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What could be wrong with me?
Hi, ive had a cough for more then two months which sounds like a dog barking. Recently ive released that i cant take a full deep breathe in and ive been feeling a bit light headed. My doctor keeps telling me its bronchitics becuase i have cough up mucus about once or twice a day. I got a chest ray and they said everything was fine. I think there wrong because brchncitics would have gone away within three months and i wouldnt have a shortening of breathe. What do you think? by the way, i dont smoke or do nay other drugs.
Additional Details
i went to three other doctors and they all say that my bronchitics is gone. i went to a clinic and and they had no idea,

its cancer

If there is a lot of pollution around where you live, that might be it.
It could be that you swallow mucus so frequently that it goes into your bronchial tubes causeing you to cough it all up

Its always lupus.

I looked this up on The Mayo Clinic's website.

I have found that often times one must be extremely persistent. As you are young doctors may not think that you could have an underlying infection. Take a look at this and then explore the site for other respiratory conditions for additional information.

They also have a symptom checker.

By Mayo Clinic staff

A cough that brings up yellowish-gray or green mucus (sputum) is one of the main signs of bronchitis. Mucus itself isn't abnormal — your airways normally produce up to several tablespoons of mucus secretions every day. But these secretions usually don't accumulate, because they're continuously cleared into your throat and swallowed with your saliva.

When the main air passageways in your lungs (bronchial tubes) are inflamed, they often produce large amounts of discolored mucus that comes up when you cough. If this persists for more than three months, it is referred to as chronic bronchitis. Mucus that isn't white or clear usually means there's a secondary infection.

Still, bronchitis symptoms can be deceptive. You don't always produce sputum when you have bronchitis, and children often swallow coughed-up material, so parents may not know there's a secondary infection. Many smokers have to clear their throat every morning when they get up. While they may think this is normal for everyone, it's not. If it continues for more than three months, it may be chronic bronchitis.

Accompanying symptoms of an upper respiratory infection
Acute bronchitis also may be accompanied by common signs and symptoms of an upper respiratory infection, including:

Soreness and a feeling of constriction or burning in your chest
Sore throat
Chest congestion
Sinus fullness
Slight fever and chills
Overall malaise
Sometimes chronic sinusitis — an ongoing infection in the lining of one or more of the cavities in the bone around your nose — can mimic bronchitis. That's because the signs and symptoms of chronic sinusitis include a thick, yellow or green postnasal discharge and a chronic cough that's triggered when you try to clear your throat of mucus draining from your sinuses, instead of your lungs, as is the case with bronchitis.

mr hott

Let me call my presonal dr and

i'll get backm to you on that

Alex N
It could be a lot of things. Age and other factors would need to present themselves. It could be chronic bronchitis, but that usually happens to smokers, or fatter people. your doctor should help you the most.

It is not unusual for the trauma associated with the condition you describe to take some time to finally go away.

Do you use a humidifier at night? There is a potential that you are suffering from dryness in your lungs, which could contnue the symptoms.

Check with your physician to be sure, but taking a mucus relief medication such as giafenesin should help. It's known under the trade name Robitussin (among others).

Listen to your doctor. He or she didn't just do a semester at community college. They studied how the human body works for effen 6 years.

Breezy ツ
Bronchitis actually wouldn't have been gone by now,that stuff last for monthssssssssssssss.
Get yourself checked out by a different Dr. if you're still not too sure.

Batuhan B
go to your doctor ask him or her.

your doctor probably know more than most answering hear

Mr. Wizard
They should have prescribed an antibiotic. Did you take all of the medication?

You might be in too much of an arid environment. See if your cough disappears if you get a humidifier.

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