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Amy P
Is it safe for a recovered coke addict to support a friend fresh out of rehab?
I have been clean for 3 years. My friend has been battling for 15 years now, and recently lost everything. She's still in the out-patient programme. I am scared to make contact again in case I can't handle it. We were users together and although I would love to show her how much better life is without it, I am scared of being lulled back in again. It only takes one moment of weakness. Should I call her?

yes dont you think so oh well i gess you dont because u asked this question on yahoo answers

if you do expect to be back in rehab, if you miss her and want to be friends wait until you know she is clean for good and dont ever mention coke

john r
i went through some of that yrs ago-and yes if you have your act together -why not

Mr. Mustard

Downey, Robert Jr.

I would say that if you have any doubts, then the answer is no. Maybe wait until the person is more stable again before giving her some help, but maintainng your distance. If you can, maybe keep it to an online or letter writing frinedship, but not actual seeing and visiting friendship.

It may sound harsh, but think of how adversly it could affect her if she sees you doing so well, then only to relapse when you see the life of the cocaine addict again, you may slip into it because it feels safe and normal or just by accident, but she may be seeing the same thing happen and think "life in a drug addiction IS better then without it,m and heres my proof" and she may not change her mind even if you tell her otherwise. It could be then an excuse for herself to keep her ill.

If you do form ANY type of contact with her, make sure you are well supported: getting therapy if any issues arrise out of this, makeing sure you are able to talk to your friends around you and letting them know when you are not ok, and need to talk and having a support worker or support group where you can talk about any such desires so go and use again.

simply no,you have to put your own future first,far too much of a risk for your own health,temptation can be a wicked thing

If you don't feel you can handle it, no. Give her a call, and wish her all the best.

I can only imagine it would be hard. I have never used but I have been around drugs my whole life. My brothers when they first got of inpatient and started doing out patients were still really messed up and, yes they did relapse. I think that its great that you want to show her the life can be better, and its something that you should be very proud of that you have come this far. A lot of addicts go back and never come out. That being said. I think she needs support now, and if you are confident in your ability to walk away if it gets too hard, I think the greatest support she can have is good friends, and to look at someone who used to be where she is and how they've succeeded.

I would think this would be a time when she needed you most. If you show her that you have stay cleaned this long, and how much better your life is without the addiction, then it might give her the strength to resist. If you are afraid that you may lapse, then don't make physical contact with her. Speak with her on the phone and give her encouragement that way or by email. Explain to her why you are afraid to make physical contact, and she will probably understand. If you have to make physical contact, bring a friend along with you that can make you stay strong. Most likely this girl does not have any postive in her life except you.

No. Stay away from anyone and everyone that you used with. It's just too easy to fall right back into it. I've seen it happen over and over.

james b
Nope leave her alone to deal with her own addiction at the moment then in a while see how she is but let her do this by herself as it is the only way it will...

Yes. You qualify. You will soon learn something new. You will think you are helping them when in reality they will be helping you. Because when you look at them, you will see what you will look like if you screw up. So tell me. Who helps who? :)

YES I think it is...why not try to help this girl become successful in the struggle?? Maybe you will be her inspiration to become clean? What do you think you will get back in drugs after seeing what this chick is going through??? Come on share your knowledge and strenght with someone else! v

If you have any questions about whether or not you can handle it---then NO> Put yourself first. Maybe limit the contact to phone and internet until you are more stable and this person also. You have obviously made great strides in your addiction, so why jeopardize any of it. I dont mean to sound selfish, but take care of you right now until you are completely capable of dealing with what comes with this person and their baggage.

I think that you have done so well that you need to stay away. Was she their for you when you were going through this? may be not, so she will be able to fight it with the help of others and may not have to need you ( I don't mean that to sound horrible but you are in a different place than her now) I think that one day you will look back and realise how you made the right decision. I understand what you are saying as it takes over your life, you have been very strong to fight it so don't tempt yourself. :-) hope I helped

Zane S
NO! You could just send a message thru someone in her family. You can also hurt her more then help her she doesnt need any more triggers and neither do you, and if you let yourself relapse then you both will be back in that mess. Your helping her by showing her how important your sobriety is and even after 3 years you cant let your gaurd down. Send that message.

