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Angelica G
Urinary Tract Infection?
What can I do to feel better until my doctors appt on Monday...?? These symptoms are soo annoying!!

Mary O
Go to the drug store and get some monistat 7 it works for yeast infections

keep the area cleanand dont rub to hard

Plenty of cranberry juice and water to flush your system.

Drink tons and tons of cranberry juice, even if you don't like it, just chug it, because then you won't even have to go to the doctor, the cranberry juice will fix it.

Go to the store and get Cranberry or Cranapple juice. It is a natural antibiotic-This will help lots until the appointment. Otherwise call him and tell him to phone you in a prescription because you can't wait until Monday!

April F
I use to get them all the time when I was a child. The best advice I can tell you is to drink plenty of water and cranberry juice and relax. Don't do anything crazy and don't over drink the water and cranberry juice because then your kidneys will be working hard to clear it out. Trust me I know. So just kick back and relax. Hope you feel better soon.

Drink water and Cranberry juice!

avoid caffine, and drink lots of cranberry juice (unsweetened) and lots of water. Avoid sugar, and make sure you wear a pad to keep that area dry, moisture will just make the infection worse. If you have any left over antibiotics from a previous infection take them. If you have infections alot talk to your doctor about a fasting glucose test for possible diabetes.

Country Boy
The Dr. will most likely order a prescription for Ciprofloxacin. or Cipro. as some nurses and Doc's say. Maybe you could scrounge a script in an emergency room. When you get the script. drink all the liquids you can stand.

Meanwhile sit in a bathtub filled with hot water.

Hope you feel better fast!

get AZO over the counter

call the doctor, explain your symptoms to him/her, ask for prescription to be ordered that will help until your appointment.

there is over the counter meds work good

lori b
drink cranberry juice im serious it helps alot

Go to the store and get some Uristat (tablets). It's supposed to take the pain away and does helps a little. Drink a lot of UNSWEETENED cranberry juice and water. Anything with sugar in it will just make it worse. Good Luck and I feel for you. I had 3 Uti's last year. ( I have a leaky bladder which contributes to my infections).
My Doctor wrote me a prescription for Phenazopyrid 200mg (generic for Pyridium) for the pain the next time I come down with it until I can get in to see him. I got 15 tablets for $1.50. It's a lot cheaper than buying the over the counter medicines.

If you start getting blood in your urine go to the emergency room and have it taken care of before monday.

Maddie and Jacobs mom
drink lots of water and or cranberry juice. there are some pills called uristat, and azostandard that you can buy for the pain. they are about 8 dollars at any drug store. they do work, i have had to use them alot. they do turn your urine orange though which can be scary the first time you see it.

Lots of water. Perhaps with small amount of lemon.
Lots of unsweetened cranberry juice.

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