of their neck due to smoke build up. My husband flat lined on the operating table. My two sisters and I have all quit. It isn't until it really hits you, that you realize how dangerous it was to smoke. It also shortens your life. I always thought it was cool to smoke because everyone did it and I was about 15. I no longer think it's cool. My clothes don't reak of smoke or my breath and I can breathe easier and food tastes better. I always thought I could quit any time but it was hard as hell! You really get addicted. I use to think, oh, she/he's just old if they have lung cancer or it couldn't happen to me. Even 3 years after I quit, I still craved a cigarette, but I told myself if I ever pick one up again that i know I would never quit. I once quit for 3 months and was back at it, so it is a struggle. I even smoked when I was pregnant with my two kids. They both have breathing problems on account of my stupidity. I can't tell you what to do, but it really makes you think and realize lots!

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