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 Does she have an eating disorder?
Im really worried about my friend.
She's lost loads of weight lately (even though she denies it)
Always at school, shes boasting how shes gonna go home and binge, and eat loads of ice ...

 does anyone have a quick fix for a sore throat? i'm desperate!?
from being in the rain to much, i suppose, i have a horrible sore throat. anyone have anything that'll help me get rid (or at least temporarily make me feel better!) of it ASAP?? i absolutely ...

I've been experiencing chronic constipation (i have a bowel movement like every 7 days) and so today i got some Fleet enema (mineral oil) and i used it and i didnt get that crazy i gotta go ...

 if i sit in a chair and i hear a crack, does that mean i cracked my buttknuckle?
or maybe i sat on a pencil-what do you think?!...

 My friend is bulimic?
My friends is bulimic and i don't know what to do to make them stop. They made me do it once and i never want to do it again. What should i do to make them stop?...

 I Think I'm Dying?
I was getting dressed, and I took off my pants and my panties, and they were covered in blood, but I haven't gotten cut in alteast a week, and definitly not in the place the blood was.
I ...

 what causes liver damage?

 How do I get rid of a cough caused by a cold?
I have a cold and I'm coughing quite often; how do I get rid of this symptom or at least mask it, ASAP? I know I can drink water to keep the cough down, but I don't want to do that every ...

 I get vomit feeling while travelling in a car? What can be a solution?

 Urine drug test on Friday........?
The last propoxyphen I took was Monday evening at 7:00PM, haven't taken one since. I have a urine drug test on Friday @ 12:45PM. Will it show up in my urine?...

 If im around weed smoke EVERYDAY more than once a day, and not smoke AT ALL, can i fail a drug test?

Additional Details
OK to fix my question...I HAVE NEVER DONE DRUGS IN MY LIFE! My significant other smokes weed everyday and ive been around it everyday..Im just asking will i fail the ...

 have any idea what's causing this?
Okay so I've been sick continually this whole month. It started off with just a really bad cough that started to go away when i started getting sore throats that would last two days and then go ...

 I'm convinced I have a thyroid problem?
I had a negative blood test but I have heard that it doesn't always show up. Anyone had a similar experience? What should I do next?...

 hi, i was diagnosed to have a scoliosis. what's that?
i searched what it is in yahoo and Google, but i just can't understand! could somebody tell me in layman's term what scoliosis is? and what will happen to me? what are the treatments needed....

 Does smoking Cigars damage the Liver, if so how badly?
If it does why do I know so many really old guys that smoke cigars that have never been affected?
Additional Details
Thanks everyone, great ...

 what are the symtoms of UTI (urinary tract infection) please help me?

 how can u get rid of hiccups?
also, is there a way to prevent them?...

 if my brother is 'special', will my kids be like that, too?

 How can you tell if your dehydrated ?
I dont drink very much, and i know that i should :S But i end up needing a wee all the time, and being in secondary (im 14) they dont let you go to the toilet in classes. :O What symptoms do you get ...

 What's the funniest thing you've been to the doctor's with?
Mine was a pain in my throat when I whistle. He had to sit there listening to me whistle while we waited for the pain to start.
Additional Details
Gary: no, I don't think they'...

Burger Bytch
There is a scruff in my class who has knits?
should i tell them to get knit lotion

While you keep in mind that nits prefer clean heads and nicely tell him/her @ them, do it soon before there's a jumper.

Amie M
aha... maybe you should just keep your head away from there's, if they have knits they probably already know, maybe they cant afford treatment.

good luck ^.^

Child in a single parent household? Holes in the elbows of their sweater? What has being a scruff got to do with having nits (or even knits)

it is said that nits actually prefer to breed in clean hair so being a scruff has nothing to do with it maybe you passes them onto them

You would make yourself look pretty stupid. It' "nits", not "knits".

Give him some knitting needles.

You sure? It's unlikely that the kid is a scruff AND has nits.

Head lice don't like dirty hair because the particles of dirt and oil get in their way. Far more likely to affect a kid with clean hair.

Snakeman !
Maybe a pair of 10mm needles and a ball of wool would help ?

Or do you mean nits (as in lice) ?

Nits, (headlice) are only attracted to clean hair.
It is better to use a fine comb to comb through hair coated with conditioner, than to buy expensive nit cures.

Less informed people can start scaremongering about a very common problem which is endemic amongst school age children, mainly due to their tendency to be close to one another.

Rum Cove
If I may rectify previous postings , nits prefer ANY hair that has a blood supply attached to it - they're not fussy,unless you're a corpse* ... Tell a teacher , then it becomes their problem , not yours , and there is probably a small army of Local Authority Health Professionals that will swing into action once alerted ... Good luck!

you want to see the size of my house and my huge garden, i wear designer clothes aswell, BUT my child came home from school with nits and i got it, i aint a scruff, its just nits, better than crabs

Yes and then maybe he will help you with your spelling.

Daniel J
He may be a scruff but perhaps he can spell (nits).

Polly S
I see from your question that your a very sympathetic and caring person, has it occurred to you that this "scruff" might be having a tough time, may not be in a position to buy something "decent."
You might try a different tac and befriend them and "if" they do have nits help them sort it out and they could help you out by teaching you how to spell

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