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Is anorexia hereditary?
I'm 17... If my mother is anorexic, are the chances higher that I may become one too? She still struggles with it from time to time, as it is a lifetime disorder.

ivan m
no its not, but your face is. and its fu&$en ugly.

Steven Lee
no but your ugly face is! BURN

Anorexia is a mental disorder, to some extent your chances may be higher but not much.

♥ Serena ♥
There is a slightly greater chance but not becasue it is passed in genes. If your mother has it then it has be, in some way, a part of your lifestyle.

no but your mother could have like someone else said....body issues passed down, or mental issues, which is why she has anorexia......a chemical imbalance type thing could be hereditary.

Killer Orchid
Absolutely not no, the only issue would be if the mother instilled distorted views about food or body image into the child, then it could be passed down through learned behaviours but never through genetics.

111111 111111

we just talked about this in health..but it has to do with how you feel about you, so no it's not hereditary.

no amiga la anorexia no se hereda

xThe Poisonx
Anorexia is not hereditary. It's also not a lifetime disorder, doctors and such can help with this disorder.

No, it's a mainly environmentally determined illness.

No you won't just don't let someone tell you that you are fat, ugly and stuff like that don't listen to those people because you are not and you are unique.

I think most problems that have to do with the psyche do seem to be hereditary. I don't think they are hereditary though because you can control whether you eat or not. I mean literally, you can put food in your mouth, chew and swallow. There is nothing stopping you.

What I think is that heredity only gives a predisposition of either being more or less resistant to the problem. So if you reached the same psychological reasoning as your mother, then you'd likely want to avoid eating, and then it may progress into anorexia. However, I also think it is a choice. A choice that has been compromised time and time again because of some irrational fear that seems rational until it develops into a problem. As long as you commit to eating right, and not being afraid of weight gain, then I think you wouldn't develop the problem. And keep in mind that we all have irrational fears from time to time or more often for many of many different things. I mean take heights some... many have an irrational fear of heights that if they didn't have that fear they could balance without a problem, but because of the irrational fear of falling, they wouldn't be able to balance properly. I think anorexia is similar except the irrational fear is of weight gain or fat, or being unhealthy, and it causes the person not to be able to stomach food properly or causes them to be more afraid of eating then they are of the gnawing hunger pains.

I have a fear of heights at first when I get up on a ladder or whatever. But I take it slow because I know I can do what I need to if I take my time and do it.

As for whether you are at greater risk, I don't know. I'm not a psychiatrist or psychologist, but I do know that you are human which means you can reason, and that also means you can learn from your mother. Learn what you can, observe, ask, and understand. See what makes her struggle with anorexia, and with that understanding, you can learn how not to allow yourself to succumb to the same issues and fears that cause your mother to fear eating.

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