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What's the best way to clean Ear wax? My doctor told me not to use a Q-Tip!?
My Doctor said Q-tips only push the wax futher into the ear and causes more problems.

semaver c
Ear Wax God is the only thing left for the human beings to believe in. Strange ! Isnt it?

Gone fishin'
And your doctor is right. Wax is normal for the ear and it protects it. Excessive wax on the outside can be removed with a tissue. If you have excessive wax inside our ear you need to get it removed by a doctor.

they sell these drops in the store to clean the ears out. deboroux or something like that.

you put the drops in your ears for awhile and it loosens all the wax then you clean out it with q tips.

go to the pharmacy and they actually have ear wax stuff that breaks up ear wax to help remove it i'm not exactly sure what its called but im sure most pharmacys carry it just ask the pharmisist to help you good luck

gary h
An electric drill with an auger bit. By the way, you sound like a very attractive person.

Pinky finger?

Yeah, well even the box that Q-tips come in say not to use them to clean inside your ears.

Just one question, what the heck are Q-tips good for otherwise?

There are liquids that can be dropped into your ears and then flushed out with warm water. You can buy this at any local drugstore.

Best way is to use peroxide (oxigenated water) , If you have a water pick (teledyne) fill the reservoir with the peroxide mixed 50% with lukewarm water and apply directly , you will be hitting the ear canal , no the timpanic membrane so , be patient , and this is a very efficient way of doing it.Maintain the canal clean by gently washing with your shampooo every time you shower .


Well first you need to get one of those thing syou use for a babys nose. But make sure its not been used. Then fill it with peroxide and squirt it in ur ear. Then it should come out that way.

They have ear wax removal systems in the drug stores, but I would ask my doctor. The docs are so quick to tell us not to use cotton swabs, but never tell us what we can use. I use Q-Tips after I shower because if I don't, my ears will itch inside.

try putting a drop or two of mineral oil in each ear,allow it to stay in your ears for about five minutes,tilt your head to the side and while using a towel allow it to drain out of your ears.NEVER stick anything in your ears,especially not a q-tip.

smellyfoot â„¢
hydrogen peroxide? I know it gets the water out.

go to wal-mart and get earwax remover. It is in the pharmacy area . They will even tell you what is the best option.

Isabel Fields
Hydrogen Peroxide, once every two weeks

what he said is true, so bend up a paper clip and use that.

That seems strange that a Q-tip wouldn't work for that isn't that the main purpose they make Q-tips. I use a couple Q-tips after I get out of the shower every time, and I have never had a problem.

as odd as this sounds the best way to doit it is to use a paperclip

put a drop or two of mineral oil in each ear and it will dissolve the earwax.

Better you clean it just outside.
The ear wax is a kind of protection.
Use a soft towel after the bath, when wax is soft, and just until your finger can go inside.

Ask your doc abt this.

Tasha D Gemini
my daughter sees an ENT twice a year bec she gets a buildup of wax & dead skin cells and her doctor flushes her ears out using a very thin soft tube & warm water. i've never used them but they do sell ear flushing kits at stores like rite aid, walgreens, duane reade or any drugstore. just make sure that you don't have any inner ear issues, like a ruptured eardrum or something as small as a simple cut inside your ear.

Put a bee in there to harvest it.

christy m
There are actually ear wax removers, but the best way is to lay down and pour a small amount of peroxide in the ear. Let it bubble, then tilt your head and drain onto a tissue. The peroxide breaks up the wax and it will come out easily.

I heard the same thing 2... use perioxide.. it will bubble up all the ear **** and you just wipe it out of your ear

Liquid ear wax remover. It can be bought over the counter at any drug store.

See an Ear,Nose and Throat specialist. They are trained in treating ears.

not if you do it right... use a "scoop" motion instead of a "push" one...

Ear candles work! Here is a link describing them and where you can buy them. Good luck!


yeah, my doc said the same thing. trouble with sticking anything else in your ear is that you could also rupture your eardrum, so please don't use paperclips or stuff like that! there is special stuff you can get at Walmart or a store like that, which has products for your ears. not sure of the name of this stuff, but it's on the shelf near the pharmacy, near where there are ear plugs and stuff. it says right on the pkg. that it's for removing ear wax, and it comes with everything you'll need. you could ask at the pharmacy counter too, they'll show you what and where it is. ;) works as well as having the doc remove the ear wax for you.

Emma B
The only thing you should put in your ear is your elbow, impossible, so put nothing in. The more you probe around, the more it will produce, it works its own way out.

Your doctor is correct (betcha that's a relief!!). He may have also told you that certain people are ''waxers'' (or maybe he didn't). In any event, buy a squirt bottle that, when squeezed, shoots a stream of water. You see them on T.V. when a football player is ''given water'' without removing his helmet / face mask. Keep this bottle in your bath and towards the end of your shower fill it with warm water (by this time the bath or shower you've been taking will have loosened up your ear wax). Tilt your head and direct the squeeze bottle's stream into each ear. The loosened wax should come out. Finish up with a normal ''outer ear cleaning, and you should be good to go.
P.S. Do not use hydrogen peroxide or alcohol mas they can dehydrate your inner ear and cause you you many more problems.

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