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Please Help. I tremble and shake alittle. I don't know what is wrong.?
I am soo scared. I am 16. I just threw up like 5 times...but this isnt the question. This is actually the first time I have thrown up in years.

Anyways please help...I feel dizzy when I walk or stand up and i tremble and shake a little. I usually get this feeling a couple times a month where i shake like my whole body and I feel dizzy. I am praying that it's only because of this....I DON'T DRINK ANY WATER. Sometimes I go days and days without water. I LOVE SODA.
I am soo scared that it can be something else. like everyone calls me aneroxic too because I am soooo skinny but I HAVE a fast metabolism and I eat a lot...but I EAT JUNK FOOD AND FAST FOOD...I hardly eat any healthy food. I weigh 100 pounds.

So to get to the point can my shaking problems that happen to me sometimes be because I am dehydrated? If so, I will try and stop my love for soda and tomorrow I will take that 24 pack of soda from under my bed.



Quit the junk food.
Drink 2 litres of water a day. Soda actually ROTS YOUR INSIDES.
It sounds like you get off on treating your body like crap.
Where the bloody hell are your parents? don't they know how to raise you?
It's one thing to to skinny and have a high metabolism. It's a whole different story to run your body into the ground with stupid choices. Jesus effing christ...

All the best, Hope. xx

soda has sugar/s and diet sodas have acetaminophen.a couple of sodas a week are considered to much for some. you are starving of malnutrition. not serious but bad enough and worse if you continue not to be concerned.
Bottom line eat right and refuse to abuse your diet.

` Natsz;
Why the hell don't you drink water?! Sorry, but you're 16 years old you should be smart enough to know your body NEEDS water! Oh gosh. Your eating habits are also very terrible. And yes, take the 24 pack of soda from underneath your bed!

Marisol :)
I don't think people tremble when they're dehyrdated. Your symptoms happen to people using those muscle and diet drinks a lot. Could also be from certain drugs if you use them..Anyways, that's scary. Tell someone.

****Animal luva 4eva!!!****
yes. you need 2 drink WATER & eat REAL food. Maybe boost start your new diet with vitamin pills..... Good luck!!!

Your symptoms may be caused by a number of conditions such as iron-deficiency anemia, hypogycemia, diabetes or malnutrition. I don't think that you are dehydrated if you are drinking a lot of soda because soda is mostly water. But you might be getting too much caffeine if you drink colas or Mountain Dew. You didn't say how many sodas you drink every day, but I'd say that you are probably getting way too much sugar. Every can of Coke, for example, contains something like 17 teaspoons of sugar.

If I were you I would get a complete physical from your doctor to find out what's causing your shakiness and dizziness. Then do yourself a favor and learn how to eat right. If your diet is mostly junk food and soda, you are not getting the nutrients you need to be healthy. Listen to your body, it is trying to send you a message.

First, you need five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day. Try substituting V-8 juice for some of the soda you are drinking. 8 oz. counts as one serving of vegetables. Keep apples, oranges and carrot sticks in the fridge as snacks. Then add some dairy to your diet. If you don't like milk, have low-fat yogurt, string cheese or calcium-fortified soy milk. Try broiled chicken or roast turkey sandwiches on whole grain bread and soups or salads instead of burgers, fries and pizza. Take a multivitamin every day, too, to make sure you are getting all the vitamins and minerals you need.

You are young and your body is still growing, so take good care of it now and you will be rewarded by a lifetime of good health. You'll have more energy and feel and look better, too. Good luck to you!

Duck goes Oink Oink!
stop eating junk food it is really bad for your health even if you are really skinny. =/

Please start eating healthy!

Josh Silver
Eat healthier and see a doctor

Yeah, it's the eating and drinking that does that to a body. Unhealthy diets will make you weaker than what is normal and so, you will begin to shake.

Try eating full meals too! :) Things will be alright as long as you eat the good stuff too.

And God bless you too :)

No Name
it might be dehydration, when i get up TOO Fast i feel dizzy for a few seconds.

i think your body is taking in way to much caffeine and sugar.i am 25 and i need coffee to keep me awake at times but when i drink to much i feel real shaky and dizzy also my dr recently told me i have high blood pressure also so if you dont feel better the best thing for you to do is get checked out

Go to your doctor for a physical exam. Tell your doctor about your symptoms. It could be low blood sugar, dehydration, diabetes, generalized anxiety disorder.... Your diet isn't healthy and you know that. Why are you hiding soda under your bed?

You know better than anyone else who reads or answers your question, what the problem is.

Your use of all caps that we PRAY that it's nothing serious tells me you are craving attention. Stop wishing and take action to change things.

Girl get yourself to a doctor,
you have a problem go and get some help

Girl, just go to the doctor.
Deep breath in, deep breat out.
Don't panic. Everything is alright.

wow. stop drinking soda, eat some vegetables everyday. and start drinking water. Fast food will kill you.

Liz, stop being so dramatic and take care of yourself. Of COURSE you need water and healthy food to feel good and thrive. You sound malnourished and like you suffer from hypochondria.

Chuck Norris.

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