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Is it best to hold back vomit or let it come up?
I feel like I have to throw up but I'm holding it back. I know that if I stop trying to hold it back I'm going to throw up. Should I hold it back or let myself throw up?
Additional Details
Give an example if you can.

Phil P
Hmm... I would have to say seven. Maybe eight.

Sarah M
Get it up, this is your bodies way of trying to help itself.

Just let it alll out.

εϊ3 ❤ ¢ool gål ❤ εϊ3
its probably best to let it out and get it over with u usually fell better afterwards and ino how horiblle it feels when it comes up your throught and u hold it back and then theres a lump in ur throught i think u should just let it go lol

It really doesnt matter if you throw up drink water and eat something light so you dont get dehydrated

it kinda depends where you are, if you're at home or near a sink/trash can/toilet then let it out, you'll feel much better, but if you're like out in public try to hold it down or get to someplace private to throw up

Tiny <3
throw up you'll feel better

(ps make sure u are near a toilet or a garbage can)

let it come because it's going to come no matter what and you can choose either your mouth or the floor

Ventura I
its better to let it come out because afterward u feel a little better

You should just let it come up because if you don't then you are just taking in what you almost digested which is not good for you.

that one lad... with the face
your ability to hold it back is a rare one, but your throwing up for a reason, you should let your body do its thing. unleash the torrent.

Vomiting is your body rejecting something it doesn't like, or sees as a threat. Go to the bathroom and try to induce vomit. I guarantee you'll feel better afterward.

let it out and you will fell better i bet you may have a bug

throw up!!!!!! don't hold it in that will make it 10 times worse, and pretty soon you won't be able to hold it back.

Princess P
um, if u have to vomit its because there is something in your body that it wants to get rid of. imagine holding ur poop in forever? you'll die. so I say THROW IT UP!


let it up, USUALLY makes you feel better.

Throw up. You'll feel much better after you've done it.

I think you should oh god........ BLRPPPPPP!

If your body is trying to throw up, it's because something needs to get out. Don't hold it in.

and then I said
Throw up, you will honestly feel better. Go into the bathroom, tie back your hair (if you're a girl, I forgot to look at your name) and get a washcloth wet with some cool water to put on your forehead. Then just lift up the toilet seat cover and toilet seat and stare into the toilet until you throw up. Just keep thinking to yourself, "I will feel so much better after wards...I will feel so much better after wards.."

Let yourself vomit.

Throw up!

throw up
u'll feel better

get better =

Bill C
Get to a toilet and let it out. Your body is trying to get rid of something that is making it feel bad, so don't hold it in. You may feel tons better after it is gone.

Let yourself throw up, you'll feel better afterwards.

throw up.

Just throw up. you'll feel so much better that way

just breathe
like shrek says "better out than in."

its bad. your body wants to throw up the toxins or whatever is making you feel that way. get rid of it!!

Answer Fairy
Throwing up isn't good regardless of whether you are holding it in, or chucking it up. The concern here is stomach acid. However, there is most likely a reason you NEED to throw up, so you might as well let it go. If this happens often, the stomach acid can ruin your esophagus, but it can also damage your sphincter between your throat and stomach. Neither situation is ideal.

Women who are pregnant and have morning sickness have this dilemma. In their case, it's best to just puke and be done with it.

Another consideration is that if you keep holding it down, your body might "force" the issue and you'll end up spewing all over the place. My pregnant friend was in a business meeting and couldn't leave... she was holding it and holding it... she thought she was fine... then she barfed all over the conference table.... I once puked all over my husband because he wouldn't pull the car over when I told him to. That's what he gets, lol!

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