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 Please Help. I tremble and shake alittle. I don't know what is wrong.?
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 Does orange juice really help your immune system?

 Quick cure for constipation please!?
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 sometimes when im awake, i forget to breathe. is this a condtion? whats wrong with me?
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 worst drug?
Whats the drug that is hardest to quit; with the worst side affects and cravings? NO STUPID ANSWERS PLEASE.
This is for a school report!!
Any stories or thoughts or anything in general ...

 Am i sick my friends are worried?
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 Who else has insomnia?

 i am 32 years old female & sometimes i feel really dizzy after eating & it lasts for about 45-60. almost drunk

 Why am I overly thirsty?
But I'm not Wilfred Brimley!
Additional Details
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Tips so I wont get any sicker?!?!?
I woke up yesterday with a head cold but not alot of congestion, The past two days Ive felt like im going to get a horrible cold, but I dont,

I really dont want to get sick, I cant afford to with my swim practices going on, so please any tips on things I should eat or other things to help me get better?

Additional Details
thanks to each and every person whos answered so far :)


eat right and keep a lot of clear fluids in you and excersie a tiny bit if you can it might make you get better faster but dont over do it

Theraflu really helps when I get sick. They have one for colds. The heat from the drink really helps.

lost without music
drink a lot of fluid, try to stay warm, and as dry as you can in between wet when you are swimming.
get a vaporizer, if you don't have one.
those work incredibly
use cold medicine
at swimming, bring like two real thick towels, so when one gets real wet, you can switch to a dry towel, to stay warm adn dry
just take it easy &
get better soon

Ed F
drink orange juice, take vitamins, don't smoke, sleep, and eat healthy.

Diane B
lately i have felt very simaler --- i drink homemaid fruit smoothies and apple simimon hot tea.

Warm drinks do help. I also usually have two cloves of fresh crushed raw uncooked garlic every day which really helps. Oily fish also boosts the immune system-something as simple as sardines on toast is very good for you. Helps with dry skin and stress also

drink warm things like tea or coffee. and take Advil. and get some serious rest.

Be sure and get enough sleep; when your body doesn't rest it gets run down easier. Take some Vit C and try some Airborne it will help with your immune system.

there is no cure for the cold but you can take things to reduce the symptoms. try zicam cold remedy from canada (at any drugstore.)it's homeopathic and gets rid of a cold in 3 days,or at least reduces the symptoms so you can function.rest up and spoil your self with hot green or menthol or peppermint teas,cough drops with menthol,hot mexican salsa(the tomatoes will increase your immune system too and clear sinus)clear out a stuffy head.use a steamer (breathe in warm vapors) orange juice,vitamin c ,orange seal root(health food store) as far as foods just healthy foods like fruits and vegetables,drink plenty of fluids.find a good book,a blanket,and settle in

Thomas Jefferson
Lots of liquids and lots of honey.
Honey is a natural germ killer.

If you are coming down with a cold of the flu then the best preventative is Zycam which you can get at Walgreens or Safeway. Use it as directed. You can also use Airborne and if you don't mind the smell eat a clove or two of raw garlic. If you have allergies then the best thing you can use is probably Claritan or Claritan-D depending on how bad your congestion is. Also, drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep. Hope you feel better soon.

taking a warm shower to activate your immune system would help, also eating fruits and veggies help a lot too

sleep, eating healthy, and lots of water.

Go to Cvs or a Walgreens and pick up Emergen-C it have tons of vitamins and 100% vit. c. You can look it up on line and read about it.


Austin A
No surgar ...k?
Drink have lots of vitamin c!
Eat spicy foods!
Try to eat healthy and no milk!
Looking for medication try zicam its stops colds in hours works very well!
And advil is good to have!l
Go to bed early get lots of sleep if sneezing always blow it!
Eat nothing greasy!
And not only will you not get sicker you would get better I guarantee it!
Take a nice shower or bath and drink lots of water!
No coffee more like tea!

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