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Very confused whys this happening??..........plz help?
I have suffered frm an eating disorder in my past. I have gotten over that. I thought i was god but latly whenever i try to eat i feel sick. I can be extremly starving but when i go and put food in my mouth i feel like i am literally going to through up. It is very confussing and hard for me. Does anyone know whats happening or what i can do?
please no sarcastic comments

Apparao V
liquid diet is only the remedy

saravana k
u take up about 2-3 lit of water when u got up in the morning after brush.

Thats because you've been so used to not eating so now when you are trying to eat your stomach can't handle it, now you have to slowly get yourself used to it again. Your stomach has shrunk so its going to take time to get it back how you used to be

you can go to the doctor, he/she should be able to tell you what is happening to you.

U can call him Max. Born 6/13/08
Is there any chance you are pregnant?

your body is rejecting food b/c it's used to starving. work your way up slowly to start eating again.

you might want to consult a professional

if you feel you have a weight problem or unconsciously think there is something wrong with your body that food causes then, I think you should talk to someone versed in this type problem.......happy trails to you

Well, first try not to fall into it. Even if you have to drink a boost of a slim fast, keep some at hand. That way you can stay healthy. Also, why don't you try going to see a counselor? Maybe something is happening around that is bringing you to this state of mind. Like something might trigger this reaction. I'm not sure what is happening, but it sounds like it's psychological.

Kayla [(Adam)]
I have this too, and I don't know why it happens either. I think it might be realted to a disease called "Overactive Stomach Syndome" or somthing like that. I have it too. It cause food to go right through you, and makes your stomach stay constantly upset. So everytime you eat you feel like your going to puke. That's what I think anyway, you might want to look it up and contact your doctor before you make any firm decisions.

you're stomach has shrunk so it doesnt take much to fill it.

You too are concerned. It's you trying to help yourself. Please go see your doctor, it is very important you do.

Blue Eyed Christian Returns!
I had a similar problem as a kid. I was underweight for years. I liked food well enough, but when I would eat I would feel sick all the time. I had a ton of tests done to rule out any actual diseases or conditions and they found none. I ended up going to my mom's chiropractor and he fixed the problem. It was a pinched nerve in my spine that was interfering with the signals to and from my stomach. I remember that first adjustment - as soon as he cracked me I felt sooooo hungry! So you should consider trying chiropractic. It might be just what you need. Hope this helps!

Dani Marie
Get help from a doctor or someone. It's important for you to be able to eat. No one here can help you. It's not your fault just let the doctor know what's happening and you should be able to solve it together.

You need to get to a DR. or find a support group

This may or may not be related to your e.d. See, what you're describing could be gastritis or any number of illnesses. Do you have some type of counselor or dietician that you still see? Or could hook up with again? It may be a good time to do that. If not, perhaps check with a physician and tell them what has been going on. You know that if you wait too long, and start losing weight, that is a huge trigger that could set back your hard-won progress.
Great work on overcoming that ***** of an eating disorder!!!!!

You should speak to a doctor you can trust, this isn't ordinary. Don't be afraid to ask, that's what doctors are for.

It all depends when you got over your eating disorders, if it was not to long ago, maybe your body is still in a readjustment stage, you have to start eating small food like smoothies, fruit, cereal etc, so your body can readjust and then star eating more solid food.

go to the doctor

Sounds like you should see your DR.

I know....I feel the same way. It just depends on what you eat. Try different things.

David T
It sound like a gag reflex muscle problem.

This is not sarcastic but I would see your doctor.

If it is a mental thing that makes you feel sick, maybe you should use the way you used to eat when you were restricting yourself but this time as a way to eat a little more. If you were someone who would snack on itsy bitsy low cal foods over the course of a day, maybe you can use that method of eating a little, often, as a way of getting food in your mouth. Or maybe you could start your meals off with some celery or a pickle, things you know are safe, in order to convince your body that its okay to eat. Just try to get a healthy amount of calories in your body.

Blessed with Baby #3
I am going through the same thing. My doctor told me that I am waiting to long to eat so when I do my body is rejecting it. I need to eat sooner before I get that starving feeling. Some times I will chew a piece of gum first to get a little sugar in my system then I will eat my meal.

I hope this helps. Remember there are other people out there going through the same thing.

I suffer from this too. It is gastritis and acid reflux. Your doctor can give you meditation to treat this. I am on the medication and I can finally eat a full meal now (without feeling completely full to the point of puking after a few bites.)

I know exactly what you are going through.

You have suffered from an eating disorder in the past and I am sure you are still suffering. Even when you get physically healthy you may still need support or even counseling to overcome the psychological effects.
If an eating disorder goes untreated you may be facing this the rest of your life. You probably have not told anyone about your problem, but it is very important that you do.
The physical symptoms you are describing could be very serious, even life threatening.
Go to your doctor or someone you trust completely and tell him/her EVERYTHING.

Too many with eating disorders don't realise it's a mental illness. Anytime you throw up you're hurting your esophagus & heart. It can cause tears in the lining of your esophagus & ulcers. Plus your stomach has shrunk and you've trained your reflux to throw up when anything passes it.

You need to retrain your system. Soups & crackers to start then work your way up.

If there has been any stress, depression, etc. your body will automatically go into the eating disorder mode. It usually begins from a lack of control in your life. What you do or don't eat you have control over so it gives you an odd sort of comfort in the fact you can control this one area of your life.

You really need to see a counselor to learn of constructive way to deal with issues in your life. To be able to see when you're under stress. Maybe even need medication. Often our body is under stress even when we're not consciously aware of it. Thus it responds as it's been trained to do.

It would also be wise to see a dr. & tell them what you told us so he can check for any physical damage that might have been done that stress will only make worse.

I'd also take a multivitamin until you have better control of what you eat.

God bless.

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