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Is it safe to drink pee? My mom says it's poisoness and other people say when your dehydrated you drink pee.?


if the color entices you...there is always lemonade dude...geesh!

Drinking your own pee is a great thing to do. It gives you a huge energy boost and tastes delicious to boot. Just don't charge other people for it because pee is a gift from god and he'll be mad if you profit from his gift.

Are you homeless in a 3rd world country. Otherwise don't need to worry about it.

it's safe, it comes out of your body sterile. but why would you want to?

Consuming one's own urine is relatively low in risk. Bacterial infection of the urinating person's urethra, or disease in the person urinating may pose a risk. Elements of medications and dietary supplements can be excreted in urine, which can affect the person consuming the urine. One may only recycle urine as a hydration source for up to three times before it is too toxic and will result in death. Also, if urine comes into contact with the skin, it can cause a rash in sensitive individuals.

The main dangers are the high salt and mineral content. The high salt content usually does not pose a problem if the urine is sufficiently diluted, and not consumed in mass quantities. The effect of the high salt may be mitigated by drinking some water after consuming urine. The urine may be diluted if the person drinks some water an hour or so before producing the urine that will be consumed.

Urine should not be drunk when one is dehydrated. The kidneys, which filter the urine, concentrate salts into the urine. Drinking the urine will only make one reingest the salts that have already been excreted by the kidneys. For the first fifteen minutes after ingestion of any fluid, the thirst seems to be quenched, but in the case of urine and other salty liquid, after the body has absorbed the fluid, the thirst returns, stronger, due to the salt.

The urethra contains bacteria, hence many urine therapy practitioners use mid-stream urine, in order to allow the first few seconds of urination to wash out the bacteria within the urethra. This is also why many physicians ask for a urine sample mid-stream.

Urine of persons who are ill may pose a risk to others who consume their urine.If the person urinating has recently taken vitamin or mineral supplements or medication, elements of these can be excreted in urine, which may affect the person consuming it.

Chelsea N
Our urine is sterile, so it is okay to drink!!! Just don't try to drink to much!

well its not wise to drink your pee because your body is releasing pee to get rid of bacteria that might be in it..i would highly recommend seeing an urologist if you do decide to drink your own pee and know the repercussions of it

David O
Well, bacteria will infest it very quickly. So yeah, it's pretty poisonous.

Well it's not very healthy, but it's better than dying of thirst.

My Sociology teacher in high school said that you can drink your pee up to 3 times before it gets too toxic.

There was a survival story of how a group of people drank their own pee and survived at sea for a few days

Well, obviously anything that comes out of you was already in side of you. Therefore, bacteria-wise it's not particularly dangerous. It does include some waste products of your body, which may not be very healthy, but it probably won't kill you and it's better than death by dehydration.

Drinking someone else's pee is not advised.

Mike W
it depends on the water content. its not poisonous. But think about it with common sense.

Why would you pee it out if it was good for you?

No, its intended to leave the body as WASTE. But if you drank a lot of water earlier, the water content would be higher thus safER to drink.

Yes you can drink your pee. Its ok to do it wont harm you. Just dont drink gallons a day. If you drink some you will be fine. If you ever feel the need to drink a lot because you NEED it. Boil it first.

Kelley C
I heard it was toxic ;l
It's all the gross stuff your body doesn't want... Just think about that.
Your body has already said no to it so why would you try to put it back in?

yea, it's safe. it's completely sterile...as long as you drink it right away and don't drink too much of it. it's waste so your body wanted to get rid of it. if it's set out for a while then it's not safe because of all the bacteria that collects in the urine. people say it's not safe unless you drink lots of water first, which is completely false. our body has over 70% water already. people in the wilderness drink their pee to survive and remained unharmed(when drank sparingly lol). when people want to sterilize things, they pee on it if they are out of resources. its safe to drink, but don't it's nasty. i know a guy who did it and his breath smelt like piss for the whole day.

If it sits it will become dangerous to drink, but in a survival situation its ok, when it comes out of your body it is completely sterile. If it sits out it will form bacteria. So it is safe if you need to drink it if it comes directly out of you.

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