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Should I see a doctor?

Coughing, chest congestion, dry mouth, diarrhea, loss of appetite, pain on right side just below ribs (not low enough to be appendicitis, btw)

All of these started within the last day, and I rarely get sick, so..
Additional Details
Well, I woke up today and whatever I have has fully manifested.

Sore throat, sore muscles, dry hacking cough, queasy stomach.

I've taken some DayQuil and am attempting to get fluids.

If it gets much worse, I will definitely see a doctor.

I would see a doc just in case. I had a pain in my lower right abs last year and I thought it was minor food poisoning then I had a lot of vomitting and dihydration and it ended up being burst appendix. Then I was being told I may not live through the night.

Could be dehydration... but to be on the safe side go seek professional advice!

Barney R
It's always best to see a doctor.
I was never sick either, until now.
It can happen.

I would wait about three days and see if there is any improvement. If it gets worse I would definitely call and go to the doctor. There is some mean flu going around that makes you feel pretty bad.

If your chest is really congested and you have a productive,wet cough, then see your doctor. You may have pneumonia. The pain should be evaluated, and you may be dehydrated. Even if you rarely get sick, that is what doctor's are for. Hope you feel better soon.

Glenn M
What the hell are you doing on the internet, get your backside to a doctor, NOW!!!!!!

it might be gastric flu.. it happened to some time ago.. but then again we are different individual .. so you should consult a doctor :)

A doctor will give you an over the counter or maybe an antibiotic. But plenty of rest and fluids will take that bug out. Also take some Ibuprofen it will help the pain and symptoms in the mean time.

Pain on the right side sounds dodgy dude. Go get it checked out.

yes better safe than sorry I'm not sure if those are symptoms of a disease or the flu... but I'd see a doctor

If you were to say that you had pain on your right side without all of those other symptoms I would guess that you are having a gall bladder attack (I have been there before!)...but since you are complaining of other symptoms as well...my only thought is that you have a common cold and you are dehydrated. Coughing and diarrhea both cause dehydration and this could be causing your dry mouth and your loss of appetite. Drink plenty of fluids and get some rest, and if the pain in your side continues, get to a doctor.

Have you checked your temperature? The symptoms you are describing lead me to think that you may have contracted the flu. You do need to go to a doctor. Make sure that you are drinking plenty of fluids so you do not dehydrate.

food poisening maybe? but yeah see a doctor or at least go to the pharmacy and tell them your symptons.

it sounds like u just have a chest cold with a stomach virus. and ur side hurting could either be caused by the diarrhea or it could be a urinary tract infection it is possible for men or women to get. i would go get checked out so they could maybe put u on some antibiotics.

Linda Jo V
uh, yes?

Entirely up to you. You can adopt a wait and see approach, because if it is just a cold/flu kind of thing, you'll get over it in a week or so regardless of what you take. But if you're particularly concerned, go see a doctor.

Yes, I would go see a doctor. If it is something serious, you don't want to put it off and if it isn't, then no harm, no foul. It could be a case of the flu and maybe something with it. Just go to the doctor as soon as you can though.

See a doctor because at face value it may only be one of those flu bugs but I have seen a couple of family members get pneumonia, pleurisy, and a rib infection as complications and apparently there are even worse than can happen so play it safe and see a doctor if you get any symptoms that go beyond a nasty a cold.

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