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Stomach Problems for 2 years?
I have experienced stomach problems for about two years.

At first I would only get sick from certain foods (ex. pizza, kraft dinner) I would be very nauseous, occasional diarrhea and rare vomiting.
This would only happen about once a month.

In the last 2 months I have experienced worsening symptoms.
Extreme Nausea (every time I eat)
I have now lost my appetite most of the time
Abdominal Pain (cramping and sharp)
I no longer experience diarrhea or vomiting though.

I am not lactose intolerant because I took lactose out of my diet and I still experienced symptoms.

I have also totally changed my diet so I am eating really healthy now but I still have symptoms.

I have a doctors appointment but I would like some ideas of what it could be before I go.

Thank you

Your metabolism is just not strong(bad/slow). Some foods are harder to digest than others often many vegetables pork and many others. Try exercising more and eating smaller meals throughout the day to help boost your metabolism. Also try finding some natural herbs like Horny Goat Weed(which is for females also) which has helped many with weight loss (mostly males) cause it increases testostrones and libido and energy(confidence also). Or if not confortable with Horney goat weed try taking One a Day Vitamins, From brands like OneAday or A to Zinc. Dont get any weightloss crap most have caffeine. Just get the basic multi vitamin from one of those brands.

You sound like I did before I was diagnosed with a food intolerance. it could be intolerance, allergy, or ulcer maybe?
Go here to learn about gluten intolerance:

the list goes on. Please keep a food and symptom diary, record everything you put in your mouth including medicines, vitamins, gum, etc. as well as how you feel, and what your symptoms are. This will help your doc determine if it is a food allergy/intolerance. Good luck!

Could be IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Google it

Perhaps, gastroparesis or gastritis:


If, gastroparesis, prokinetics are very helpful. Domperidone is a good choice. 10 mg tds. It doesn't cross the blood-brain barrier (penetrates it less, actually), so risk of side effects is less when compared with metoclopramide.

If, gastritis, make sure your doctor screens you for h. pylori (preferably, a c-urea breathe test). This organism is often the culprit in gastritis. Prevacid (or any other PPI) is a good choice. 30 mg bid, probably best, initially. You can always titre down. H2 antagonists are subject to tolerance, so probably not a long-term solution to your chronic symptoms.

Histopathological analysis of biopsy from esophagoendoscopy is the gold standard for diagnosing gastritis. Gastric emptying studies are best to assess gastroparesis.

BTW: I hope you get the help that you need. If you are inclined, please share it, after you've attended the medical appointment.

In general, I find doctors are typically good at diagnosing things that fit nicely into a box, but not so good at diagnosing chronic as well as complex issues.

Hope your issue is very simple, treatable, and you will look forward to wellness very soon :-). Sounds like you've been suffering with these symptoms for some time, already :-(.

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