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What's with my ankle?
My left ankle is sore when not being touched and hurts like a bruise when touched. It's more like tissue damage rather than in the joint. I haven't done anything to it but it's swollen (not a lot but it is bigger than my other ankle) and it's been like that for about 4 days.
I'm 3 months pregnant- and I'm pretty sure the 2 are not connected. It's not my diet because both ankles would be swollen if it were water retention... and Water retention doesn't hurt.- been there- done that.
Anyone have suggestions? Should I schedule a Doc's appt? Any good links to check out?
I'm normally not a worrier and I don't know why but I'm paranoid that it could be something more than just an injury (mostly because I didn't injure it).
Additional Details
siwonemilia just because My ankle is SLIGHTLY swollen, doesn't mean I have a cankle thank you very much for the wonderful insight into your shallowness. Why on earth do you even bother posting? Shouldn't you be off stealing form a small child?

Joe Kevin Nick‚ô•
you have a cankle

Nathan Explosion
It sounds like a bad sprain. I'd get to the doctor, just to make sure.

i think its most likley a pulled muscle or a sprain but i dont no how u cud not notice wen it happened.. except if u woke up 1 morning n it was like that bcos iv nown sum1 2 sprain an ankle in ther sleep b4.. not sure how he did it tho lol.. also it cud hav sumhing 2 do wiv u bein pregnent, ur ankle may not hav adjusted 2 the extra weight properly. u shud probly giv it a couple more days and see if it gets ne better otherwise go to the doctors 4 a check

maybe it does have to do with ur pregnancy or maybe tissue damage so i think you should see ur doctor that's the safest option don't go asking ppl on yahoo answers

Due 1/29/10!
maybe its tendonitis.

ice it and maybe get a brace
you don't have to schedule a doc appointment
just keep it levitated like on a foot rest

Billy A
get a brace

You could have sprained your ankle and not noticed it. Those are the exact symptoms of a sprained ankle. If it continues to hurt, see a doctor. However, they'll just give you a brace... and tell you to take advil. Also, it's normal for things to swell during pregnancy.

i'd recommend an X-ray. My brother had a simular pain and it turned out to be the bone on an iregular growth course. And it shoudln't be linked to your pregnancy.

Another simple problem could be the show you're wearing.

Good luck

Definitely schedule a doctor's appointment. You could have a stress fracture, cellulitis or a number of things that can be treated. You don't want to take the chance that you have an infection that could be transmitted to your unborn baby.

Its natral when your pregnet every thing swells up even your ancles

It sounds like one of two things. I have arthritis that affects my fingers and my feet. The fingers get swollen, the hand used to but I seem to have that down over the years now. I still have the feet and ankles swell though.It can be sore as the pressure from the fluid builds up then. Either that or when you are pregnant, you can have swelling in your feet and ankles.I had it SO bad when expecting my daughter I had to keep my feet up as it was a toxemia risk then I was told. I also would not want to ignore that as there is something to get checked.

Try putting your feet up and see if the swelling goes down. Elevate them for a while and see if that helps with the pain too.IF so, then that can be pregnancy related. The arthritis type of fluid build up is there regardless and doesn't decrease in resting your feet any. I would ask the dr. about this in the next appt. you have.

could be a sprain or swollen

bandege it and if that dosn't work try the doctors. but it should heal. congrats on the baby by the way

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