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 What happens if you swallow a medicated throat lozenge whole?
I just accidentally swallowed an extra-strength Cepacol throat lozenge whole... is there anything I should do or is it nothing to worry about?

I've had a sore throat for 3+ days and ...

 Severe constipation, how to soften my stool with things I have at home?
I was constipated since Christmas and I released it about 1/2 weeks ago, the problem is, that hurt SO much, that I'm holding the bowel movement myself.
I know if I continue this, feces ...

 I been getting cravings to smoke a cig.... but i don't want to get addicted, what should i do?
okay, first off, let me tell you my situation, i smoke weed maybe once a week, if not once, then twice, but thats it. and while i was at work, i took a hit off my friends cig, and it dident bother ...

 I ran out of xanax on Fri. and my DR. is on vac. I'm on it for panic attacks , anxiety. I am extremely nervous
and shaky now. Has anyone had this happen? Also is this the best med. for this situation?...

 Why are the palms of my hands itchy as well as my feet?I'm also sneezing & having difficulty breathing.anyone?
I am experiencing extremely itchy hands and feet along with sneezing and difficulty breathing. Any ...

 My psychiatrist says says women are the spawn of Satan, I said I didn't know he was a frog. Is he right?

 I don't know what's wrong with me?
ok my stomach is hurting, first i thought it was because i was hungry, because i hadn't eaten anything. but after i ate my stomach still hurts. the pain is like dull and goes off and on, but ...

 headaches....pounding behind one eye..is this migraine??
my hubby gets this now and again..it can last for hours and funnily it seems to occur if he has had a lie in !!!...

 Which is the most deadliest insect in the world?
The answer will follow later....

 i dont know what i have.?
well im throat hurts when i swallow. i have a few white spots on the side of my throat way back there. like on the sides. not directly in the back of my throat. a lot of people say its tonsils but im ...

 I'm feeling a cold coming on, what can I do about it?
I haven't been sick in years and want to keep it that way. I only have a slight sore throat right now, but I've had it all day, so I'm pretty sure it will turn into a cold....

 I think I have Attention-Deficit disorder? ?
I'm in highschool, I'm so bad right now. I can't focus on anything. I just go off into my own little world uring class. I really don't know what to do. I don't know if I am ...

 can depression come back?
although i didnt feel like i had depression i was put on a bunch of medications for depression. i had a bad reaction to them. after about 6 months of being on this medication my mom took me off the ...

 what would you do if you were 50ft tall?

 my dad keeps coughing ?
My dad smokes and i'm not sure if its because of that. He said if he tries to quit he my smoke more than he does now. What should he do?
Additional Details
he already went to the ...

 How do i know if i have a parasite?
so ive bee sick for the past almost 7 weeks i would say, from august 23rd still till oct 10 im still sick, ive been having symptoms of ebstein barre just like mono, i have been to the doctor 9 times ...

 I'am a female I'am also 33 years old I found a lump on my lympth node 8 months ago?
It has grown alittle bit in size and is starting to really bother me I can tell it is thereand is tender to the touch and iam also having really bad night sweats and tired all the time is this normal?...

 What dieases do really hope they will find a cure for?
in the future? I have to say I hope they eradicate Meningitis and HIV - I don't think I need to explain why....

 If you knew you were going to have total dementia by 85 years old what would you do, if anything?

 is autism real or is it a myth?
is autism real or is it just an over exuberant hyper sensitive approach to everyday mannerisms and behaviour isms that we all express? only most of us know how to control ourselves or are kids/ ...

What are the ten most important reasons for stopping smoking?

1.your health
2.ppl around yous health
3.they make you angry thoughn it makes u think its helping
4.waste of money
5.well cant think of any more

You need more than one?

The health of the people around you (if you're a considerate person).
Did you know that something like 75% of men on Viagra are smokers? It reduces your circulation and can cause ED.

That's not 10, but they seem like decent ones to me.

Because it stinks

you don't have too.
It's not the smoking that kills you.
It's the cancer.

to you?

YOUR ten reasons

unless you would rather listen to the anti-placebo affects until your sick of it.

Jane Eyre
Because it makes you smell........BAD.

i think there are 2 important reasons money and health. Health is the more important.

The most obvious is your health & everyone around you. I smoked about 30 years, I quite 5 years ago cold turkey. I don't miss it one bit cause for one thing my lungs are so shot I wasn't even enjoying smoking. It was a good thing I quit coz last year I had surgery on my right lung I got a fungal infection on my lung. If I had still been a smoker I don't know how my surgery would have turned out. I.ve read somewhere that if you quit by your early30's your lungs recover all that abuse much better. Good luck to you.

1) throat cancer
2)lung cancer
3)heart disease
4) breathing problems
5) asthma
7)bad smell
8)second hand smoke is bad for everyone close to you
9)stained yellow teeth
10)overall....smoking is bad for your health

please stop!!

Makes you smell horrible.
Makes your house smell horrible.
Makes your breath smell horrible.
Makes clothes smell horrible.
Wastes money.
Kills you.
NHS has to pay to look after you when its made you ill.
Bad habit passes onto others.
Danger of fire in house.
Non smokers have to breath in your smoke.(Not Nice).

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