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My father has Alzheimer's disease.?
My dad has been burdened with Alzheimers disease for about ten years now. Does anyone have knowledge about how much longer I will have the priviledge of having even a part of my father? He has been rapidly declining for the past six months. I love him so deeply and don't want to lose him.

I'm so sorry to hear that...

Anna M
Sorry to hear of this. But if your Dad has been diagnosed with Alzheimers 10 years ago then you are one of the lucky few to still have your parent with you. Studies have shown that "newly diagnosed" Alzheimers patients midian survival period is 4.2 years after diagnosis. But there are no defenitive studies to show the true life expectency of an Alzheimers person.

But on a personal note my Father began to show signs of Dementia and Alzheimers many years ago. Although right up until the day he died (aged 79) he was still driving, still cooking, still enjoying TV. But he had moments of forgetfulness. Things of common thought seemed to elude him.

What I did was have many conversations with him every single day. And if he forgot something? I would just tell him again.

I would suggest to NOT take over your Fathers self help, unless you feel he is endangering himself, but allow him to do all that he can. Encourage everyday things. Give assistance when needed. And if he wonders off into some story from 10 or 20 years ago? Just let him tell his story.

If your Father has reached such a point of mental deterioration then you should learn all you can about this disease. And sense you posed the question I will assume you have prepared yourself for the answer.

There is no cure for Alzheimers, it is fatal. Life expectancy is greatly decreased. Mental awareness will lesson in the days and months to come. He will become infantile and more needy. What he recalls will usually be centered around his own youth or childhood.

You will get less and less of the Father you know.

I can completely understand your pain and confusion. But this illness is progressive. Be strong, enjoy his recollections.

My Father passed away on October 15, 2000. I miss him dearly. For all the memories in my life, some of the most precious are when my Dad relayed his old War War II stories to me while he was in the late stages of his Alzheimers. I sat beside him at the foot of his bed while we watched John Wayne in "The Ballad of the Green Baret".

The brilliant and vivid memories of his time as a US Soilder keep him alive for me. For I remember what HE remembered to be important to HIM.

Oh he realyed so many stories to me.................

They are more precious to me now then any memory from my childhood. For now, I have all the thoughts that HE valued in life.

So spend time with him, gather new memories. Make the most of the time that remains.

I also have a personal opinion and evaluation on HOW you wrote your question. If you would like some further thoughts please email me: [email protected]

I hope you find some comfort,

Anna M.

Hi. I'm a nurse, and I work with patients with Alzheimers and Dementia as my specialty. You know, I think cancer may be easier for families to deal with instead. Alzheimers is a terrible disease. People live with it for years. It's a very gradual decline, and honestly, they almost literally become different people. There's no good news that I can tell you. It sounds like you have to think about letting go. Do you think he wants to continue living like this? I know it's rough, believe me. You can email me anytime, and we can talk more about it if you want. My email is [email protected] Take care.

People can live a long time with Alzheimers. Sometimes 15 or 20 years. What is typical with Alzheimers is that people will remain the same for a long period of time, without getting worse. This is called a plateau. Over a few months, their condition may worsen... this is usally followed by another plateau. The plateaus can last a long time, sometimes even a few years. If your father has deteriorated over the last few months, it is possible that he may balance out and not get any worse for a while. Of course every situation is unique. I hope this helps.. God Bless

So sorry to hear about your dad. My dad also has this horrible disease. It should depend on his meds. The newer meds for Alzheimers really help, but if they aren't taken consistent they could have bad results memory wise. I know how heart breaking it is and I wish you the best of luck.

Is he in a home? Because the best way to find out would be to ask his nurse. My best friend is a nurse for Alzheimers patients, and so I spend a lot of time with them. They tell the best stories sometimes!!

If he's been rapidly declining, I'd say you'd best prepare yourself. They can live a long time completely in the illness with no idea. But you know, there are lots of ways to prolong his memory. I play cards with all the patients my friend takes care of. Cards are actually one of the best way to keep them going. Plus, it's fun for them. But memory exercises can prolong their memory. Crossword puzzles, regular puzzles, color by numbers, sometimes even reading.

Just being there is hard, but oh so worth it. Every little bit helps.

Good luck, and my prayers go out to you and your family, I know how hard this disease is.

Alzheimer's disease is a common progressive, degenerative brain disease that impairs mental and emotional function in older adults.
More Detail Info

That is nice that you love him so. I sorry but his time is now short. At the end it all goes fast. Please do a hard and one last thing for him.When the time comes do not try to keep him with tube feedings and stuff. Talk with hospice they are good people at this time.

Gevera Bert
My dad has it too. It's been 2 years since he was diagnosed but we think he had it for 5-7 years before that.
I know they can now give an estimate of how long someone will live once diagnosed. They gave my dad 9-11 years due to how young he was (62). Most don't last much longer than that.
Is your dad on any medication? That lengthens the time too.
I so absolutely feel your pain. Sometimes when my dad is zoning out I'll look at him and think that I've already lost him.
I'm not a doctor so I can't guess what time you have left with your dad or if it will be quality time or just time. All I can say is remember the healthy, whole dad and treat this fragile broken dad with all that love and when it's time, you have to let him go.

amy d
my grand mother had it. You just never know how long really, she had it for years... up one month then down the next. Just treasure the time you do have and make it memorable... no matter if he knows you or not always know that he loves you

Ah,Honey, I know where you're coming from. I lost my mom, (my BEST friend) to Alzheimer's a year age June 8. I didn't think I would survive it. It's a good thing I have a really close-knit family. 2 sisters and 2 brothers and of course my dad. We all live in the same town except 1 brother. If not for them and my Christian family???????Mom was diagnosed in '92. Every time she had a tremendous amount of pain, it seemed to kill that many more of her brain cells. We HAD to put her in extended care on Jan 11,o5.She went downhill relly fast but she knew dad & us kids to the very end. Good luck&God bless.Brace yourself though. My mom's rheumatoid arthriti took her in three short days. Dependind on what stage, he's in (mom was too far along) it's a proven scientific fact that smoking(yes, I said smoking heps I don' know how All I know is it works. Stick a at and treasue these tmmuc no smoking path an his back as per directions.Smallest dose possible. From now on, spend as much time with Him and read him Thr Bble your best com fortIS

AD is like a thief in the night. Unfortunately, there is no strict time frame. Cherish the times you have now. So many are abandoned in nursing homes. So sorry...

Rachel 8D
just spend as much time with him as possible there is no cure yet and i hope there will be! my grandfather died of alzheimer's just last year and i didn't treasure the last day i had with him(the day before his death) and now i regret i did. so be possitive in these hard time. and good luck

Sorry about your father.

A few practical things to think about. What are your goals for your father? Does he want to be recussitated? Does he want to go to the hospital for emergencies? What does you father want in terms of the end of his life? What have you done to take care of yourself?

A small suggestion... Keep him comfortable and away from hospitals. Talk to you doctor about hospice care -- he does qualify for hospice.

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