This is not something that we can really reply with a yes or no answer.

I say it depends. I think your best option would be to write her a letter offering words of encouragement. Be sympathetic and kind. Perhaps send her a book or CD, something that helped you through your recovery.

I know its hard, but in my opinion sometimes the friends you had when you were using are not the type of people you would be friends with off drugs.

Congrats on your sobriety! Keep up the good work, it's a long hard road but worth it in the end.

first, congrats.
second, no. if you have ANY doubts you obviously still are not mentally strong enough to do it, so don't.


Leave her alone.

Congratulations on your recovery. In three years, you two can go out for coffee. You cannot ever get into partying together again.

No! The both of you will enable each other to relapse again . It might not happen soon but it will happen. Two addicts/recovered or not don't go well together, I was addicted to coke from 1998 to 2000 quit cold turkey and moved 365 miles from all of my old Friends, haven't touched it since then. you do the same and stay away!!!!!! its best for the both of you. good luck and keep clean its not only you that suffers the addiction its your whole family and friends.

Jonny B.
I might not be the best to offer advice since I've been struggling with this addiction for the past couple years myself. Honestly, if you are worried something may be telling you to keep your distance. For some people, part of recovery is never going back, and that may include rekindling friendships with those whom you once used. Anything that will remind you, or bring up cues that might tempt you to use again should be avoided, including past friends. You just might be a cue to her, and especially if she is in a fragile state, a friend coming around even offering support with whom she once used might be more damaging than supportive. It's definately a tough call, and there are no right or wrong answers per se. It just depends on the strength of the individuals. Fortunately, I never really used with friends, rather I alienated myself from loved ones and friends, so this concern doesn't particularly relate to me. But I know one thing, I'm certainly not going to go hang around the dealers and places I once hung around ever again. I'm glad I didn't involve any friends in my situation because I can see that being a real challenge. As long as you cut out the drugs, does that mean the friends who went along with the drugs have to go too? I don't know. I just know, getting some past behind you without the influence of drugs as well as people who came along with the drugs is a plus. And right now, you have distance behind you, but does your friend? Maybe you are helping her more by staying away than you are yourself. Consider that a possibility. After all, you know you can go three years without using, but right now she's white knuckling. Remember what that was like? Anyways, goodluck.

No. Three years isn't long enough for you to be strong enough to help her. The fact that she has been struggling for 15 years tells me she has a huge risk factor. Send her a card, without a return address, to encourage her, but I would not recommend letting her know where you are or what your phone number is, or enabling her to communicate with you. You need to think of yourself first in this case. And you are definitely right: it take only one moment. Don't risk it.

Congratulations on your recovery!!!! Stay strong and keep up the good work!!!

No steer clear, why take the risk, you are obviously still tempted. You need to be strong to support her at this time and so if you feel that being together could encourage you both to use again why put yourself in that situation?
Read "a million little pieces" by James Frey.

In your best interest, I wouldn't. I know you want to support her, but they have groups for her to go to. You could easily fall again since you shared the experiences together. That's looking for trouble. Congrats on staying clean!

it stinks in here!
write her a letter of encouragement without a return address.

Yes I believe so sure cause they can completly relate to what they are going through and understand their addiction, but maybe as for trust look at how long they have been recoverd before thinking ok they are completly recoverd im sure the urge is always there, I wouldnt know personally but have a sis with that problem wish someone could help her, I tried but she brings everyone down with her, point is we cant change unless we ourselves want to change, many do change but relaps several times be patient, the answer to your question is yes can help.Ok I see more details thats up to you you must be very strong for your friend but if you feel temptation do not risk yourself please walk away, but if you can stay well grounded and help then do so.Look at it this way each and everyday do I chose life or do I chose death, if you take that to heart the choice is pretty simple.

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