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 Should I go to the doctor?
I ate some cheese that was old about four days ago and now I have really bad diarrhea and blood in stool. Cramping, too. I don't have insurance and if I go I would have to go to the ER. If it&...

 Does she have an eating disorder?
Im really worried about my friend.
She's lost loads of weight lately (even though she denies it)
Always at school, shes boasting how shes gonna go home and binge, and eat loads of ice ...

 does anyone have a quick fix for a sore throat? i'm desperate!?
from being in the rain to much, i suppose, i have a horrible sore throat. anyone have anything that'll help me get rid (or at least temporarily make me feel better!) of it ASAP?? i absolutely ...

I've been experiencing chronic constipation (i have a bowel movement like every 7 days) and so today i got some Fleet enema (mineral oil) and i used it and i didnt get that crazy i gotta go ...

 if i sit in a chair and i hear a crack, does that mean i cracked my buttknuckle?
or maybe i sat on a pencil-what do you think?!...

 My friend is bulimic?
My friends is bulimic and i don't know what to do to make them stop. They made me do it once and i never want to do it again. What should i do to make them stop?...

 I Think I'm Dying?
I was getting dressed, and I took off my pants and my panties, and they were covered in blood, but I haven't gotten cut in alteast a week, and definitly not in the place the blood was.
I ...

 what causes liver damage?

 How do I get rid of a cough caused by a cold?
I have a cold and I'm coughing quite often; how do I get rid of this symptom or at least mask it, ASAP? I know I can drink water to keep the cough down, but I don't want to do that every ...

 I get vomit feeling while travelling in a car? What can be a solution?

 Urine drug test on Friday........?
The last propoxyphen I took was Monday evening at 7:00PM, haven't taken one since. I have a urine drug test on Friday @ 12:45PM. Will it show up in my urine?...

 If im around weed smoke EVERYDAY more than once a day, and not smoke AT ALL, can i fail a drug test?

Additional Details
OK to fix my question...I HAVE NEVER DONE DRUGS IN MY LIFE! My significant other smokes weed everyday and ive been around it everyday..Im just asking will i fail the ...

 have any idea what's causing this?
Okay so I've been sick continually this whole month. It started off with just a really bad cough that started to go away when i started getting sore throats that would last two days and then go ...

 I'm convinced I have a thyroid problem?
I had a negative blood test but I have heard that it doesn't always show up. Anyone had a similar experience? What should I do next?...

 hi, i was diagnosed to have a scoliosis. what's that?
i searched what it is in yahoo and Google, but i just can't understand! could somebody tell me in layman's term what scoliosis is? and what will happen to me? what are the treatments needed....

 Does smoking Cigars damage the Liver, if so how badly?
If it does why do I know so many really old guys that smoke cigars that have never been affected?
Additional Details
Thanks everyone, great ...

 what are the symtoms of UTI (urinary tract infection) please help me?

 how can u get rid of hiccups?
also, is there a way to prevent them?...

 if my brother is 'special', will my kids be like that, too?

 How can you tell if your dehydrated ?
I dont drink very much, and i know that i should :S But i end up needing a wee all the time, and being in secondary (im 14) they dont let you go to the toilet in classes. :O What symptoms do you get ...

Is this wierd to you? OCD?
I tend to talk to myself constantly... I make up stories but i tell them to myself. The stories are like about random people and fantasy stuff. Whats wrong with me? I had this for lifke forever. Both my dad and grandad had it, they say it obssesive compulsive disorder. If it is what is it? What can you do to control it? Thanks. 10 points best answer!?!?!?


It sounds like a cross between OCD & schizophrenia.

Lisa L
evryone is alittle ocd go to a doctor if its really a problem

I think you DEFENITLY have OCD because OCD is an anxiety disorder characterized by involuntary intrusive thoughts, ( so to sum it up simpler things you can't axactly control). Maybe get that checked out by a doctor. Sounds like you should write books Good Luck :) All The Best <3

NO, it's quite treatable, OCD patients have the highest IQ's. but it can be annoying to you. It is treatable with Prazac, which I presonally don't prefer, and Effexor XR which is better, It is an Anxiety disorder, so stress will make your episodes occur more often and more severly. It is more common than u'd imagine..many people have it..Einstein, Howard Hughes, even Da Vinci was said to be OCD..so there are ups and downs..but your local Mental Health Professional can treat it easily and with minimal discomfor to you..

Meaty babby
well it was like that for me when I was young. I started drinking it has mostly gone away.

Yes because ADD is out and OCD is the new"in" let A&E tell you. I play with dolls and thinkup stories and act them out w/ anything I can get my hands on. I tell myself stories too. Pfft, you're making it an OCD if you ask me. Just chill and pray to God!

[email protected]
it may be a twitch or a reaction to something like i sit still my eye twitches or something like that. But look on th bright side write a book about one of your stories

it might be., but its normal! i talk to myself too, lol, i heard, that if people talk to themselves, they grow up to make a lot of money. lol, i dont know if this is true, but its a cute saying. Maybe you just want to entertain yourself and start making up stories, its okay. i think its rather fascinating. Its makes you different

Thats not weird! A lot people do it! I do it when I get writers block. Maybe you need to put it on paper, it might help!

Kelsi Chaos
You sound just really creative. I have OCD but it's with cleaning or little things. That just sounds like of, awesome. I don't think you can control the talking to yourself. Try keeping a journal to write things down instead of saying them to yourself. Being able to remember them might stop you from saying them all out loud, if that bothers you. And having all those stories is prettty neat too!

Believe it or not " talking to yourself " is an inherited trait. It is not a mental disorder, as you know what you are doing and you do it when you are alone and not when others are about.
It does seem weird to those who don't do it, but it is more common than people care to admit.

Maybe you are destined to be a great writer. Sounds like you have a wonderful imagination.

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