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 what are the symptoms of being anemic?
i think i might be anemic but i'm not sure. i'm always tired, no matter how much sleep i get. i feel weak a lot.

a nd if i do have this, can/ how can i stop it?
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 doctors help please!?
this is really embarressing but i go to the doctor in febuary but i cant really wait any more.
burns after i pee.
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 does anyone have a quick fix for a sore throat? i'm desperate!?
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 My friend is bulimic?
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 I Think I'm Dying?
I was getting dressed, and I took off my pants and my panties, and they were covered in blood, but I haven't gotten cut in alteast a week, and definitly not in the place the blood was.
I ...

Speedy Gonzalez loukoumadez
Should I run today? My stomach hurts really bad. 10 pts for best answer?
My stomach hurts so much I feel like I need to throw up. My body is tired, and my head kinda hurts. If I dont run every day I feel fat and gross so what should I do?

Drink some milk...milk calms your stomach. And after a hour if you still feel bad but a little better you should go on the run...just dont push it too much. Although sometimes this happens to me that you have a headache and stuff what i find helps the best is fresh air.
Hope that helps

don't run if you feel like that. skipping a day will not put you behind in your running in any way. you should listen to what your body is telling you. take care of what is wrong so you can feel better and run tomorrow.

Try some sit-ups & see how you feel. If you still don't feel good then don't do anything just watch what you eat and you will be fine. Make sure you only workout 5 days a week anything above that can be very an healthy for your body.

If you feel really bad, don't try to hurt yourself just to get your daily running in. Sit down, and take a day to relax. Just because you miss one day of running doesn't mean your going to be fat...

Brittany D
Go for a shorter run, and then go home and eat a decent meal.
It sounds like you probably don't eat much, or you just don't eat healthy.
Or you could even just try snacking on a little bit of fruit and then go for your run. It will help your stomach and give you more energy for your run.

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no dont upset your stomach more

Why run?Just take some stroll or SOME jog will be enough!
As long as you keep yourself moving,climbing stair,walking or whatever and have the correct diet won't get fat.

Btw,if you don't feel well,don't run.
You might end you throwing up or some serious stuff.

Nuuuu ok?
You obviously don't run...you basically answered your own question.

if you're not feeling good then just take a rest. what is one day??

dont run, stay in bed take some peptobismol hopefully by this afternoon or night you can take a shower or bath so that way you get all those feeling of feeling gross and fat, picture that like melting off when you take that bath or shower

If you ran yesterday, then skipping today is fine, advisable even. Running now will only make you feel worse.

little one
only if u want it to your stomach to hurt more

DONT RUN! you will just make yourself worse and you dont want that now do you!?!?! if you get sicker from running today it might stop you from running tomorrow or the next day!!! if you run everyday yeah its good but it doesnt make you fat and gross if you miss one day because your sick!!
please dont run! if you feel that bad i dont want you to get sick okay!(:
wow i just sounded like a mom(:

ohhh speedy so many problems... I so badly wanna fix you :)

If your in pain do not run today. Missing one run is not going to make a big difference at all, I am sure you know that. Haven't you said before you know you're not fat, you know you are good looking? Your fine stop worrying, there is no shame in resting when sick.

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