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Is painful urinating bad?
Ok, once in a while when i take a piss it hurts like a mother f**ker! Is this bad. Should i get it checked? It happens like a few times a month.

You should get checked out. It may be that you have a UTI or it could be something more serious.

i guarantee you its a bladder infection, if your a guy, it wil hurt more, its not bad, we all get them, just go to your doc and they will have you pee in a bottle... its no problem at all.

Happens to me once in ahwile, you just goota massage 'it' and it will go away THE NEXT day

It could mean that you have a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) or that you are trying to pass a kidney stone. Which is very painful. Either way, get it checked out by a doctor.

The Lime
Dont force yourself to pee so fast
If you dont then yes its bad

Tony I
no its all good

Yes you should get it checked out, my cousin had that problem, it could turn in to something bad!

You may have a urinary tract infection and that could lead to kidney infection. I know cuz my dumb a55 had one and ended up in the hospital. Serves me right for not listening to friends and going to the doctors!

Jenna No
Yes, this can be a sign of an infection.

Ava Elizabeth was born 3-26-2010
I'm guessing you are a guy because of how you talk but yes it is bad. You could have a UTI, kidney infection, most STD's burn when guys urinate (especially gonorrhea) With any of those, you need to see a doctor.

Michael S
The only way this may not be a very serious concern is if you take a b complex vitamin. If your urine is very yellow this may be the case or slight dehydration may also cause discomfort while urinating and agin your urine will be verry dark yellow or even almost brown.
You should see a doctor right away to be sure though.

sexy j
yes get checked honey soon, so the bacteria dont spread into something big

Could be an infection, could be you've just held it too long and it's concentrated. If it were me, I'd at the very least get a Urinary Tract Infection home test and see if that's the problem. If not, go to the doctor.

You also might try having a glass of cranberry juice every day.

Yes you should get checked. It's a sign of infection or worse. And while you're at it, get your mouth checked too. the language you use on public forum is horrendous.

Chris V
yea..thats really bad lol go see a docter

yes, you should go check it out, it could either be kidney failure or something else..!
go check it out good luck :)

yes! peeing should never be painful. Maybe you have a urinary tract infection.

Love Life
By all means go to a dr. You could have an infection, obstruction or heavens knows what.

It's not supposed to hurt. You might have a urinary tract or prostate infection, or the clothes that you wear are too tight, squeezing some of the internal organs too tightly around your urethra. Why not get it checked out?

guy or girl? maybe quick blatter infection? or quick yeast infection.
Either way id say go to doctor to be safe.

813 Chris
Yes you could have an infected prostate

Crazy Green Planets
Yes. You may have an STD, see a Dr.

Yes, it's bad.

yes you should get that checked. that could be serious

Lisa L
could have an infection

Andrea N
Yes. Sounds like a Urinary Tract Infection, or UTI. I would go see a doctor for sure. It can cause bladder and kidney infections, and those are serious. In the meantime, drink lots of cranberry juice.

It sounds like you have a urinary tract infection. I suggest you make a dr. appointment.

Yes. You should get this checked out. You might have kidney stones.

Strictly Business
There are no accidents when it comes to painful urinating. Your body is trying to tell you something, go see a doctor.

Orpheus Think Tank Repairman
too much acid in your diet on those few times, but I would think about having a doctor run a lab test on a sample to make sure. Pain is there to tell you that something is wrong so you can get it fixed...

The man who said "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" lied!



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