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 is being bulimic easier than starving urself?
no jokes.
Additional Details
ppl: i am doin a research essay on bulimia..didn't u see any of my other questions on bulimia..damn! i am not stupid to go down that path....

 For last couple days being feeling dizzy (feel like i'm falling) and have to hold on to things when I walk.
Any ideas? Been feeling a bit tired too. Also, When i'm sitting at my desk I suddenly jump and get short of breath. Only last a few seconds at the most....

 Very confused whys this happening??..........plz help?
I have suffered frm an eating disorder in my past. I have gotten over that. I thought i was god but latly whenever i try to eat i feel sick. I can be extremly starving but when i go and put food in ...

 I just googled my friends name and found out she had a brain aneurysm?
OK so i was bored so i started googling some of my friends names. And one of my friends names (lets call her rachel), came up from this metarie church page and said please pray for 14 year old rachel ...

 can chicken's heart,kidney & liver be eaten.. pls answer as soon as possible.?

 Is it safe for a recovered coke addict to support a friend fresh out of rehab?
I have been clean for 3 years. My friend has been battling for 15 years now, and recently lost everything. She's still in the out-patient programme. I am scared to make contact again in case I ...

 How come when I walk alone in the street I constantly feel like somebody is following me?
Is is some kind of phobia?
Additional Details
No I did Not do anything wrong if I did I would so say it here....

 I know this is gross but...?
I have rectal bleeding that's been going on for a week or a little more but these past 2 days it's gotten worse, my lower stomach is a little sore too but not like my period or anything and ...

 coughs - how can I get rid of my cough quickly?

 so if someone doesnt have a brain and they die?
for instance they take the brain to autopsy, can they still be viewed by the family???

if the brain is removed?...

 HELP!!! Im afraid of......?Read to find out ((&&answer))?
Hey well im 13 and just thought id share with you im turning 14 in few days.

Well i am like deathly afraid of worms and catapillars(sp?). Its come to the point where i have no clue what to ...

 what happens when someone dies?

 Why am I always tired, not hungry, and get lots of headaches?
Okay , so for about the past month or so I'm CONSTANTLY tired . I'm never hungry. And I get headaches almost daily. Usually if i sleep for a very long period of time, the headache goes away,...

 What's the difference between HIV & AIDS ?
Sorry, don't lay into me here - it always gets me pondering....

 how to get rid of a sore throats?

 How can I cure my son's left handedness?
I don't know where my son got it from but he is left handed. My dad, mom, me and my wife her parents are all right handed. I don't want my son to suffer with this handicap for the rest of ...

 Do i have an eating disorder?
ok so i dont really have an appitite, like ill get hungry so i will get some food, when when i start to eat i lose my appitite in an instant, im 15, do you think its just a phase? my bf is kinda ...

 I always feel dizzy. Anything i can do make it stop. Please.?
I seem to always feel diizy, its really affecting my life. Anything i can do in terms of lifestyle to help. T...

 I have truble sleeping what are some good cure for not being able to sleep ?

 Why does my feces smell bad?
This has been a problem all my life, whenever I go number 2 in the toilet, it smells pretty bad. I dont know why and im starting to think something is wrong with me, please tell me why my poop smells?...

big Jimmy
Since crabs need a warm place to live, if I pack my lower extremities with ice will that kill them? I don't..
have any money to buy Rid-X, etc.

you shouldnt have crabs in the first place, sicko!


go to the doc.


little butter ball!
u tell me



william r
no that will not kill them and the have probily enfested your clothes, beding, ext. try shaving end tweeze survivors and wash youself and clothes,beding,ext

The reason is that crabs and ice is being the process...Cold slows down the dieing process for the crabs.So Ice is used on crabbing boats and also also paper soaked in water.Will work .Crabs can survive out of the water about 3 hours and longer but the cold slows them down like sleeping you can say.But in any event keep them cool here in maryland this is the practice.So no ice then keep them wet weather water from where you got them or ice

what? that you wanna kill ice cream?

You need to see your physician.

Man, thats not good. And no, freezing them wont work. Plus you could freeze your schlong.
My advice? Buy some neem oil (just borrow the money if you have to).

uhhh....no...you could wax

See a Doctor Soon!

sit in a tub of pine sol
the oil in the pine sol kills lice, so i imagine it will kill the crabs
either that or get the shot gun out again! lol

Get some tea tree oil and kill them.
Just rub it in and it well kill them after five minutes.
I got this remedy out of my Home remedy book.
I've never had those creatures myself.

karyn h
isn't rid-x for your septic tank?

why don;t you try icy-hot or bengay

Poor guy.

Just shave it off, or wax it off.
And say goodbye to those nasty crabs!

Ape Sith
Nah, haven't you ever heard of cold water crabs?

Masochistic Margo McCain
I will wax you, it only stings for a minute. While I am at it I will do your back too. No hair no crabs. No worries

spray em with baygon and it will make em drop off and hope fully the other little thing will to and who is your wife so i can tell her ....maby she can Rid-X you

shh don''t tell mty wife- lol
what is wrong with you
you better not do anything with your wife to give it to her
cuz if iwas yours and u gave me crabs i would be highly upset
shoot i would put a real crab down your pants

ummmmmmmm anyways see a doctor

~~~I am not here~~~
just shave all your curlys off.. silly...heehee

dan g
Yes, that will work perfectly. Medicine and watching who you sleep with is way over-rated. Just pack a bunch of ice on your boys and that will solve everything. Try and get the Rid-X though if you can find the money, it is really meant for human use no matter what the packaging says. If the ice doesn't work try gasoline or used motor oil, i heard that works great! Good Luck!

Master G
no that will only put them into hibernation. when they wake up they will be mad and start biting.
you need to shave your woodrow .. then put some icey hot on it. then rub salt up and down real hard and then pour some strong booze onto the woody . that should do the trick.

Damn ReligiousNut
Why would you want to kill them...

Crabs are good, right?!? (looking very confused...)

You mean...

I'm supposed to get rid of those?

I even started a little glass window crab farm...like an ant farm...only "crabs" instead...it's neato...

(face suddenly all happy again...smiling...)

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