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go UCLA bruins!
What's a g00d way to cure diarrhea?

ummm........dont eat what gave it to u.

River Rat Vietnam
Supposedly, the best cure for diarrhea is chicken soup with rice. It is well known that chicken soup is very good for you, and the rice is supposed to cause your body to produce something that redirects moisture in your body and solidify the solid wastes. Not sure of the exact science, but I do know that I keep a couple cans of chicken soup with rice around because it does seem to work

peyton manning
take alot of painkillers....that will clog you up for a while!


Immodium Ad is the best product out there.Always works in as little as an hr or two and just one or two doses(usually-at least for me).Also,drink plenty of fluids,so you do not dehydrate.Try toast or crackers when your feeling up to it.Hope you feel better soon:)

eat apple less of other foods for 2 days, have atleast 10 glasses of water a day and be active. sleep well

^v^OH! BATS^v^
A roundhouse kick to your gut from Chuck Norris

Thomas H
Go to the drug store , there are alot of products. But remimber that your body is trying to get ride of something that is bad for you. Drink lots of fluids so you dont get dehydrated.If it lasts more than 24 hrs you should see a doctor.

Dont eat for a while,let your stomach and bowels settle.

The best idea is to try and decide what kind of diarhhoea it is.
If it is a plain upset stomach then take some immodium and get on with life. Make sure you drink enough fluids to replace those that have been lost.
A bacterial cause of the diarrhoea means that immodium is the worst thing to take. You need to take on fluids (preferably soup or fruit juice, not just palin water) and if it is real bad got see a doctor.

If there is any kind of blood in there go get help from your doctor as blood in the stools sugessts something may be wrong.

You really shouldn't try to cure it. It is a cure in itself. Something has tipped the biological scale in your system and your body is trying to evacuate it. Most commonly if it is just random diarhea, then there is bacteria that the body is flushing. If it is after you ate something, then you should find out whats in that food because your body is trying to reject and flush part or all of it out. Its MSG for some people, spicy foods for others. Whatever you do, just let it take its course, its more unhealthy to try and stop it.

Find out what your trigger foods are, maybe soda pop. Keep a food journal. For me, it's my brother-in-laws coffee. It almost stands alone without a cup.
Eliminate the trigger food.
Eat plenty of fiber foods; vegetables, fruits, whole grains. Drink lots of water. These foods slow down the process and give you a regulated BM, not diarrhea or constipation.

Immodium works, but you should be thinking about why you have diarrhoea in the first place. If you are sure it is gastroenteritis, then letting it all out and drinking lots of water is best as diarrhoea is your body's way of flushing out the bugs. If however your diarrhoea is a more chronic problem then you should speak to your doctors about this as there are 101 medical conditions which can present as diarrhoea!

Adrian (doctor)

Immodium AD

Yeah definitely go with the Immodium buddy


Pepto Bismol

fiber! oh or the pink stuff

michael d
pepto bismol ice cream, heres a link on how to make it... http://www.blogjam.com/2006/07/20/pepto-bismol-ice-cream. ive never made it, but it tastes good and probably works better than eating rocks (read above). so yeah, try it out if you have time, the site says its for hangovers, but its pepto bismol, you take it for everything from indigestion to leukemia.

YAY! pepto bismol

Eat 5 or 6 banana's a day until it's ok again.
Don't forget to drink extra water.

Get some iron in whoever has the diarrhea's diet.

For children, follow the BRAT diet :
B bananas
R ice
A pplesauce
T oast

Good Luck, and happy poopin'

Depends on what is causing it and how much you have. Too much will cause you to lose Electrolytes. You will have trouble with memory, eventually walking and coordination and it could lead to death.

Be sure to drink lots of fluids and use salt. Bananas are best to stop mild to moderate diarrhea. They add the Potassium you need back into your system.

Cheese works for some people, but on others it has the opposite effect.

You should call your doctor or visit a clinic to be checked out. There are some nasty bugs out there. You may need antibiotics.


it'll stop the craps good!

♪♪Knowledge is Power♪♪
This condition can be a symptom, disease, allergy, food intolerance, foodborne illness or extreme excesses of Vitamin C or magnesium and may be accompanied by abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. There are other conditions which involve some but not all of the symptoms of diarrhea, and so the formal medical definition of diarrhea involves defecation of more than 200 grams per day (though formal weighing of stools to determine a diagnosis is never actually carried out).

It occurs when insufficient fluid is absorbed by the colon. As part of the digestion process, or due to fluid intake, food is mixed with large amounts of water. Thus, digested food is essentially liquid prior to reaching the colon. The colon absorbs water, leaving the remaining material as a semisolid stool. If the colon is damaged or inflamed, however, absorption is inhibited, and watery stools result.

Diarrhea is most commonly caused by viral infections or bacterial toxins. In sanitary living conditions and with ample food and water available, an otherwise healthy patient typically recovers from the common viral infections in a few days and at most a week. However, for ill or malnourished individuals diarrhea can lead to severe dehydration and can become life-threatening without treatment.

It can also be a symptom of more serious diseases, such as dysentery, cholera, or botulism and can also be indicative of a chronic syndrome such as Crohn's disease. Though appendicitis patients don't generally have diarrhea, it is a common symptom of a ruptured appendix. It is also an effect of severe radiation sickness.

Symptomatic treatment for diarrhea involves the patient consuming adequate amounts of water to replace that loss, preferably mixed with electrolytes to provide essential salts and some amount of nutrients. For many people, further treatment is unnecessary. The following types of diarrhea generally indicate medical supervision is desirable:

Diarrhea in infants.
Moderate or severe diarrhea in young children.
Diarrhea associated with blood.
Diarrhea that continues for more than 2 weeks.
Diarrhea that is associated with more general illness such as non-cramping abdominal pain, fever, weight loss, etc.
Diarrhea in travelers (more likely to have exotic infections such as parasites)
Diarrhea in food handlers (potential to infect others)
Diarrhea in institutions (Hospitals, child care, mental health institutes, geriatric and convalescent homes etc).

artful dodger
BRAT diet


this is what the DR. usually orders... also... plenty of water.

realistic human
Immodium AD works wonders. (and lots of water)

Drink something like Gatorade, it replaces all the sodium and electrolytes, you're loosing. It'll also keep you from getting dehydrated,

Im sorry if i hurt you♥
yogurt lol

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