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Patients in coma are brain dead. Are they living or non-living?
patients lying coma are supported by machines that replaces heart and lungs and their brain is dead.they have no self consciousness. Such patients who never come back to normal life living or non-living?

Technically is dead.

If a machine has to keep their heart beating & their lungs breathing, I'd say they are probably already gone.

Terry James
living _ when the body performs the functions that define life, evenif assisted, it is alive

If they have to be supported by machines, they would technically be dead because their body cannot function without their brain, heart, or lungs. I mean, they are alive, but only because of machines. If there was absolutely no brain function, I believe that there would be no reason to live, unless recovery is possible. Sounds depressing and it is an interesting discussion/topic. I hope that you do not know someone in this condition, and if you do I am sorry.

edit: thumbs up to Sheltie!

i hate this "they're basically already dead" bs. how awful! of course their level of functioning cognitively is more than impaired, but they are clearly still living.

pulling the plug is a serious decision that requires a lot of contemplation.

Eddie H
The brain is still alive and active. They are still living until the brain shuts off completely. Even if the heart stops beating the human body is still alive. It is only dead after there is no more electrical impulses being sent from the brain to the body.

well technically they are alive but only because of the machine...
if for one sec it was unpluged or turned off the would pass.. most right away but sometimes it can take a couple of hrs. for the body to stop,
its a lot different if the person is in a coma and will not be brain dead if and when they wake up.!
hope this helps!

I would call them non-living. No brain activity means no life in my eyes..

They're living (in a coma) until they die.

some people beg to differ. everyone has different opinions on people on life support. but yes they are considered assisted living when on life support.

Just so you know, not all those in comas are brain dead.

They are partially living

When they are in coma they are like dead. But when they come out of coma they are living.

Well in my opinion there's only one type of dead. Dead is dead, if the body isn't sustaining itself it's dead.

I think about this too. I think they are alive physically but certainly dead in the head. I would like to be unplugged if I found myself in this situation. I have told my family this and intend to put this in my will if If I ever get around to making one.

They are living, just there brain is unable to work like yours or mine. There brain is in a dormant state and is not working or comprehending anything, only completeing enough tasks to keep the body living, and sometimes even less. Basically its like putting a block on the brain, so its just there. And being in a coma doesnt mean they are brain dead, though this is the case alot. Coma just means that they are 'knocked out' and the body is in a low power state, barely operating needed functions.

Living... as long as the blood circulates and they don't rot, then they are living.

Sheltie Lover

Isn't it odd that not too many years ago we wouldn't have to debate this topic.

In my youth (the 50's) there were no life support machines. -- If someone was in a coma, if the were breathing on their own, they were nourished to sustain life.-- If they were not breathing on their own, they were already dead.

Some of these "modern" treatments have only prolonged life in a vegetative state. -- No quality of life, but the heart is beating and the blood is circulating, so they are technically alive.

I wouldn't want to "live" like that so have it in my "Living Will" and Health Care Directive, that I not be put on any machines.

Even young people probably need to have such a directive!


First, many people in comas are not on life support or brain dead. Those who are on life support and considered to be brain dead are still living and require nourishment and maintenance. Many years ago I cared for a patient who had been determined to be brain dead. After her parents finally made the painful decision to remove life support, she began to breathe on her own. The "vegetable" that she was anticipated to be was not the case. She recovered, slowly and with a great deal of therapy, and lives a productive life. I guess we are alive until we are dead, and can't assume anything in between.

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