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kelsey h
Is there any liquid i can drink to make myself throwup?
I know its dumb but i cant make myself its...to painful:(
And i love food to much to starve myself im not REALLY fat im just starting to get a little bit on fat on my belly and my parents tell me to hold up on the junk food before i cant stop. SO is there like a medical liquid i can drink that forces me to throw up??

-any answer is helpful :)


This is called BULEMIA. Exercise instead of binging and throwing up!

What you are planing to do is dangerous and I hope NO ONE GIVES you a answer

cough syrup always makes me throw up!

this sounds like bulimia. you need to seek out a medical professional for help and treatment of this condition. it is very dangerous for you to attempt this. you can make yourself sick by doing it as well as running the risk of aspirating the vomit back into your lungs.

Well...its not a good idea. Your stomach acid is powerful and can eat away the inside of your throat after awhile, it can also make your teeth fall out.

You can buy medicine that your suppose to take if you digest Poison. I think it might be under the counter though..

Just walk half a mile a day or some situps! I am sure your not fat :(

the comeback kid
You know making yourself throw up is probably one of the unhealthiest things you could do to yourself to lose weight? Listen to your parents, I've heard of people getting throat cancer and stomach problems later on in life because of it. Go on a diet and start exercising.

chick why dont you do some crunches or get you lazy a$$ up and workout.... how stupid of you to get on the internet to tell a million ppl you dont kno that you want to make yourself throw up... you dont need to throw up u need a f'n doctor

Uhhh.. you don't need to do that. It's unhealthy.

Ana G
i know your not looking for an answer like dont do this its really unhealthy, i know how annoying it is!so ill try to help you. i dont think there is really anything that can make you throw up but, drinking lots of soda helps, and a food or drink that you have never liked that is disgusting to u will probably help.

answer mine?

do it to it
drink a 5th of whiskey, i bet you throw up. drink some warm rotten milk,

....So you turn to Bulimia as an answer?
haven't you ever tooken a health class... ughh.
just stop eating so much junk food or don't over do it, sheesh.

eating and then throwing up in order to maintain/lose weight is bulimia. Why don't you just do what your parents say and cut out the junk food? Take regular exercise - at least 30 mins 3 times a week, and you should soon see a difference. And if you're 'not exactly fat', there's nothing to worry about.
Please don't go down that road.

Ta-Zu (&Miku)
...yay bulimia? :/

Syrup of ipipac

i think i spelled it wrong but you get the picture. ppl take it to throw up when they get poisened. I bet its disgusting. XP

chug a lot of milk??i wouldn't want to throw up though..

Mr T
Baking soda and water will definately make you puke. add 2 tbs of Baking soda to 8 oz. that will upset it and you will blow chunks.

Syrup of ipecac induces vomiting. It's sold for people who've been food poisoned. It might even be in your first aid kit.

Btw, if you eat often, but no more or less than 1400 calories a day, you'll lose weight. Period. Vomiting is bad for your tooth enamel.

Hollywood Ent.
Don't do it but the first hit of heroin when you smoke it can do that but just use your finger

There are liquids, but doing that will make your teeth fall out.

Tip: loving food too much is NOT an excuse. Show some restraint and get off your *** and exercise. Are you, like, 3-years-old or stupid? Making yourself sick has to be one of the dumbest things ever.
If I could do it when I was losing the ability to walk and in enough pain to have MORPHINE, then YOU can.

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