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 What does it mean, when you taste blood in your tears?
I went to moisten my glasses this morning, to clean them.
I had just been crying, so they were smudged.
When I went to moisten them for cleaning, I tasted blood.
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 what do u do if u die?

 Does anyone know how to live forever without dying?
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Many thanks in ...

 Gastric reflux & Swallowing problem?
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 I have piles, how can I get rid of them?
I've had a mild form of it for a while but now its gone sore now. I heard surgery but I haven't got time to have it done plus I'd be to embarrased to have a surgery. Please help. This ...

 can a 2 yo have two doctors?
My ex takes my daughter to her doctor but I want to take her to our doctor. Is this ...

 Please Help. I tremble and shake alittle. I don't know what is wrong.?
I am soo scared. I am 16. I just threw up like 5 times...but this isnt the question. This is actually the first time I have thrown up in years.

Anyways please help...I feel dizzy when I ...

 someone help me. my boyfriend's suffering.?
My bf seems to have this weird and scary problem. he once called me and said that he cant breathe and his mouth and lungs feels very hot and spicy. his chest feels very tight too when this happens.he ...

 Does orange juice really help your immune system?

 Quick cure for constipation please!?
My girlfriends had it for 4 days and wont stop moaning and im going insane. I bought her grapes and prunes but she wont touch them yet she eats bread which i can only guess clogs you up more. Please ...

 sometimes when im awake, i forget to breathe. is this a condtion? whats wrong with me?
so i get anxiety attacks from time to time. my mom says i may be short-winded but im convinced that i hold my breath without trying to. is this a condition or am i just wierd? lol i dont have ...

 Help my grandma is sick I don't know what to do!?
Okay, I just called her and she sounded really sick. I asked her what's wrong and she said her stomach really hurts and she can barely walk. About a month ago she had to get this surgery that ...

 This may be a stupid question, but I burned myself and now I feel sick?
I was straightening my hair, and as I was setting the straightener down and my dog jumped on me, then it hit my stomach and I got burned. (I was wearing a shirt that showed a little bit of my lower ...

 worst drug?
Whats the drug that is hardest to quit; with the worst side affects and cravings? NO STUPID ANSWERS PLEASE.
This is for a school report!!
Any stories or thoughts or anything in general ...

 Am i sick my friends are worried?
my friends think that there could be something wrong with me cause i dont eat i tell them not to worry but they dont lisen. i am always shaking and i always have headackes. sometimes i get ...

 I have scoliosis and i'm young!!!HELP ME PLEASE!!!!?
Hey guys me again.I'm so scared i have scoliosis and i'm only 12.For those who don't know what scoliosis is it's a bone disease that curves your spine to an S shape.Now i don'...

 i had a bloody bowel movement?
i took a crap which had blood in it...do i need to go to a doctor for this?...

 Why is it bad to be a alcoholic?
If you drink asnd have fun - whats the trouble about it?...

 Black diarrhea and vomiting?
The past few days I've been on my period and experiencing bad upper abdominal cramps along with black diarrhea and last night I vomited. Then I took a shower and blacked out. I figured I did ...

 should i smoke a cigar?
im 19 and its more pressure than ever. my parents, college friends, and members of my family smoke. i feel like smoking cigars but not cigs. somethin wants me to smoke cigars and cigars only. any ...

Is alcohol less addictive than smoking?
It seems that more people can just have beers occasionally and not get hooked than those who try smoking once and are suddenly hooked. Is that true in your opinion?

Marcus P
Maddie addiction is a train of mind. People continue to do these things cause they want to, or thats the only way they know to deal with their problems. For many reasons people claim they are addicted but if they really wanted to stop they could drop it in a day.

Trusty R
Depends on the persons will power I think. If something you consume has an addictive ingredient then your brain will tell you that it wants more and give you a craving for it, addictions start off small and can become worse if you keep feeding it. It all comes down to will power.

no i tried smoking more than once, but i sure not addictive to it i havent even smoked in over a yr it was a few time thing just to try it. But i still drink i think alcohol is more addicting. bc it starts out as i just drink on the weekends. then one party during the week. then a glass or 2 of wine with dinner. See how alcohol can be addicting???

LiV lOvEs LiFe!
Smoking is very much addictive. They have chemicals in them like nicotine which makes addictive. Most people drink alcohol occasionally usually in social settings. But i guess it depends on your personality....?

well you don't smoke one cig and get hooked just like you don't drink one beer and get hooked i think that three things play into it smoking is more accepted, you can smoke and still function like normal, and drinking is not as addicting


I think it's because alcohol causes hang overs and rather an overall bad body feeling the next day (depending on how much you drink) Cigarettes on the other hand have addictive substances and have known chemicals in them to make you smoke faster (gun powder to make the cig light and burn quickly) and get addicted quicker. The thing is that regular pipe tobacco, which I will only smoke, isn't addictive. So I know that they are putting something in those cigarettes to make people get hooked.

Yes, Alcohol is not even close to being as addictive as smoking. Ciggarettes contain nicotine which has been said to be almost as addictive as heroin.
Alcohol is only addictive if you use it so much that your body starts to rely on it to be normal.

Seems that way.

i feel addicted to alcohol but i am an alcoholic so... An i have smoked before an not got hooked. But drank once an didn't stop since.

Boy... that's a tough one. I'm addicted to both (and so far with the help from others) have quit both. I'm trying to think if one downfall has more or less effect on me than the other. Honestly they both seem to pull at me the same way.

How about: When I smoke there's less chance of being pulled over and given a "D.W.I."

Emily A
No, you need at least a pack or two of cigarettes to be addicted, usually. Sometime it depends on the person, though. But usually you never get hooked right away.

There is no direct answer for this as the addiction level is different for each individual. There are those who can be addicted to alcohol the first time they have it, never, or somewhere in between, just like for smoking.

I've been smoking for 3 months and I'm still not addicted yet, it all depends on the person

Tanya S
well I have smoked cigarettes on and off throughout my life, but I was never actually addicted to them and I can quit really easily, and have been quit since before the holidays and have no problem staying stopped. I also drink every 2 - 3 days but usually only 1 -3 drinks and have never been hooked to alcohol. I think every person is different. Something to think about too is that it is easy to function in life being addicted to tobacco, but if you are addicted to alcohol it is much harder to hold down a job and take care of basic responsibilities. It is also more socially acceptable to be addicted to cigarettes than to be addicted to alcohol.

it's opposite for me.

Only Mama Knows
I think smoking is way more addictive than alcohol but it really depends on the person and their family backgrounds. If someone in their family is an alcoholic then they might be prone to getting hooked on alcohol than other people because of their genetics.

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