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Need Help PLEASE?????????????????????????
Can you get food poisoning from moldy chicken salad? I think I may have eaten some by accident. How do I know if I have it.. I ate about an hour ago.

Ya, I think you can. Go to your nearest, ER.

If you start throwing up and feel really sick then you prob have food poisoning

You'll have really bad stomach ach and you'll end up throwing up all night......good luck!

hmm...I think you can, but check here just in case, i had the same question:


dose ur head feel hot or do u have a stomch ace?

r0fl thats a funny link

Everyone has different tolerances. There will be no question if you have it. You will be in the bathroom and very ill. Some people will experience symptoms in a few short hours. I would say that if you ate something that was questionable, if you are not nauseous and or have diarrhea within 6-8 hrs at the most, chances are you won't.

Yes. Ur tummy will hurt, you might feel dissy, and you might get dirrea.

If in the next 15 minutes ....if feathers start to grow around your neck.....you have contracted a fatal case Lightightis Chickorea...I'm sorry.....you might as well call up Frank Perdue & make peace with everyone.

Chris P
Yes, chicken is one of the major causes of salmonella. This is a very nasty form of food poisoning which makes you really ill with stomach pains, and means that basically you will develop a very good relationship with your toilet over the next week, or two.
Good luck, I've had it, its not pleasant. On the bright side though it takes a day or so to manifest itself, you may not have it. Take a stool (turd) sample to your doctor and have it examined ~ NOW!

You'll know if it was bad in 3 to 4 hours.... Don't go far from a toilet!

That Girl
yes i think you can.
if you start having any stomach pain or nausea you may wanna swing by the ER just to be safe.
but i can tell you from experience people eat some crazy stuff, so i wouldnt freak out unless i got sick.

If the chicken salad was refrigerated and just got some mold on it from being stored too long, you'll probably be fine. You'll know if you have food poisoning because you'll become very ill and start vomiting.. you won't be able to keep anything down and will just feel absolutely horrible... but I still bet you'll be fine :)

chicken is notorious for it but dont worry too much it will most likely just cause a bit of puking and you might get the squirts.

Drink plenty of water and let nature take its course

ew?? you didn't look at it before you ate it? i don't know about food poisoning, but you could just end up with a stomach ache....

William E
Not likely...

"Is all moldy food dangerous?
Food poisoning is caused by various bacterial organisms. Mold is not a bacteria and will not cause food poisoning. Mold does not cause botulism unless the product was already contaminated with the botulism organism.
Mold can cause illness, especially if the person is allergic to molds. Usually though, the main symptoms from eating moldy food will be nausea or vomiting from the bad taste and smell of the moldy food."

So says the California Poison Control system.

So I wouldn't worry. Find helpful information at the site below:

Joyful ♥
I actually think you will be fine under the condition that it was in the refrigerator and you took it out to eat. You would get poisoning if it was sitting out or the chicken wasn't thoroughly cooked.

You will be fine. Feels yucky though doesn't it? I have done that before and didn't get poisoning.



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