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My stool has a lot of blood on it? (Preferably educated ppl, not ignorant ppl, please answer)?
I have always had blood when i got to the bathroom. But lately, I have been having A LOT of blood on my stool. Usually there would only be a drop or 2 of blood, but now its a lot more than i have ever seen. It hurts to go poop.... it feel like im pooping nails (TMI) but i dont know what to do... Also, there is red stuff that comes out when I poop too. I'm not sure if its poop or something else. I am scared and i dont have insurance. What do i do?? Please help.
Additional Details
Evidently for those IGNORANT people that still decided to leave their "2-cent" clearly CANNOT read. I know I obviously have to go to the doctor but there is a term called RESEARCH and that’s what I'm doing. I put I didn’t have insurance for a reason... Do you think I would be wasting my time asking this question? I would have taken myself to the doctor a long time ago... hence why I said i don’t have insurance... DUMMIES!!! Your answers are definitely NOT needed!! Please and Thanks... Sometime you have to be prepared for the unexpected!!! I wasn’t asking for a damn cure via yahoo answers… Just wanted some opinions! THAT’S ALL!!! Not your ill-mannered answers!

If you really want educated answers goto your doctor. Blood in your stool and pain is a sign of MANY serious ailments, none of which can be cured at home or through the internet.

too bad if you have no insurance would you rather have a big hospital bill or be dead?

i sphel gud!
omg! you realli need 2go 2the doctor! like urgently. it could be bowel cancer and it does sound really serious. no ones suposed 2bleed like this

ru american? becaus you say you dont have health insurance. i really hope obama gets his health reform because i live in Ireland and i ***** imagine having a problem like this and just having to suffer!

speaking as an educated person: i think you should stop producing blood so it wont keep appearing in your 'stool' then

yuss i
period maybe or ulser

You need to see a doctor ASAP.

I have heard a lot of stories about this. But I know that it is not normal. You HAVE to see a doctor. It could be something VERY VERY bad or abnormal that you need to have taken care of. They will probably have to run tests. Sometimes living a little longer and paying some doctor bills outweighs their cost. I had the same issue (no insurance) you are referring to and went to the ER. That is your best bet if you don't have insurance. They can help you setup payment arrangements if you can't pay in full and they also have the ability to reduce the cost if you can prove hardship. GET IT CHECKED OUT IMMEDIATELY. I don't want to scare you, it could be as simple as Hemorrhoids or as bad as Colon Cancer... go to the doctor. I cannot stress this enough. Are you losing weight? Pain with BM?

Did you eat baked beans before the terrible "poop" occured. - grose!

Blood in the stool is not a good sign. You could have hemorrhoids that are bleeding, you could have a fisher or things on a more serious note. I know you dont have insurance but you need to see a doctor. Go to the ER and tell them whats going on, they will give you the medical attention you need and then they will bill you, and you can pay it off on a payment plan. But you really need to seek medical attention. Here are some websites that will help out



Good luck

You should go to the doctor, better to owe a little money than to let this continue. It could be something minor with an easy fix but it could cause more problems down the line if you don't do something about it.

Mister Anderson
No one on this website can give you the same assistance as a doctor in real life. It may be expensive but I would suggest putting your health first, especially as this is a chronic problem it sounds to be something that may require treatment as opposed to a simple anal fissure which would eventually heal itself. It could be a number of things but either way rectal bleeding is not something to be brushed aside and only a doctor who has examined you should make any further judgments.

¸.•*´`*♥ ♥Melissa♥ ♥*´`*•.¸
You probably have an anal fissure. No big deal. As long as the color is bright red then we know that it's closer to your anus. The darker the blood the more serious it could be. Anal fissures occur when the skin is stretched or when it has cracked from dryness. If you have had a really hard bowel then. If you're constipated it's more likely that you stretched your skin and caused it to bleed. Now everytime you're having a hard bowel movement it's reopening that tear. It So, what you need is to not eat foods that are hard to digest. No red meats, no fried foods, no mashed potatoes, no citrus, no dairy. All of those are hard to digest. And you have the other, an ulcer, then you should not eat those hard to digest foods either. And concerning yourself with this problem, IF you have an ulcer, can only make things worse.

If you take alot of NSAIDS, like ibuprophen, advil, etc., this can cause ulcers and stomach bleeding. If this is the case, try to taper off of them.

FYI, I have the same thing happen to me when I eat nuts. Nuts will not digest, they pass right through you, as does corn.

As long as it's not dark blood, you're absolutely fine. If it were a hemrroid you would be in pain.

I hope you feel better, sweetheart. If you feel like your bad enough to go to the doctor, then you should.

The brighter the blood the lower in the bowel system it is like just in the rectum. If it is a dark grainy blood that is worrisome and you should go to the doctor. You are probably having tears at your rectum area because you are straining to poo. You need to increase your fluids and you can drink some milk of magnesia that will, excuse the expression, but it will blow you out. You need more fiber and 64 ounces of water a day. Please check into some health units or community care clinics in your area, usually these are free or very very low cost.

Sticky toffee pudding
That sounds painful, usually if you have had children it's possible it could be piles or a fissue, they tend to pop out when you strain, they can sometimes bleed, i had them for a short time after childbirth, I do think that you need to see your doctor and put your mind at rest, you can't put a price on your health, and the longer it goes on the more pain you are experiencing, please get check out. Good luck

tamirra c
It sounds to me that its likely to be Piles ( HEMORRHOIDS ) if the blood you see is bright red fresh blood then i shouldn't``t worry too much, your doctor can give you something for them, but if the blood you see if black, see your doctor immediately.

sounds like hemorroids or polyps to me

this might help you. in any case, you need to go to a doctor.


Dr. Stat
The situation you describe suggests several possibilities. However, regardless of which one or ones it is, you will still need to seek medical attention. Because you report red blood as opposed to black tarry stools, this suggests the source of the bleeding is in the lower part of the digestive tract (usually the rectum or sigmoid colon). I'll mention several possible conditions, but none of these can be confirmed without an examination. Those conditions include---but are not limited to:
1. internal hemmorhoids
2. colitis
3. Polyps

Please make some arrangement to be seen by a physician because this is the only way a correct diagnosis can be made.

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