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My right nostral is very stuffed. It has been stuffed for while. Morning. afternoon, evening. It is insane.?
It give driving me insane. I hate this happening. It has been going on for while now. I dont have the money to be buying Nasal Sprays every week. When I'm at school i cant concetrate. Some sprays work and some dont. At points, i dont sleep for night.

that happens to me i hate it try a netti pot or claritin d

your insane you idiot, go get some medicine, that watery stuff you snort. and youll be fine.

I get that sometimes and, yes, it does drive you absolutely insane. One thing you can do is go in the bathroom, close the door and turn the shower (or bath) on hot (no cold). just sit there for awhile and eventually the steam should loosen up the mucus in your nose. DO NOT let the mucus go back and down your throat (that sounds gross). it can give you a sore throat

Yes. Your right nostril has indeed gone insane.
but really drink LOTS of water and try to get a hold of some meds if you can manage

i used to suffer the same problem. It was caused by nasal build up during the night, draining into my ears and then draining back into my sinus cavity during the day when I stood.

Try getting some eucalyptus oil (supermarkets and drug stores stock it and it isnt very expensive) and place a few drops on a tissue at night and place the folded tissue in yuo pillow. The eucalyptus oil is a natural decongestant and will keep your nose clear at night. You could also try a chest rub (like vicks) and place it not only on your chest but also behind your ears at night.
Both of these options can get a bit smelly but they do work.

The problem with nasal sprays is that they are meant for short time use, and therefore do not work as well after 4-7 days of continual use. You can also build up a tolerence to a particular type of nasal spray (if you use the same brand all the time)

When you are able to, go and see a doctor about it. You may have developed and allergy to something and therefore need an anti histamine.

Greg F
have a doctor take a look deep inside, maybe you have an irritation or foreign object stuck there and your body is compensating for it

you prolly have a sinus infection.

When you sleep at night sleep on your opposite side, or turn your head the other way than you normally do so it'll drain

You can have a growth in there, perhaps you should get checked out by a specialist.

Kelly V

you really need to see a doctor. it is ok to spend money on your health =) get well and stay in good health.

Buy a neti pot, they work and I'm not kidding. You use sea salt and warm water and rinse your sinuses out with it. If you use one on a regular basis it will help with nasal problems as well as lessen headaches and the amount in which you get sick.
Here's a link to a good article about them, I know it looks a little crazy but it's actually really great. Originated in India and is now used world round.


i luv Sweden!
your nostral is inflamed it'll go away soon enough.

Try a humidifier. You can buy them at CVS, and basically most drugstores.

There's something called a doctor...

Anyone help me with my computer??


try picking your nose.

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