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I got a bug bite some flying ant bit me on the first day nothing happend but on the second day it was red and ichie what shoud I do?could this be some ant flying bug desise
Additional Details
it did not look like an a mosquito

chef spicey
go to a doctor, we are not experts

You have leprosy. It will just get worse, and then you will keep losing body parts until you are dead. Too bad.

First of all, how can you be sure what type of bug bit you? Did you actually see it bite you. Second of all... are you in the United States and if so, what region? This information would help to identify the bug that bit you. Some types of bug bite create a reaction similar to what you have described and are quite harmless... as mentioned above it could be just an allergic reaction, however, there are some insects in the US that bite and if left untreated, can cause some serious problems.... examples would include the Brown Recluse Spider which causes Necrosis of the tissue around the site of a bite - a very not nice condition. Other examples would include the Black Widow Spider, Some types of Tick or Chigger and various types of fly. If the reaction is worrying you, I would strongly suggest that you speak with your primary care physician (family doctor) - there is always the possibility that you could contract some form of blood borne disease from insect bites such as West Nile Virus, etc... get it checked out.

if it is that red, and itches that badly definitely see a Doctor

Are you kidding? Yeah it's called an ant bite. Tell your mother to help you.

its must be a prince charming who got attracted to ur beauty and innocence... and kissed you on your cheek, dont worry just apply some ointment for relief and keep ur fingers crossed.. lots of good luck coming your way

It is probably just a bug bite. Usually they are just red and itchy. You can buy some lotion at a drug store to help.

Use a hydrocortosone 1% cream. That's the best over the counter medication you can use. Good luck!

Just Gone

Yes, it is called a bug bite...usually itchy, usually turns red...use Cortisone cream on it , it will stop itching. Good luck

flying ants and in fact all ants dont bite they sting (they are disendents of wasps) therefore they cannot spread desease HOWEVER some do have poisons just like wasps and hornets so its probably that..dont worry

Do not itch it and if you can find some "TEA TREE OIL" put it on and it will help alot. It should be better in a couple of days but if it keeps getting worse instead of better you may want to see your doc.

©rojoe® Retired From Y!A
Get yourself some antibotics cream and rub on it.

See a doctor!

i think it's just an allergic reaction, like a misquito bite...you should be fine...

It likely sounds like a mosquito bite, which almost certainly wont hurt you. If you get a fever its possible you could have West Nile and shoudl go to the Dr., but its very unlikely, and you only have it if you get a fever.

go see a doctor or some one like that.

What does innocence have to do with a bug bite?

no that's normal it's will go down eventually don't itch it just leave it alone and it will go away soon if it dosen't then you shoudl tell your mom and go to teh doctors

Put some antibiotic ointment on it.
You will be fine.

BLACK_KILLZ_she is terror

See a doctor.
They will help you.
I hope you get better.

Black Fedora
it's normal irritation. if it continues to get worse, seek medical treatment. however, it'll likely reduce on its own within a day or so and only be mildly annoying for a week

Scratch it. But what's the line about "I'm innocent?" Did someone mistake it for a needle track?

chica bonita
Nope, you're fine. A flying ant bite is similar to a mosquito bite, and the bump should go away in a few days. Unless you start having a severe reaction, which could mean you are allergic, you are at zero health risk.

Flying ant? Do you mean a mosquito?

go to the doctor...and what does your innocence have to do with this??

Hot T-Bone
I don't think it is anything serious because I have had this happen to me and it usually goes away within 3 days. If you are worried, go to a doctors, but I am about 70% sure it is not a fly disease.

Crystal C
No, you should be fine... get some cortisone cream and rub on it... this will take away the redness and the itch

Spice Sugar
wait a day or two and see if it goes away if not go to the doctor

I doubt if it's some type of disease.

If I were u, I would pour sum rubbing alcohol onto a clean, white towel and scrub the area that was bitten. After you've scrubbed it real good, put sum Johnson & Johnson (preferably) first-aid cream on it...it will help take the itch away, clean it, disinfect it, and heal it.

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