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Should I go to the doctor?
I ate some cheese that was old about four days ago and now I have really bad diarrhea and blood in stool. Cramping, too. I don't have insurance and if I go I would have to go to the ER. If it's not that big of a deal, I would rather wait it out but if it could be serious than I will go.

Anthony G
I don't think it is the fact that you are eating old cheese but cheese all together. Bloody stool is usually a sign of lactose intolerance and you should stear clear of all dairy product and certain types of pickles. If your stool still appears to be blood, apply brown food coloring to your toilet bowl to give it a healthier appearance.

How old was the cheese?

I'd say that it's going to cost you a fortune to go to the ER, without insurance. I'm no doctor, but I'd wait it out. The cramping and diarrhea are most likely hand-in-hand, however the blood is concerning, at least to a layman like me.

blue eyes
Yeah... I don't think it was the cheese.
You're doing the right thing by asking what it is. I'd find out as much as I could before going to the hospital. It's way expensive without insurance.

Take some Imodium and wait another couple of days. Drink lots of liquids so you don't dehydrate. You should be OK by then.
The blood in your stool is due to the diarrhoea because you are straining your butt from going to the bathroom so often.

i say go to the er anytime there is blood in the stool means it could be something bad. go to the er and just makes sure everything is ok

better safe than sorry ! I would:)

Chelsea N
yes gooo

Thumbs ^ Up
Go get checked out at the ER. Many hospitals have programs available for people who don't have medical insurance. Or, they could bill you and you could pay them so much a month. I'm lactose intolerant and can't have milk products with out taking my medication first. I have never experienced blood in my runny poops tho. That is what concerns me with your situation, the blood. I don't know what it could be and don't want to alarm you in any way. But, it would be best for you to get checked out. I hope this helps.

You ask, I answer
yes. bloody stools are never good. it's a big deal.

Well, if you just have diarrhea then that would of been okay to wait out, but you have blood in your stool. That is not normal. I would either see your doctor or go to the er.

the red shore
you have bloody ****? go see a doctor.

yes u should!

You could have salmonella poisoning go see a Dr.
Comes from bad dairy products

i doubt it was the cheese.i would go to the doctor if u have diareahha and bloody stool and cramping.

If you have blood in your stool, then I am assuming you are seeing bright red blood in the toilet? Or is it just a small amount when you wipe? That makes the difference.

If you have bright red blood in the toilet, or even dark/marron blood or clots in the toilet, get your but to an ER (no pun intended). There is not price on your life, so a hospital bill is worth living for.

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