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Sincerely Raven™
One of my friends said i had a disorder with popping my fingers?
i just wanted to knwo what it is called cuz i pop my fingers all the time.

Skye M
well i do to but I dont know what its called

Idk but it's not good to pop anything becuase you could pull it out of its socket!

It's not a disorder, it's an addiction. When done over the course of many years, cracking your fingers can severely raise the risk of arthritis.

its called cracking ur knuckles...people will tell you that its bad and will cause problems when ur older, but thats not true. All u are doing is popping air bubbles in between ur knuckles.

It would be a disorder if you constantly pop your fingers out of their sockets otherwise, if you are just 'cracking your knuckles' then it is normal.

She probably said that because she was irritated with your constant finger popping, the sound of it maybe?

Peter T
yeah when u crack ur knuckles the soft bone (i forget whar its called something with a C) is rubbing against eachother and scraping each other away which can lead to artharitus in later years

I think what she was hinting at was Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Tell your friend she may feel free to remove her head from her *** unless she has a doctorate in Psychology or can read and properly understand how to read the DSM IV.

Cracking your fingers may be annoying to others but it's certainly nothing to be worried about unless you're doing it every couple minutes as a stress reaction. It hasn't even been proven harmful (ie: arthritis) so I wouldn't worry too much.

"Miss IQ"
Ur friend should not say things that aren't true...cuz I don't think popping ur fingers is a disorder; annoying maybe, but not a disorder.

well if popping you mean cracking its not a big deal its just air bubbles in your fingers or if you mean you're double jointed thats not a problem either..its genetic and its harmless..don't worry don't take everything a friend who is not a professional seriously. you're fine =]

its called your on CRACK hahahahaajghskdgh

stephanie w
no, you do not. almost evryone in th world cracks their knuckles, if it were related to a disorder it wud be a well known fact- just like sugar is linked to diabetes. maybe your friend has a disorder.

It's not a disorder unless it's happening uncontrollably such as you grab something and they pop. If that's the case you should consult a physician about it because some believe that popping joints can lead to arthritis later on. Now I don't think there's a lot of evidence of that otherwise I would have heard about it being a problem, but I'd ask a doctor anyway just to be on the safe side and to make sure that there's no long term effects that will be caused by it when I get older.

cracking your knuckles is not dangerous. However, if you do it constantly and you can not stop yourself it could be a form of OCD-obsessive compulsive disorder. Do you have any other habits, such as counting things or physical things that you just HAVE to do?

If it really was a disease-millions of people would have it. So don't worry..its not really a disease. Just tell her she probably does it too and she doesn't even know it! Good luck!

yea it's true!

I think its called a habit, something akin to biting nails
I have heard that it can cause arthritis in later life, but don't quote me on that

good luck

Your fine, It is just a myth that you can get arthritis or anything from cracking your knuckles. There are air bubbles that reform in your knuckles and your just popping them.

Its called a habit, and not a disorder. But that's just cracking your knuckles, I do it all the time. They say you get arthritis by doing it, but that has never been proved. But just in precaution, if you dont want the risk of getting arthrits through craking your fingers, dont do it.

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