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My sister's head is infested with lice, would should I do?
I try using NIx, and other brands that has permethrin lotion 1%. I am tired of going to the doctor and finding out which products to try to prevent or eliminate them. I tried washing her head with Head & Shoulders, scratching her head until lice falls out, picking the nits & lice out of her hair, and cracking them. Is there any other ways instead of these? Thank you.

lil colo
well thers one i could think of but i dont no if u would do it but shave her head thats all i got.

Move out for your own protection. Then call an exterminator. Don't move back until the "all clear" is given.

(Chaise) s.
All I can say is to go to wal-greens or wal-mart and ask a pharmicist which do they think would be better for the lice situation.And please don't crack the lice in the girls head because all you is doing is cracking them and giving them a place to hatch and be born.

shave her head and start over, if all of the above haven't worked, you might need a prescription lice and egg killer,

Wow, if it's that bad I think you should shave her head. Seriously. Her hair will grow back. It's better than having lice for the rest of your life.

Go to the doctor and ask him for something to get rid of lice. What he gives you should work.

ok, I know this will sound gross but I found that it worked the first time. Coat the hair in mayonnaise, work it down to the scalp and don't forget around the hair line, then cover the head with a shower cap. Don't forget to keep a towel btwn the head and pillow and sheets. Do this at bedtime (you might want to have a hand towel within reach just in case of any drips). Then wash it out the next morning. Hope this helps.

You may have to keep washing her hair.

You need to find out where she is getting the infestation from. Are the eggs hatching before you can kill them or is the area where its coming from doing it.

I would suggest that you get rid of all of the linens and until this blows over buy a temporary pillow.

carly sue
kerosene does work- probably not dr reccomended but it does work.

I think the very first thing you should do is protect your hair from being infested by wearing some type of shower cap or hood while around your sister until her head lice is gone.

As for your sister if so far nothing has worked you should probably try searching up some online remedies or go to a doctor that will actually give you a good product something has to work.

Head and shoulders worked perfectly well for me back in elementary, Just keep scrubbing till those lice are gone gone gone!

get rid of her pillows and stuff animals that she may have lain on lately. But I don't know what to do about her head.

As far as I know all you can do is keep using the Nix or other brand over and over until you get them all and also use the lice comb that comes in the pack. Also don't forget to spray all the furniture and put pillows and blankets in a tightly sealed garbage bag after you spray them. I think you need to leave them in the bag for like 24 hours or something to kill all the lice and eggs. Hope this helps. I know it's a pain, but if you keep on top of it you will get them all.

Chicken Nugget
when you wash her hair, use a flea comb to get all the lice out. afterwards, change all the pillow covers and the sheets. id throw out any hair ties or you can throw them in the wash as well. id do this weekly to ensure their are no remaining lice.

I have CRAZY thick hair and nothing ever worked for me, we tried NIX, RID, and even flea dip, nothing worked... until I dyed my hair. Never had a problem with it after that. Also, we had a REALLY bad outbreak of lice at my house and my sister NEVER got it because she blow dries her hair daily. Between hair dye and blow drying, we beat it.

bobby d
take some miracle whip yes the salad dressing work in to her hair then cover with saran wrap for about a hour it will kill them I know how stupid this sounds but it works

thekla o
go to a pet store and purchase Zema dip. rinse her hair-and your own,as a precaution- every 2-3 days until you see no more signs. wash everything her head touches in hot water. you can spray the furniture with the zema dip. follow directions on the bottle. fyi,this will also get rid of crab lice

wash it with kerosine...
i swear some girls do that.
i think the ultimate way to get rid of lice altogether when everything else fails is to shave completely.

eee. sounds horrible. you need to vacuum everywhere, store any stuffed animals or dolls in plastic bags for a while, and change her pillow case and sheets.

cindy h
coconut oil. Liquify it in the microwave, spread all over the scalp and cover with a shower cap for an hour. After that, you should do a vinegar rinse to loosen the glue so you can get the nits out. You may have to repeat this at day six on account of possibly leaving a couple of nits.

