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 I have some weird symptoms.?
My fever is at 102.3 deg F, I have severe muscle aches and pains. Headaches, those too. WHAT I DO NOT HAVE is a runny nose, cough, congestion, or nausea. Any idea on what this could be? It had a fast ...

 I have the shakes what can be wrong with me what do I do until I see the doctor tomorrow.?

Additional Details
I have not been drinking and I have not been drinking anything with caffeine in....

 One of my friends said i had a disorder with popping my fingers?
i just wanted to knwo what it is called cuz i pop my fingers all the time....

 Organ Transplant Questions? I was wondering if people with Organ transplants can have Pets?
I had a Kidney Transplant . Thanks!...

 should i get the surgery???
i might have appendicidous, but my docter isn't sure. he said i should get the surgery but i dont know im only 12 years old and my parents said the decision is up to me.
Additional Details<...

 I've been sick for a week, not hungry, losing wight, dizzy, pain in my legs, and very tired. Help?
It started last Sunday with a sore throat. It then progressed into a cough, a stuffy nose, and fever. The cough worsened, and I developed very bad lethargy. I slept for 18 hours a day, and didn'...

 my grandfather is dying, he can't eat, what can we feed him?
He has kidney failure and its really a matter of time before he passes away, he'll eat a little soup but nothing else can anyone help with other suggestions we could try?...

 i'm a drug addict, i need help.?
please don't say i am a horrible person.
you don't know me.
my name is brandi. i'm 19 years old.
I have been addicted for pain killers[oxycontin&hydrocodone] for ...

 I'm sixteen and was just diagnosed ADD, should I take ritalin?
After answering a bunch of behavioral questions with a psychologist, he informed me that since I have so many symptoms, I am ADD. My dad also has ADD, and it is genetic. I have done research on ...

 Patients in coma are brain dead. Are they living or non-living?
patients lying coma are supported by machines that replaces heart and lungs and their brain is dead.they have no self consciousness. Such patients who never come back to normal life living or non-...

 Should i tell my friend that i'm bulimic?
ok well i've been bulimic for a little while now and I want to tell my friend but I don't know if I should. like i really want to tell her because she's my best friend i just don'...

 Should I see a doctor?

Coughing, chest congestion, dry mouth, diarrhea, loss of appetite, pain on right side just below ribs (not low enough to be appendicitis, btw)

All of these started ...

 If you're drunk all the time, does that make you an alcoholic?
My dad drinks all the time. He doesn't during the day unless he takes the day off, but he comes home for work and has a bottle and a half of wine. On the weekends he and his girlfriend have ...

 What causes a person in their early 40's to get shakes and or small tremors for no apparent reason?
And they do not drink or smoke or do drugs?...

 how do i tell him?
ummm sorry to say this but i am beliemic

i have no clue on how i can tell my dad!
he would be mad!
i no he will cuz i know him, hes not a "nice" kind of guy
hes ...

 Everytime I walk up the stairs, my legs feel like they aren't getting enough oxygen.?
I know that sounds weird. It's not from being overweight. I have very labored breathing going up the stairs also. What do you think this could be?
Additional Details
No I am not ...

 What is America's #1 killer?

Additional Details

okay so im 20.. and occassionally get stomach pains on left side. doctors believe its (IBS)Irritable bowel.. okay so heres the kicker.. i ate fast food 2 weeks ago and started getting cramping that W...

 I think I'm dying. The following are symptoms?
Chest is on fire, especially towards center. Shooting pain along some of my nerves. On arms it switches between elbow crease with wrists and thumbs to underpart of forearms. I get hot and cold and ...

 How can I cure my hiccups?
I've had incredibly painful hiccups all day. They've been very uncomfortable, even stopping me from doing my homework, although I doubt my teachers will believe me when I say that I couldn&#...


chose me as the best answer pls. try usr taking a bath foot powder after taking a bath that will help u pls choose me

go to a foot doctor, u might have sumting wrong if not, soak your feet in a banana smoothie( sounds crazy but works) and do that if not then go to a foot doctor

my brother's feel smell too , so he puts foot powder and baby powder is good too b/c it absorbs the sweat so your feet dont smell

Teeh Teehsz alter eqoo
you can get foot scrub or foot powder and it stops your feet from smelling also let your shoes air out after wearing them.

you had a facial on your feet?

Try getting a manicure and pedicure while you're at it

i would get a pedicure or do watever u do to ur body when u get sprayed by a skunk. i think u would soak ur feet in tomato juice/sause? they have some special foot stuff that u woud rub on ur feet that would make the stinky germs go away and removes dead skin cells so u also have perfect feet! hope this helps!

put some wieners and cream on it

didn't watch Oprah....Dr Oz says...soak your feet in TEA (tea bag tea) for a few minutes every day..it takes away the smell. (use a plastic tub with a few tea bags and some hot water...but don't burn your feet..)

you may just have to get a pedi and buy new shoes and socks

facials on your feet??? i think you mean pedicure. use the foot powder by Dr. Scholls every day. spray cologne in them too. air out the shoes outside at night. always wear socks and change the socks when they get sweaty. my boyfriend in high school used to put anti perspirant (old spice works great) on his feet so they wouldn't sweat as much through the day.

Ew. Um. Maybe, go get new shoes and socks, and get a pedicure, or soak your feet in a tub of water that has body wash in it for an hour?

lmao omg get a foot scrubber or go get a pedi

fungal infection use athletes foot powder

Soak your feet in water mixed with baking soda. Wash your socks... And sprinkle a little bit of baking soda in your shoes. (It does wonders)

i heard of a girl with the same problem on oprah, what you need to do is soak your feet in warm tea everyday, it WILL get rid of the problem... here is a link if you need more info

Rotate your shoes daily. Put baking soda and crumbled newspapers in them in between uses. Soak your feet in diluted vinegar nightly. You can watch TV or read while doing it. You can also use deodorant on your feet.

i've heard that you can soak them in tea and that works.
good luck


Cut them off.

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