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he already went to the ...

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 Dementia/ Alzheimer's...What to do, kids can't take anymore??
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 my fiance is vomiting clots of blood! what is wrong with him?

Additional Details
yes he smokes.
what do you mean drugs?
he refuses to go to the hospital....

 can someone please explain 'dyslexia' in simple terms?

 I want to eat and gain weight but I find food disgusting which makes me "un-hungry" so what should I do?
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is doing this once in a great while a harmful to your health?...

Severe constipation, how to soften my stool with things I have at home?
I was constipated since Christmas and I released it about 1/2 weeks ago, the problem is, that hurt SO much, that I'm holding the bowel movement myself.
I know if I continue this, feces impaction is near, but the abdominal cramping I feel right now and the pain that it'll give is just too much to bear.
If you have any suggestions on how to soften my stool quickly so I can go (I hope I can go tonight) as soon as possible.
Again, I have the URGE and had it for a while, I'm just really, REALLY terrified of the pain.

watch here

If you want a home remedy then try drinking 1/2 Virgin Olive Oil in with 1/2 Orange Juice. It tastes very oily, but it does the job. You can also use a suppository. Once you have been released, you need to start taking in more fiber in your diet. Eating Actavia yogurt on a daily basis is good to keep your bowels on a routine. Also try drinking prune juice daily, this will also help. You need to avoid putting yourself in this situation again, by doing any of the above on a daily basis. This way you would not have to have the pain. It's only going to hurt for a bit and it won't be as bad as the stomach cramping you are feeling now. Good Luck!

How you doing?
The easiest and fastest thing you can take is a stool softener you can buy at any drug store. Be forewarned though that some cause cramping of the stomach and gas pain. If you take the recommended dose at night you will easily expel the stool first thing in the morning. It can go the other way where you have loose stools but it beats being constipated. To prevent this in the future drink plenty of water and eat more fruits and vegetables. Fast food or eating too much meat can cause constant constipation too. It's all in what you eat and drink. If you decide to up your fiber intake make absolute sure that you drink lots of water or the extra fiber will cause more constipation.

[email protected]
Eat as much fiber as possible.

fresh orange juice

Debbie C
Take magnesium supplements (if it is ok with your doc..check with him if you are on any meds). Magnesium is a natural laxative/stool softener. I take 400 mg a day and never have a problem. I have taken a little higher doses on occassion and that produces very, very soft stools.

good luck bro.. Believe it or not the anal cavity is strong enough to pass a watermelon. hope you feel better.. let it fly...

professional nurse
Drink something warm... warm tea or coffee. If you are not allergic to any of the following ingredients, you can mix prune juice, butter and milk of magnesia together and make it warm but not so hot that you burn yourself. Yes, it sounds terrible and may taste terrible. I have seen it work for patients who were very constipated.

Up the water and take in a bunch of whole grains to increase the fiber. Also dried fruit like dates, apples and such are also high in fiber.

turn gay... you know what im talking about

drink some off milk give yourself a bit of diarrhea.

Vinegar and PURE blueberry juice have always helped- ever try a colonic?

dried fruit always has worked for me. You need to eat things (you can look them up) that aren't binding. Fiber (oatmeal, raisin bran, etc.) are good for this issue. The worst things, imo, are chocolate, cheese, milk. Good luck, I understand your pain (been there after childbirth).

James Ford
Try an over the counter stool softener like Miralax. Make sure you drink lots of water. If you want to just "get it over with", go for a colonic irrigation treatment. They're not exactly cheap, but they do work immediately and save you from any discomfort or pain.

SurferChick ♥
Dude, just take laxative. Or go to Wal-Mart and get a stool softener if you want it more natural. Hope you feel better.

Póg Mo Thóin
You should be taking a stool softener daily; however, for immediate relief tonight I would recommend a warm water enema (1 quart retained for 15 to 30 minutes should do it). Remember, hag the bag low as the slower the water goes it the easier it is to retain.

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