one thing i know it is almost impossible to get rid of them. i have 4 girls and they all have lice too. i have washed their heads with rid,nix and natural products. cleaned all pillows, blankets stuffed aninmals and clothes in their drawers and closets. got new pillows, carpet cleaned and sprayed rid products on my sofas. ive pulled out all nits.ive even used mayo and vinegar. nothing works. ive even gotten new mattresses and i gotta tell you i havent been able to get rid of them for 6 years!!!!! i dont even know what to do anymore. everyone tells me they will grow out of it. isnt that sad? then they said maybe their friends have it. who knows but good luck

sissy gg
As it is that bad, call your doctor and tell him what you have done, and ask him what you should do.Or talk to a nurse. Besides shaving her head.
Wash bed clothers in very hot water.
lots of luck

use mayonase. i know that sounds gross but put it in every inch of her hair for a few hours, but a shower cap over it. Wash all of her bedding and bag up any stuffed animals for at least a month. this should do it, at least it did it for me.

The life cycle of Pediculosis humanus capitis or human head lice is composed of the egg, nits, the nymph, adult, egg occurs in approximately 3 weeks. The ideal temperature for the life cycle is 89.8 degree F.

Under ideal conditions, nymphs hatch from the eggs in 7-10 days; often leaving the shell of the egg attached to the hair shaft. The newly hatched nymph must acquire meal of blood within 24 hrs or they will die. they mature to adults in 7-13 days and are then able to reproduce.

The louse uses its claw to attach itself to the hair shaft. And crawls from one person to another. Although, they can not jump or fly, they crawl very quickly making it difficult to see them.

There are many chemicals available. Caution should be taken when using these chemicals .they are pesticides and adverse reaction from using these chemicals have been reported. Please note that none of these chemicals is 100 % effective in killing lice and nits. That's why it 's extremely impt to remove all remaining lice and nits following treatment manually by combing thru. Special nit combs factilitate removal.

There are two steps involved in the treatment: Use the chemical on dry hair and scalp.

Nit Removal

1) Nits maybe loosed from hair shaft by wrapping the hair in a towel soaked with white vinegar( 3% - 5% acetic acid) for at least 30 min. the vinegar does not kill lice or nits but helps to loosen the "cement " which attaches the nits to the hair making nit removal easier.

2) While hair is wet, separate to sides.

3) Comb thru each section of hair and remove all nits with a lice comb or fingenails.

4) Rinse hair and scalp with running waster . Allow hair to air dry.

5) Once hair is dry recheck entire head and remove any remaining nits.

Do every precaution that reinfestation is prevented. Mode of transmission is by two ways: Coming in direct contact with the infested person. Or by using any objects that have come in direct contact with the infested person; for example- hats, scarves, coats, clothing, comb,brushes, pillows, upholstered furniture, beddings, car seats, ,etc.

Hope this help and your sis is rid of this pediculosis.

anything lice product thats really oily will do it and sometimes its the only thing that works. it takes a while to get out but its worth it.

weel have you lysoled your furniture
i heard you can get rid of the lice but it can come back if you dont kill it out of the furniture and clothes

Wear a shower cap and dont share pillows or hats

Ask a Pharmacist. Very helpful people.

After using the over the counter products made for them, you have to check everyone else in family to be sure they don't have, in addition to washing and cleaning entire house, and linens in hot water to kill, otherwise you will continue to reinfect them.

I recommend buying special shampoo that helps kill lice. It will probably take 2-3 days to completely get rid of them though.

By the way, you might want to check your hair! There is a good chance you have them.

Go to the local pharmacy and get RID. It also has other lice products.

Remove the bedding and wash it with bleach. When you dry it, dry it on high and let it go for 30 minutes past the dried point.

Also, make sure to not wear any hats that she has worn until they have been sprayed with a lice insecticide.

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