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 what are the symptoms of being anemic?
i think i might be anemic but i'm not sure. i'm always tired, no matter how much sleep i get. i feel weak a lot.

a nd if i do have this, can/ how can i stop it?
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 Is anorexia hereditary?
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Low iron levels and feeling very sluggish?
I am a 29yr old female, and been generally healthy all my life. I have had low iron levels for 6 months now, levels are down to 4 but can range up to 12. Doctor says he does not class me as anaemic, however i have been taking iron tablets for past 5 months. 322mg x 2 times a day (ferrous fumarate) I do not feel any benefit from these tablets, i feel queasy an hour after taking them, they cause me bowel problems too. I have started to feel progressively worse recently, very tired, depressed, very very pale and black circles under my eyes. I have previously been tested for celiac which came back fine. As mentioned above, I have been on these iron supplements now for 5 months and i have been starting to feel worse the last 6 weeks or so. Bruising quite easy too. I exercise 2-3 times per week, eat very well and lots of iron-high foods. Why are my iron levels not rising and why am i feeling worse? Also why does the doctor say he isn't classing me as anaemic? Thanks for any help you can offer. x ps i have never had any problems before with my iron levels and was even a blood donor until a year ago.
Additional Details
Magidge - there is a section in yahoo answers where many health questions get asked - your input was not helpful and so a wise woman once told me - if you cant say anything useful, then just dont say anything at all. I am CONCERNED about my well-being and it can be helpful to get the input of others, as well as seeking medical advice(which I am doing).

i think anaemic is where you bleed alot n dont stop you might be eatin the wrong stuff go n get a blood test

VIT helps your body absorb iron, so you could try and get more in your diet

As said already Vit. C & D are supposed to help with the absorption of iron and taking a multi and extra B12 could help. I take a great iron sup. called Slow Fe. It is time released so it doesn't hurt the stomach so much. I couldn't handle the regular iron tablets either. Keep doing your best to eat fresh fruits and veggies. Don't forget some seafoods and nuts are great too. Remember some of us just don't absorb iron easily....you may be one now. But for sure go back to the Dr. and/or get a second opinion if things don't improve soon. Good Luck!

Lack of B vitamins could be the answer too, such as fruits and vegetables.

You could try using supplements, but it's best getting from the source - actual food.

You say you only take Iron supplements, but that could be an indication of the problem, since your only taking one type of vitamin, rather than say taking a multivitamin tablet with a range of different supplications in.

As I said, take a look at your diet, check your getting the right foods.

Paul J
you may have a problem get a better doctor

Firstly supplement iron in the form of tablets are no match for a good diet, read the iron contents of food and eat accordingly, I believe liver which I personally adore is very rich in iron and also broccoli which I hate is similar, I'm certain there must be more food with iron, without wanting to sound ridiculous are all your symptoms iron related because the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are very similar, sickness, headaches, depression, lifeless, tiredness, your symptoms sound close to poison I would have your gas appliances tested if you have them, good luck and I hope you solve your problem.

I know it is slightly different but when I was pregnant I could not take the iron tablets they gave me they made me feel so sick I stopped taking then and ate lots of greens and high iron foods and I also drank a bottle of Guinness daily I had trouble with this at first but then added lemonade to it to make a shandy and got to enjoy it in the end I got my iron level back to normal, Hope this helps

You need to eat foods containing vitamin c + d for iron to be absorbed,but try to eat iron rich foods, such as eggs, liver, lentil soups treacle,and green veg, in the mean time ask to see the practise nurse at your surgery to discuss these side affects, and to check your blood pressure.

iron tablets are horrid and will screw up you tummy, how are you with your greens? I overdose on spinach (I eat lots and lots and lots!) and also lots of red meat too. Try cutting down on your exersise - see if it makes a difference.

hope you feel better soon.

talk to your doctor about these issues...you cannot just eat iron rich foods you also have to eat foods that help the body absorb that iron...which is why spinach is not a good iron rich food to eat...it is high in iron but your body has a hard time absorbing that iron....good luck!!!

It might not be iron that's the problem, at least not on it's own. Try a vitamin b12 supplement too, as it helps your body absorb and metabolise iron into useful stuff like haem (as in haemoglobin).

I think you need to go back to the doctor soon and ask him to check your iron levels again and ask as you are bruising a lot could he check you platelet levels as well. You should have felt better taking the iron supplements but they often cause the problems you mentioned.(Try taking vit b group and vit c as well to help with the absorbtion) You would have to ask the doctor why he is not classing you as anemic. One food that is rich in iron and suggested to me by my doctor when I was pregnant and my levels were starting to drop was dark chocolate over about 70% cocoa content. It is not often you can say you are eating chocolate on a doctors orders lol

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