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What can go wrong if you "drink" bottled water through your anus?
i know this is a silly and somewhat wrong question but my friend told me people who can't drink water via their throat have to drink water through they're anus from a bottle. i know that's not true and that's what i told him but he doesn't believe me. so i'm trying to come up with things that can go wrong if you do do that, to prove that it is the last choice doctors want to take to make you drink water.

specifically he said that they just take a bottle of ordinary water, shove the mouth end into their anus as far as it will allow... eww... and simply squeeze the water up. he than says that it just goes into your stomach via your intestines ( a long way ) clean and like normal and is than processed... now i know that it won't reach there clean!

like can you get diseases? does it damage your intestines? you know any thing that can go wrong. so just tell me what can and will go wrong... he's very stubborn and will only listen to facts...

thanks for your help...

Susan S
It does not work that way! The intestines are designed to move stuff OUT of the body, not in. The small intestine and stomach are supposed to be sterile (free of bacteria) and so it would be both impossible and idiotic. The colon can absorb water (as it does from feces), but it also likes to expel water, as with an enema. In an emergency, the best way to get water into a patient is by using a vein.

Duncan R
Some of you people have WEIRD conversations with your imaginary friends.

that, my friend, is called an enema....

interesting i get a thumbs down for what everyone else is saying...

Actually some water could be absorbed that way. The large intestine mostly absorbs water from your stool. When stool passes through the bowel too quickly, it is liquid i.e. diarrhea. It would not be very practical though and very messy. But it was done in the old days.

Some one who could not swallow would be put on an IV for a few days. A longer term condition would require a gastric (stomach) tube through the nose for liquid food and water. A tube could be inserted surgically through the abdomen into the stomach. This is a hard plastic appliance that is kept in place by a balloon that is inflated after it is inserted. A separate tube is attached to give feedings. There is a picture of the appliance in the source.

Another approach is to give special feedings through a very large vein (subclavian) under the collar bone.

This is just a general description of everything. I am an RN

Valerie G
That s just plain stupid. Things don't go up in your digestive tract like that, I don't even think the muscles in your intestines can push in that direction.

Your friend has been misinformed. This is simply a water enema and nothing more. Some liquid may be absorbed into the walls of the intestines by doing this, but it will NEVER reach the stomach. This is ridiculous and hopefully you're just joking.

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