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 Have you ever heard of this?
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Should i tell my friend that i'm bulimic?
ok well i've been bulimic for a little while now and I want to tell my friend but I don't know if I should. like i really want to tell her because she's my best friend i just don't want things to get all awkward! i've been thinking about it for a long time that i can't even sleep at night, and i daydream during school about the reactions she would give me. I really trust her not to tell but it's kind of serious and i really wouldn't want anyone else to know! would you tell your friend if you had an eating disorder?
Additional Details
mwah42: i dont care if u think im a retard, if you had an eating disorder you would know how it feels, it really feels like i cant help it!

1 tell her
2 u cant post these kind of questions n not get bad feedbqck
3 ur a retard cz ur bulimic n dont say o i cant help it cuz u can

Yeah tell her just say something like
there's something that's been on my mind for a while now and i feel like i have to tell you
when i eat my food, blahlahahlah... etc
she will hopefully try to help you get through it
this is really serious okay
why don't you exercise?
go on walks and runs and swims and things
it really keeps me fit
i eat loads and loads and people say im realy skinny
haha theyre jealous becoz they eat laods but just put on weight!
and it's only becoz i swim loads that i don't put on anything
i must have a high metabilism or whatever they call it

Hey. i think that if your confertable with telling your friend that you are bulimic, i think you should. but be careful some friends,well actually all friends talk about eachother. so what im saying is be careful whom you trust.

& thanks so much for answhttp://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090417203133AADhOaG&r=wering this question:

wow you should get some help.

I don't know... She might get worried and tell an adult but only because she cares about you. I definitely would because I would know I needed help.
Answer mine?

if you dont want to tell her. try to lead her into discovering it herself. Like since your bulimic, make it a hint to act like somethings wrong. If she still doesnt get it say (insert friends name) i really heve to tell you something thats been hurting me for a while, please dont judge me but im bulimic. I really need you right now.

Seriously. you need to tell someone! Thats not healthy as you probably already know and your not gonna be able to stop it yourself. Maybe your friend would be brave enough to get you some help or you could tell your parents or something.

Tiffany B
If you feel like you need help I would tell her. But if you think she's the kind of person that would try to get help for you or tell someone whom you might not want to know, maybe don't tell her. It's really what's in your heart...Do you want to stop this eating disorder?

tell her she will DEF help you out of this deadly disease!

I'd like to say I'm shocked that there are all these douche-bags on here trying to call you a retard.

I myself am bulimic, but i'm somewhat open about it, because i don't view it as a disorder i view it as a tactic.
It gets nasty sometimes though.....

I think you should tell her. If she's really your friend, she'll stay with you, and not let it get awkward.

Karl L
If you are close to her then let her know. My advice is to talk to a specialist or to a relative instead of your friends. Unless your really close to her that you can trust her with these things. Because even best friends talk sometimes.

Cruz ☮ - London Calling
aw yes u should tell her. u will need support, n she will help u. it will make u both closer, n u do need to talk about it. never be silent about it. good luck

helper123 unicorn rocks
i would tell her, because i know if my best friend had a eating disorder, i would want know, and even she does get mad at you, she will eventually get over it because she is your best friends, and im sure she loves you a lot. i think you should be happy with your body, because its not healthy at all to do that.

its not right to keep a secret from your best friend. if i were in your situation, i would definitely tell her about it after all, she is the best friend. and i'm sure you'll want her to do the same if she's keeping anything from you that is.

Aussie Mom
Has she been trustworthy with sensitive information in the past? If so and she is a dear friend then I would tell her - she may be able to help and support you, esp. if you decide to get help with this.

If she has betrayed your trust in the past then I would be hesitant to tell her, unless you want to run the risk of others finding out.

Your choice. Good luck! :)

Lily .
I would tell my best friend. Be strong, tell her if you truely believe in yourself that you can. Thing is... she might want to get help for you. And that'd be horrible and shameful. But in a way that's kind of good. If you trust her enough go for it! (: Good luck with the ED x

smile on:)
yeah.. i would tell my friend. i would tell her i im feeling, and trust her to not freak out. i'd also tell her that ive been worrying lot things will get awkward, hoping that she'd understand. if you don't tell her, and she finds out later, she might be upset, that you felt like You couldn't trust her.

just go about it in a good way and good luck!

You obviously need to tell someone about this, bulimia is a very serious disease. However, please don't get mad at her if she seeks outside help. If and when you tell her, she's going to feel overwhelmed. She will ask you to see a doctor, and she will ask you to tell your parents. Remember that she's looking out for you, not trying to get you in trouble. I'm warning you now, she will really want to get you help, and maybe that's for the best. The sooner you seek help, the sooner you'll feel better, and the sooner you'll get your life back. Good luck!

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